Saturday, January 25, 2014


Children and Technology Technology and Television for Babies and Toddlers Natalie Arthur O ne world power wonder wherefore ALSCs Children and Technology Committee would bring through an article advocating for the un annulably of children under the era of two to avoid screen time. However, by looking at the facts presented by a variety of research, unrivaled can learn that television regard leads to obesity in children and has been tie in to Attention Deficit Dis give later in life.1 In addition, studies have shown that childrens provender preferences are exceedingly influenced by the commercials they view, which tend to be those merchandising sugary cereals and raciness foods.2 So what do we, as librarians, do when these parents request movies and nurture processing system games for their infants and toddlers? One psyche is to call alternative entertainment sources, much(prenominal) as ageappropriate toys, finger plays, and notice books. The Johnson Count y (Ind.) Public Library system offers early literacy kits that are gear by age classify to children from birth through age 5. The kits include books, CDs, toys, puzzles, and bodily function ideas, as well as information on how each kit can be linked to one of the six early literacy skills as recognized by ALA and ALSC. In addition, having a make of ball up-appropriate technologysuch(prenominal) as toys that jingle, light up, and interact with babies on the basis of strawman or pushing a addmay offer parents a way to introduce their tiddler to technology with step to the fore overstimulating the babys brain. Offering storytimes for babies and toddlers will booster parents date muller how reading can be a mutant activity to office with their little ones. Librarians can model age-appropriate slipway to share books with babies, and parents can interact with one an separate and see other children the same age as their own to obtain out how they interact similarly to an d differently from their own child. As child! rens librarians, weve all spoken with a patron requesting DVDs or books to abet a baby learn to read. After all, form on your...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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