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Ryan A dous 3/14/11 HAHCS-07FHHS H.W # 54 schoolbook: p.416-417p.416 Q3P.417 Thinking critically Q1+2 3. How was the rebirth world cerebration different from that of the Middle Ages? The Renaissance contributed to more(prenominal) than advances in science, craft and literary works. The development increased as a new midsection class emerged. Religion was questi one and only(a)d after(prenominal) the Black death. Also, learning was more efficient to classical learning. feudal system gave way to centralised forms of government. Economically, capitalism had began. Individualism, secularism, and rationalism were three track features of the modern purification instead of a all church service guild. The Middle Ages were a epoch when no one questioned the church building and everything was centered around the Church. solely art was make to spiritualize perfection. All music was made to glorify theology. All literature was made to glorify perfection. And most wars were fought to glorify God including the Crusades. further around the time right after the Crusades pile started to interview why everything was about God. They were sick of it. God this God that God everything. When the Europeans were returning from fighting the Crusades the idea of graciousism and philistinism started to scatter first starting in Italy and eventually spreading throughout Europe. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Humanism was and is a movement that focused on human potential and achievements instead of God. Materialism was putting more cheer into material and tangible things preferably than Godly and sanctum san ctorum things. These ideas made people more ! concerned with the here and outright rather that what would happen tomorrow or more specifically whether they would regulate to heaven or not. Along with the Renaissance came the renewal which was a time in which the Catholic Church cleaned up its shipway and there was the birth of protestantism. During the Renaissance some of the worlds superlative thinkers, inventors, and artisans were born. much(prenominal) as Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo. It was a time of new ideas and great...If you want to get a full essay, direct it on our website:

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