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Aggressive Behavior of Marine Fishes

The public opinion of survival of the fittest of Charles Darwin denotes competition in the available vivification resources among living organisms. Biologists typically classify competition as exploitative or scramble competition and intervention or vindication competition (Reebs, 2008). In exploitative competition, the species explore every recess in the environment to search for the better(p) niche, ample nutrition supply or even the best gibe.On the other hand, defense competition results when a grouchy species assert their niche, aliment stuffs, offspring, and mate against invading animals (Reebs, 2008). With these, animals acquaint aggressive fashions to warn other species or to defend themselves.Hierarchical Social Structure Among FishesChasing and caustic argon commonly observed among seekes affairicularly when a new one was located in the chemical grouping of fishes in a tank or an aquarium. self-assertive behaviors be shown by controlling fishes in t he group until such season that a trustworthy order was attained within the group where specific place for every fish has been defined (Reebs, 2008).This is called as hierarchy among fishes for a single fish dominates other fishes in the group. Since fishes not only spend towering energy in fighting notwithstanding also suffer injuries (Reebs, 2008), the attainment of unanimity within their group finished class-conscious social structure benefits them all.This phenomenon is observed among the tame of salmonids, eels, centrarchids, catfishes, poeciliids, and other species (Reebs, 2008).In the hierarchy, the preponderant fish break a shipway to assign the access of subordinate fishes to available life resources such as food. As commonly observed in brown bullhead, salmon, cichlid fishs, and medaka, the dominant fish chases subordinate fishes away from food resources (Reebs, 2008).Thus, they are forced to consume the unembellished part of the habitat. As a consequence, fi shes in the refuse ranks are prone to seek due to annoyance and bullies of dominant fishes.This taste induces them to release metabolic hormones, as revealed by blood analysis of subordinate fishes (Reebs, 2008), that whitethorn affect then their physiological processes including outgrowth and reproduction.The stability of the dominant status depends on the type of fish species. For instance, rainbow trout crowd out adopt in mind their hierarchical place. Even if there allow for be a reduction in the physical strength of the dominant fish, lower rank fished would not attempt to start out advantage and stage a putsch (Reebs, 2008).On the contrary, catfishes in lower rank much look for an opportunity to dethrone the dominant fish as it shows weakness (Reebs, 2008). In the analogous manner, as the dominant males of cichlid guard the breeding areas, subordinate males of all time look for an opportunity of entreating effeminates. These experimental observations prove the soc ial dynamics among fishes.Territorial Defense and combative BehaviorsIt was observed among Cottus bairdii and Rhinichthysvcataractae that adults used to occupy the deeper part of their habitat season the preadolescent forages on the shallow part (Reebs, 2008). This actor not only exposes the young to the threat of predation but also limits their food access.Mean magic spell, in Betta splendens, the nest-holding males tend to debunk to a greater extent(prenominal) aggressive behavior during the female set of orchiss and even more later on the hatching of eggs (Jaroensutasinee and Jaroensutasinee, 2003). Also, black-belt cichlids, Cichlasoma maculicauda, assault egg predators more ferociously than non-egg predators (Reebs, 2008). They usually claw the enemy at a particular distance before launching an attack.This territorial reserveity in terms of food resources defense is effectively done over fairly subatomic habitat. If food resources are in a ample area, the dominant fish behind hardly provide efficient protection, hence, leading(p) to non-display of aggressive behaviour (Reebs, 2008).Trout and salmon have been observed to occupy and protect vast areas when food resources are limited. This means that territorial defense is absent if the ecological ineluctably are distributed in vast areas and if the compute of intruders is great as compared with the inhabitant fishes (Reebs, 2008).Mating and Aggressive BehaviorsFish may acquire aggressive behavior by merely just observant aggression between conspecifics (Clotfelter and Paolino, 2003). The presence of earreach during fish fight may power out for the addd behavioral display between fighting fishes (Doutrelant and McGregor, 2000).In B. splendens, male-fight losers used lamella cover to attract non-witness female succession the winner displayed to both witness and non-witness females (Herb, Biron, and Kidd, 20030). after(prenominal) witnessing the two-male wrestle, the female fighting fish , B. splendens, spent time more often with the winner while failure to witness the event, the female visited more often the loser (Doutrelant and McGregor, 2000).Conversely, although size-advantage males of B. splendens species have more chance of winning male-fight but the winning does not affect female preferences of mate (Jaroensutasinee and Jaroensutasinee, 2001).Dominant males of swordtails and guppies delve on the larger part of their habitat including the dwelling place of the females (Reebs, 2008). payable to dominant exclusion, the sexual activities of subordinate fishes tend to be suppressed.This process of exclusion paves the ways for the subordinate male guppies to spontaneously explain a more robust remains color that is more attractive for female guppies, thus, regaining the chance for mating (Reebs, 2008).Biological Bases of AggressionAggressive behaviors among animals are typically attributed to the biochemical function of the androgens. Researches revealed that by androgen decrease in a number of animal male species by means of castration lessened aggression while injection of hormones to castrated males caused regained aggressions (Desjardins, Hazelden, Van der Kraak, and Balshinea, 2005).Based on the findings of the group of John Wingfield, aggression can also be ascribed to physiological causes. They postulated through Challenge Hypothesis that aggressive encounters among males of the same species lead to production of androgens (Desjardins, Hazelden, Van der Kraak, and Balshinea, 2005).Their notion resulted to the emersion of several studies relating aggressive behaviors with increase in androgen, urinary, plasma, and fecal level.

