Thursday, December 19, 2013

Organizational Life Cycle

Focusing on health occupy man drive onment in the orderr s Affairs Medical Center a peachy appreciation of the processes of the administration can be obtained through info in its organizational intent cycle ( maternal quality , y break throughh , mettle , and grey age symbolizes (Liebler McConnell 2004 . The Veteran s Healthc atomic number 18 System serves the postulate of the States s veterans by providing primary cargon , specialized care , and link medical and social support services (VHA Mission , 2007 . As with any organization encompassing such vast and various(a) involve , the VA Medical Center is an all-inclusive , integrated healthcare body with set goals to provide excellence in health care value , excellence in service as define by its customers , and excellence in education and search (2007 . Although a g all overnmental entity , the VA Medical Center has undergone each of the organization life cycles , of which its current branch is the final , gray age cycleDuring the gestation arcdegree , the bureaucratic spirit of the organization is micro with divisions of chore having overlapping tasks . Generally at that place is a one-woman(prenominal) care team and no written rules are devised (Liebler McConnell , 2004 . well-nigh organizations in this stage employ an administrative secretary solely no professional staff . Internal systems are xistent and there are no task forces for coordinationAs the organization advances to the youth stage it withal evolves into a prebureaucratic stage (2004 ) with various incisions beginning to single out labor responsibilities . Two leaders manage the youth stage as a few rules are introduced in established format and clerical responsibilities show a significant plus . Rudimentary budgets and information systems are introduced and leaders begin to seek and implement plans fo! r coordinationThe middle stage is that of a bureaucratic nature as the organization has expanded to include many an(prenominal) sections and department heads . Policy procedures and manuals are created and implemented during this stage while organizations excessively implement control systems , increase and monitor budgets , device and mass out performance reviews and other pertinent reports . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Integrators and task forces are created , qualification the overall process of operation run more smoothlyAt the ageing age stage , the organization has expanded to a bountiful size and operated under a very bureaucrat ic supposition . Labor is divided in to many large departments each employing specific roles for subdivisions of duties (e .g . many small callings and a medley of job s Management is also more alter with the mass of organizational decisions resting on the shoulders of top management (e .g . administrator and manager (Liebler McConnell , 2004 . Administrative force are dispersed throughout many large departments . As the organization continues to mature during this stage , intragroup systems become more extensive with a major(ip) accent places on planning , finances , and continued monitor of brisk personnel while exploring options for taking on sunrise(prenominal) personnel . Coordination is divided among the departments with respective leaders shouldering the responsibility for maintaining almost aspects of employment and actionAs referenced earlier , the VA Medical Center is in the old age stage with the majority of its patient basis be middle to older Americans Predominantly , veterans are over the age...If you d! estiny to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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