Sunday, March 17, 2019

An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Bravery in Beowulf :: Epic of Beowulf Essays

fearlessness in Beowulf     Bravery is like a very trusted friend, it get out n invariably let you down. That statement holds true in the great larger-than-life of Beowulf. Beowulf is the story of a great hero who comes to the aid of a luxuriant king. Beowulf hears that king Hrothgar is having trouble and immediately comes to help with no questions asked. he defeats the monster, Grendel, with his denude hands. Beowulf then defeats Grendels mother along with a dragon until he is fatally injured. Bravery is a very admirable characteristic that few peck possess. First of all, Beowulf came to help Hrothgar on his own free will. Hearing of the troubles that Hrothgar was having with a monster terrorizing Herot, his mead hall, Beowulf hold uply offered his help not knowing what he was up against. When he arrived, Beowulf did not ask the king for either money nor fame. The altogether favor that he asked of Hrothgar was that he and his men were to fight the monste r, Grendel. Coming forth from ones homeland to help get rid of a man-eating monster and request for nothing in return takes much courage and is an extremely brave deed. Next, Beowulf decides to fight Grendel with his bare hands. He could have easily obtained some engaging of weapon to fight with. Beowulf was the first warrior ever to have enough issue bravery to go up against such a monster with neither help nor weapon or shield to aid him. he was a warrior that believed somewhat in fate and in God. Believing that God do the decisions and was in control, Beowulf trusted that his life was in good hands. Defeating Grendel with his bare hands, Beowulf not only proved his bravery but also his loyalty. After defeating Grendel, Beowulf came stake twice in order to kill Grendels mother and a fire-breathing dragon. Although during his passage of arms with the dragon, Beowulf was fatally injured. As his services were needed, he always prevailed Beowulfs bravery never tired . He even had to fight and kill these monsters in their homes where nobody had ever ventured. Successfully defeating Grendels mother lead Beowulf into his third and final battle with the put up monster.

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