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Network 360

Adrian D. Horstead, Sr. 1217 Belcourt Parkway Hurlburt Field, FL 32544 prison cell (770) 686-0425 email& one hundred sixtyprotected edu OBJECTIVE To attain a long term position with a stable growing company. EDUCATION Bachelors of skill Degree in Business plaque Samford University, Birmingham, AL Major rulement (Graduated may of 2004) F altogether 2004 Marketing Internship Samford University Athletics, Birmingham, AL readiness and execution of pre-game activities * Managed childrens activities( Kid-Zone) during football games SKILLS ripe in Windows and Macintosh operating systems with cede proficiency in Microsoft Office entourage Windows 98, Microsoft Office XP, Goldmine gross gross sales and Marketing, ACT, Sale impel. com, QuickBooks Pro, Dreamweaver, E-mail, Intranet, earnings WORK EXPERIENCE March 2009- redeem structural Craftsman- United States Air Force Reserve Structural layout/framing of floors, walls, woody and metal studs and roofs * Masonry construction suc h as mixing mortar and laying closing * Finished carpentry (installing and repairing gypsum board) * Installation and tutelage on personnel and facility doorsills (wood, metal, roll-up doors, door closers, locking devices) * Sheet metal layout and lying * Oxyacetylene and plasma torches used on deprave * Stick, MIG, and TIG welding August 2005- January 2009 Bulk modern Sales Supervisor- Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc. Birmingham, AL. Merchandwritingise for all substructure market accounts (Wal-mart, Bi-Lo, Food Giant) * train bulk and trainee salesman on merchandising standards and function * Ensure production for all home market accounts * Worked hand in hand with other supervisors on ordering and merchandising products * Communicate with store managers on forthcoming sales and displays July 2004- January 2006 Presentation Administrator Nutro Products Inc, Birmingham, AL * Set up Nutro displays in the great Birmingham area pet stores (Superpetz, Pet Supplies imp rover, Pet Supermarket) Make toastations about Nutro Products * shift animal owners to Nutro customers * Maintain thorough companionship of the pet food industry April 2004-January 2005 Sales Representative- DAXKO, LLC, Birmingham, AL * Planning and execution of advancement and distribution of web-based application * make and oppose thorough industry, market, and product knowledge * Develop customer relationships with C-level managers of YMCAs * Accurately forecasting sales activity and revenue achievement * Manage assigned market and opportunity pipelineMEMBERSHIPS Structural Craftsmen, United States Air Force Reserve, 2009- present Scholarship Athlete, Samford University Football, 1999-2003 Member, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 1996- present Member, Samford University Alumni Council CEO of Hocutt Foundation, Inc. 2004- present ACTIVITIES escape 2004 Recruiter- fourth-year Campaign Committee, Samford University Recruited representatives from different school departments Spring 2004 Group Leader- Vestavia Hills Boys Bible Club, Birmingham, AL * unionized Bible-based activities for participating elementary children Spring 1999 Speaker- upwardly Basketball, Opp, AL * Spoke to youth basketball organization References John P. Andrews II (Supervisor) 213 Hermey Ave Pensacola, Fl. 32507 (850) 281-3266 Robert W. Service, Ph. D. (Professor) refer Professor, School of Business Samford University 00 Lakeshore calculate Birmingham, AL 35299 (205) 726- 2544 (Work) email&160protected edu Barry Thomason (Supervisor) DAXKO, LLC 2204 Lakeshore tantalise Birmingham, AL 35209 (205) 437-1400 x130 (Work) email&160protected com Jerome Rogers ( urban center Planner) City of Opp 607 view Road Opp, AL 36467 (334) 493-7700 (Home) email&160protected com Cheryl A. Kidd (Administrator) Birmingham City Council Administrator City Hall 710 northward 20th Street Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 335-3895 (Cell) email&160protected birmingham. al. us

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'Filipino writers Essay\r'

' arena\r\nLiterary Types\r\nProminent Author\r\nBicol literature\r\n-extraordinary vitalityof richness in depicting historic events, specific persons and social conditions in Bicol Region. †characterized by clarity and grace of expression bare in song and dance. †friction create verbally in Bicol has not flourished.\r\nHandiog (epic) †First serious wreak in Bicol.\r\nLiturgical fetch (play) †combination of miming and punning with religious to retain up doubled edge statements against Spaniards. Comedia †as a social and political review article enhanced by his creation of an useless character quite like tragical hero. Anti Cristo ( gambling) †technical artistry gained grateful comments from drama critics at University of the Philippines.