Monday, March 11, 2019

Hide and Seek by Vernon Scannell: Poem on a Childhood Game Essay

Hide and essay by Vernon Scannell talks ab extinct a childs evoke experience playing the traditional game hide-and-seek. It conveys a subtle content that over-confidence may lead us into ultimate failure even if supremacy seems just around the corner. Scannell applies a sharp and quick tone throughout with his rapid successions and having the poem be a short stanza, bringing out the feeling of thrill and delight of a child anticipating triumph.Scannell chooses to write in endorsement person, giving the reader instructions in so what to do in order to conceal yourself well from the seekers, be cargonful that your feet arent sticking out, you mustnt sneeze and come int breathe. Dont move. Stay dumb. Hide in your blindness. are some emblematic examples. Techniques such as alliteration can be found sevenfold times in the poem. In the first line bawl out. Call loud Come and find me , the harmonical c is repeated respective(a) times, accentuating the boys eagerness, also giving t he poem a veritable enthusiastic feeling from the very beginning. In line 11 the consonant d in dont breath and dont move draws our attention to the sense of urgency and heightened excitement experienced by the boy.In the end, Scannell winds it all up saying Yes here you are. But where are they who sought you? , at first giving me a creepy and dour feeling, but stimulated thought to pity the childs shame and misery having been abandoned. Remembering this childhood game as a successful one, I was able to understand how much the boy had been let flock when he realized he was dumped by his friends. I enjoyed Scannell using second person to write this poem, because it is very rare for writers to choose this path, and it makes us much engaged in the poem and are affected by all(prenominal) slight movement of the character.

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