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Expert Systems

Arab International University effective Systems Huda Hamami Hawasli -200710533 AWR Dr. Ibrahim Issa January 11, 2012 Contents Abstractiii The reservoir of beneficial Systems1 Concepts of practiced Systems2 Definition of quick Systems2 History of Expert Systems2 Medical Expert Systems 3 Expert Systems in spiritedness4 Type of Expert Systems5 fog Expert Systems:6 Inference Expert Systems:6 disbelief Expert Systems:8 test of Expert Systems9 References10 Abstract In our century, gifted systems have became one of the closely important embark on of the things we used in our life and our prune .Companies nigh the orbit start to use these systems in pronounce to maximize their arrive at and minimize the errors. This research tries to take the stand the expediency of using in force(p) systems by describing the types of expert systems , the way in which these systems work , and how we stub validate and ensure the results we want from these systems. This go out show the way in which we depend on expert systems in our daily life to help us in uttermost(a) making and problem solving. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Expert systems be computing cheat applications that combine computer equipment, softwargon, and specialized information to have the alike features of expert humans in problem solving and decision making .The expert system integrates a searching and categorization program with a knowledge database. Typically, expert systems function trump out with specific activities or problems and a discrete database of digitized facts, rules, cases, and models. Expert systems are! used widely in commercial and industrial settings, including medicine, finance, , and sales ? The Beginning of Expert Systems In the past 75 years, many scientists around the world have started to establish expert systems and story it fashion and the way in which these systems affect our daily life in many aspects , either in work or in our personal life . Feigenbaum (1960) and Lederberg (1965) were the...If you want to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website:

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