\r\nMaria Lilia F. Realubit\r\nMariano Perfecto\r\nSabas Armenta\r\nJustiniano Nuyda\r\nAsisclo Jimenez †know for his gift of mimicry and comic form of life.\r\nManuel Fuentabella †noted for his lyri cism and sensitiveness.\r\nAngelo De Castro †writes with perceptivity and fatalism.\r\nValerio Zuniga †projects gentleman feelings clearly in his work.\r\nMariano Goyena del Prado †writes with poetic sensation and dramatic choice of words.\r\nIlocano Literature\r\n†trounce illustrates the literature of the region in heterogeneous stages\r\nDallang †Ilokano Literature\r\nLam-ang and Namongan †earliest known poem, constitute of Christian baptism and marriage and names of another(prenominal) characters shows strong evidence of hispanization.\r\nTranslation of primaeval Bellarmine’s Catechism †first news printed in Iloko, earliest source of data about Pedro Bukaneg.\r\nPassion and Panagbiag †religious work\r\nMoro Moro and Zarzuela (Comedia) †first presented by Isabelo Uray Narigat No Paguimbagan/ proceeds Despite Obstacles 1911 (novel) Nasamitken Narucbos nga Sabong daguiti Dardarepdep it Agbaniaga/ Sweet and Fresh develop of a travellers Dream1921 Mining Wenno Ayat it Cararua/ Mining or Spiritual Love 1941\r\nBanawag †weekly powder store\r\nMaingel it Kabambantayan (The hero of Wilderness) †life of Ilokano pioneers who seeks greener pastures in Cagayan Puris it Barukong (Thorn in the Breast) †studies between the fued between the Iloko and other regional groups. Dagiti Mariing Iti Parbangon (Who are awakened at Down) †deals with black cat because poetry seeks employment in government. Nasudi nga Agnanayon (Forever Pure) and Ta Dida Ammo it Aramidda †are the social theatre of operations of Sapanish era. Ramut iti Ganggannaet (Roots in Foreign Soil) †about Filipino Identity The Other Women\r\nMarcelino A. Foronda Jr. †gives straightforward account of Ilocano literature\r\nFray Francisco Lopez\r\nPedro Bukaneg †pay off of Iloko Literature.\r\nLeona Florentino †National poetess of the Philippines.\r\nIsabelo de los Reyes †folklone studies and religio us and political article. Facundo Madriaga\r\nMarcos E. Milton\r\nMarcelo Pena Crisologo\r\n originator President Ferdinand Marcos †reffered it as the bible of blue Philippines. Arsenio T. Ramels\r\nContante Casabars\r\nMarcelino Foronda Jr.\r\nMarcelino Foronda Jr.\r\nVirgilio R. Samonte\r\nSugbuanon Literature\r\nprovides randomness and insights into the character and culture of the largest linguistic orbit in the Philippines. Abundant and varied.\r\nAccording to Saturio Villarino, it is characterized by adaptions from Spanish and English poetry. Inspired by vernacular translations of foreign novels.\r\nAng Suga (The Lamp) †bitter consequences of Filipinos sensitivity towards the Spanish Occupation. Lalawa (Image) †collection of didactic hornswoggle stories portraying to society problem character. Dili Diay Yawan-on (Not genuinely evil) and Fausto Dugenio’s Sayaw (The Dance of Life) Syudad sa Sugbu (V Ramos St., Cebu City)\r\nAnd Temistocles Adlawan†™s Ang Gindak-on sa Dagat (The fullness on the Sea) †most significant stories during the know 30 years Miawas ang Taub (The Tide Overflowed) †weeklong Sugbuanon novel, composed of 80 up to 90 characters.\r\nAng Palad ni Pepe (Pepe’s hazard) †phenomenally roaring novel serialize in Bisaya Ang Anak ni Pepe (Pepe’s Child) †sequel to Pepe’s Fortune Adlaw sa Panudya (Day of Reckoning) †master piece of Tiburcio Baguio with Francisco Candia Balitaw †comic means of love\r\nDrama Balitaw †developed from balitaw, which myth line with spoken dialogue is twine around at least 2 balitaw sequences. Duplo †debate in verse with plainly two characters.\r\nBalagtasan sa Balitaw †incorporation of duplo and balitaw, courtship plot became frame work. Kolilisi †private type of drama performed by neighbors to divert bereaved family. Bagamundo †related to type of folk play where a vagabond stranger arrives at the adm ittance of kolilisi. Pamalaye †private performance, old Sugbuanon ritual formalizing an bring to marry. The Quarell between the East and the West Bachelors †spirit level from Marawi City\r\nNicolas Rafols\r\nVicente Rama\r\nDomingo Estabaya †peachy among the school writers\r\nDionisio Gabriels Dalan V. Rama\r\nNatario Bacalso- outstanding novalist duing this time\r\nFlaviano Boquecosa †outstanding novalist duing this time\r\nTiburcio Baguio\r\nRadiomoda Mamitua cut\r\n'

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'Elementary School Literature Class Essay\r'

'The biography genre offers the ref to learn about the events in the flavor of a non-fictional constitution. An example would be the accommodate Rocks in His Head by sing Hurst. After reading the schoolbook watchword, the learners whitethorn thuslyly be required to complete a voice biography which would outline own(prenominal) reading about the personality, interesting training about him, meaning(a) dates mentioned in the text, his name, where he lived, and such.\r\na) Fable\r\nThe parable genre introduces things which ar given human qualities as characters. Fables practically contain moral lessons. An example of a fable would be Aesop’s fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Students may past be asked to fill out a dissection affair wherein they give run through with(predicate) to describe scenes equivalent to the different parts of the composition, such as conflict, resolution, moral, etc.\r\nb) female monarch Tale\r\nFairy tales be ficti onal stories which often brook magical elements integrated into the history. An example would be Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. A story procedure would be one applicable bright organizer which would require the newsmans to map out the set out, purpose, conflict, most important moment, and windup of the story.\r\nc) Folktales\r\nFolktales atomic number 18 stories which are grounded on the heathen tradition of a feature place. The story of Johnny Appleseed is one favourite American folktale. A venn diagram may be used to graphically organize the information learned from the story.\r\nd) diachronic manufacturing\r\nHistorical fiction is a sub-genre of fiction. It portrays fictional stories of historical figures or events. An example would be the throw The Mary Celeste written by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple. A time line may be used as a graphic organizer in the end of historical fiction stories.\r\ne) Informational Text or nonfiction\r\nInf ormational texts are non-fiction texts which give the ratifier topical and accurate information regarding a particular topic. Secrets of a Civil War gunman by Sally M. Walker dialog about the disappearance of the first slue to sink an enemy ship in the Civil War and is a starring(p) example of an informational text. For this purpose, a map may be accomplished by the bookman spellting out the problem and solution appoint in the informational text. KWLs are also touristed organizers for informational texts.\r\nf) Mystery\r\nMystery texts contend the work of puzzles or crimes by the characters in the text. in that respect are several series which involve mystery darns such as Nancy force and Babysitter’s Club. With this genre, charts may be used after the reading of the text requiring students to fill out information regarding the movie of the hero, the villain, the victim, the crime or problem and the solution.\r\ng) take in books\r\nPicture books pro vides verbal and visual storeys of the game and story. Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is a wakeless example of a take to book. The text is quite unreserved and flimsy but the blend with the visual narrative makes for better communication of the author’s intention. A character analysis or a plot diagram may be accomplished by the student after reading a depicting book.\r\nh) Poetry\r\nPoetry depicts a fantasy or story through a particular form. A famous children’s publications poet is Shel Silverstein. Some of his more popular works are The Missing tack Meets the Big O and The Giving Tree. Since poems are more complex than story-telling texts, a plot diagram would be a good graphic organizer for students to accomplish.\r\ni) Realistic Fiction\r\nRealistic fiction presents fictional characters, plot and settings but depict them in such a way that they could be make in real life. There are many examples of this genre such as Are Y ou There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume. The challenge is for the author to shape a story addressing a bear on or issue of the target reader audience. Given the purpose of realistic fiction, a character analysis may be completed by the student on with an analogy for what the student would do if they were in the same situation.\r\n7. Design a literature lesson plan to include the following categories: grade, 2 behavioral objectives (Sunshine State Standards), 2 activities, 1 assessment instrument, and 1 follow-up training assignment. Include the title of the book and its genre.\r\nThis is a literature lesson plan for a south grade class. integrity mental picture book allow be used as class reading material, in this case Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, and several unuttered picture books ordain be provided for the students’ activities. sensation objective of the lesson is to teach students the various character perspectives that may be employed in telling a story and to have the students apply this learning in the activities. some other objective is to have the students exercise and introduction their creative talents, particularly their writing skills through the creation of their own story.\r\nAt the beginning of the lesson the picture book entrust be read to the students. After the reading of the text, the students exit be asked to complete a character diagram for each of the main characters entangled in the text. They will be asked to map out the descriptions of the characters as well as the activities which the character actually engaged in throughout the story. This will not barely allow the instructor to assess the students’ apprehensiveness of the story but it will allow for a better platform for discussing how character perspectives can be used in telling a story.\r\nThe students will thus be asked to engage in an activeness of swaging the character perspectives in the book so that the na rrative is told from a first, plunk for or third person perspective. This will be done by way on particular scenes in the picture book used for storytelling. Having in approximation their description of the characters, the students will be asked to mixed bag the text corresponding to the scene pinpointed so that it would be in first, second or third person perspective.\r\nFurther diligence of the lesson will be engaged in by having the students break off into groups. apiece group is to take a unverbalised picture book. They will then be asked to draw a piece of publisher from a hat. The strip of paper will indicate in what perspective the text of the narrative should be told. The students will then be asked to write a simple narrative for the wordless picture book. One line narrations for each picture would be deemed sufficient. The students would be informed that although creativity in formulating the text would be incentivized, what is more important is the proper use of t he perspective as well as the grammatical justness of the work. At the end of the class the students will submit the completed story.\r\nBefore dismissal, the instructor will make copies of the students’ stories. The stories of the different groups will be switched so that each student is left with a copy of a story completed by other group. As an assignment, the students will be asked to shift the perspective of the story assigned to them. They are informed that they may vary the personal manner in which the story was told as tenacious as they maintain the same manikin for the narrative and as long as they are able to use a perspective other than that which was used.\r\n'

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'Yoga as an ancient spiritual practice\r'

'Abstract- This paper examenines yoga as an superannu take ind un crowd outny shape in India, the aesculapian handlings for yoga and the practice session of it in the f only in States. This prove reveals how yoga stick out be apply to answer those piteous from bronchial asthma and other(a) pulmonary diseases; in addition, to whole(a)eviate disability. on that point are a variety of embody stretches and br expelhing exercises performed in yoga; furtherto a greater extent, yoga has been employ as a residue technique for umpteen. There is a mis designion in the practice of yoga in the fall in States. It is practice as a system to calm mavin egotism of the breedes caused by free-and-easy life and meditation is used to temporarily block thoughts to encourage a deeper guts of atypical quiet. Traditional yogis yield been insulted by the interpretation of yoga in the West.\r\nCritics fight that yoga as a ‘pop fitness hack has interpreted yoga out of its unearthly condition and arrange it in a juvenile wellness club setting. past yoga that is conducted in India differs greatly in its practices as compared to Hesperian yoga as a fitness trend. The methods used to arrive information for this topic include: actor observation, terzetto interviews were conducted; superstar with an Ameri screwing Yoga t from each aceer, 2 were with the Statesn Yoga participants, in addition, extensive program library research was conducted on Yoga.\r\nIntroduction:\r\nThe annals of yoga in Ancient India dates back safe approximately five thousand years. It has been ac knowledged in the United States since the early1960s. The many resources I study used to collect the data for this study gave inconsistent information pertaining to yogas date of descent; at that placefore, I calculated an estimate. Its place of theme has been verified as India. â€Å"Yoga is an antiquated Sanskrit develop meaning union” (Harvard Heath ea rn 1998:24).\r\nâ€Å"When a mans union or existential contact with Being becomes [balanced and complete] he is modify into a dynamic soulfulnessality. Yoga whitethorn be defined as the art of on- line and creative living. It niduses the guide for the balanced addition of in the flesh(predicate)ity…it warns against extreme tendencies which mislead wad into asymmetrical development.” (Chaudhuri 1974:37)\r\nIt continues to nonice much(prenominal) â€Å"lopsided” personalities as community who are unbalanced. For example, integrity who is overly internalityy whitethorn be suppressing their declare emotions, those who overly exercise the muscles may be under developing the caput, and those who over-exercise the brain may be neglecting the body.\r\nYoga is an insouciant c unmatched timept in Indian culture; to a greater extentover, Sanskrit is the nomenclature of yoga. Yoga has been a source of religious and philosophic movements finishedout h istory.\r\nâ€Å"The basic issue of man suffering include moral, religious, and psychological problems, has been traced to one ultimate cause…self estrangement, dementia from existence, only whenton of contact with being,\r\nemotional conflicts, tender discord, political wars, all of these… give ear from mans loss of contact with the ground of existence.” (Bose 1996:48)\r\nAlienation and feeling lead to emotional conflict; consequently, it may produce a feeling of edginess; more(prenominal)over, stress. Ancient yoga has called out to alleviate much(prenominal) problems and alleviate the anxiety caused by stress. It taught spate how to believe care of their understandings and bodies; in addition, how to cite to other muckle. It overly taught people what to eat and how to exist in nature. The majority of traditional yogis are vegetarian. Ancient yogas goal was to strain complete spirituality and to be all to your homosexual potential. â€Å"It e mphasizes the need for balanced integration of the carnal, emotional, intellectual, ethical, and religious aspects of personality” (Chaudhuri 1974:38).\r\nIn the United States yoga is mainly just as quiet therapy. ease therapy has been used as â€Å"a broad term used to describe a issue forth of techniques that get on stress reduction, the elimination of tension through the body, and a calm and peaceful state of mind” (Martin 2002:1). Stress and tensions experienced through ein truthday life befool been linked to many illnesses including merely not limited to: cheek disease, high race pressure, atherosclerosis, irritable catgut syndrome, ulcers, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and substance abuse. â€Å"Stress can also trigger a asleep(p)er of physical symptoms including nausea, headache, hair loss, fatigue, and muscle vexation” (Martin 2002:2).\r\nIn addition to the benefits of yoga â€Å"it can also be tailored to people of incompatible ages and di fferent fitness levels. An athletic person will likely opt to do more [yoga] postures and hold them for longer than aroundone who is just beginning [in addition] many people use yoga as a equilibrize to a sport or oxidative activity…stretches can [also] be through as a warm up [prior to a work out]” (Harvard Health letter 1998:3). In reference to biomedical potential â€Å"Yoga has been used to alleviate problems associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, asthma, shallow breathing, backaches, constipation, diabetes, menopause, doubled sclerosis, varicose veins, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many continuing illnesses” (Dupler 2002:2). In this study I chose to pore on asthma and constipation due to the fact, there was more medical evidence schematic to confirm the practice of yoga assisting those health issues.\r\nMethods:\r\nThe data for this study was earned by researching the broad topic of yoga. The topic was wherefore b roken down into sub- groups including: medical aspects of yoga, ancient history of yoga, American yoga, and yoga for relaxation. In addition, interviews were conducted. mavin interviewee was an American yoga instructor; two others were American yoga participants. each interviewee attended the same split. Moreover, I practice yoga and added my opinions and participant observations through the use of it.\r\nPaula was the yoga instructor I interviewed. When I asked her the interview â€Å"Why did you decided to teach yoga?” she replied â€Å"I like helping people solely I dont add up with the practice of biomedicine”. In rejoinder to my question â€Å"Why dont you agree with biomedicine?” She replied â€Å"It searchs too rigid and rushed, [moreover] people dont seem to get the medical help they sincerely need and most of the help they do receive is only a temporary fix.” Paula was a student at the Iyengar Yoga issue Association of the United States f or approximately three years. She has been teaching yoga as a advised instructor for approximately two years.\r\nTo gyp more about the Iyengar School of Yoga I looked it up on the internet and intentional that the assessment for de carriage included: demonstrate practice of Asanas, a written exam, and translate teachings. In the demonstrated practice of Asanas (poses) helping the students are expected to show a working knowledge of all of the poses in the computer program for the assessment level, the written exam asked questions regarding the required reading on the syllabus as well as metaphysical questions regarding teaching such as sequencing concepts, medical modifications etc. Their teaching skills in areas such as understanding of the pose and the knowledge of basic instruction, clarity of instruction, pacing, interaction with and vogue toward the students, demonstration skills, observation of class and suppress corrections, are critically evaluated before certif icate is granted. After passing the assessment all teachers are required to renew their certification bi-annually (\r\nResults:\r\nThrough participant observation I noted that the environment in which American yoga is skilful is usually quiet, dimly lit, comfy in temperature, and spacious. Floor mats are tind to puff of air the participant during the session. Soft music is vie in the background and a cd or incense it burned (depending on the instructor). The instructor speaks softly and verbally guides the group through a variety of asanas (poses). The instructor often moves about the room correcting participants postures when appropriate. Relaxation and meditation is promoted through verbal suggestions and chants of Om. Moreover, each session last for approximately one mo.\r\nLinda was one of the participants I interviewed. She is married, has two inculcate aged children, recently moved to the area, and is not employed. When I asked her who she choos es to participate in Yoga she replied â€Å"I dont work and the children are in schooldays all day so yoga and [the other activities she engages in] gives me some(a)thing to look forward to. I consecrate also met many nice women that I beget become friends with. I am not from the area so it has prone me more of a sense of community.” Michelle was the final examination participant I interviewed. Michelle leads a very busy lifestyle. She is married with no children and working 50 hours per week; moreover, commutes one hour each way to work. In response to the question of why she chooses to practice yoga she responded, â€Å"it helps me plunder my mind and forget everything that is going on in my life outside of this room, [it also] gives me an energy boost for the rest of the day or if I take an evening class it helps me sleep better.”\r\nI also asked Michelle â€Å"How do you know yoga really helps you?” She revealed that â€Å"I used to suffer from anxi ety disorders and had difficulty travel to sleep at night because so much was on my mind, after pickings yoga classes for a few months I started to relax more and sleep better.” From my personal participant observations I agreed with much of what Michelle had think through her practices of yoga. I am a estimable time student and own and operate a small business. Moreover, there are additional things that life demands of me. I fall in been practicing yoga for approximately two years. I began practicing yoga because my fitness facility slayered it. As I began to practice it weekly I notice more movement and flexibility in my body. Then, I began to notice my mind that was once overloaded with stress from deadlines that needed to be met, became more relaxed. Moreover, my sleeping pattern became more regular and my mind and body matte more at ease, all of which I attri stille to overall stress reduction.\r\nYoga in America has been advertised as a means for relaxation and to free the self of stress. It is practiced in health clubs and spas in groups headed by a yoga instructor. There is no formal training an instructor must undergo to teach yoga in the U.S. There are seminars that can be correct from one week to six months; respectively, to obtain certification; nevertheless, one does not need certifications to teach a yoga class. In contrast, Ancient yogas idea is that â€Å"of freedom in spiritual self expression, yoga does not believe in any standardized path for all to follow” (Chaudhuri 1974:21). Yoga is practiced in semiprivate or with a teacher (a yogi, staminate or yogin, female). â€Å"A yogi [yogin] is one who does not merely talk philosophy notwithstanding lives philosophy, he does not simply have faith in God but experiences God” (Chaudhuri 1974:19).\r\nOne becomes a yogi when his/her teacher gives permission to teach. The teacher (guru) guides the student through a spiritual path to self-realization. It is not until then , a student becomes a yogi. The gurus teachings can last for years before a student is ready to teach the yoga philosophy. cipher is said to be passed from the guru to the student or yogi. This process is the natural conversion practiced in India. â€Å"Yoga is not a proceeds of belief; it is the inner growth of spirit which results in direct insight into the heart of reality [it is a] progressive realization of the full freedom of the inner spirit” (Chaudhuri 1974:22).\r\nThe physical exercises and breathing exercises do not perish to the essence of yoga they are the â€Å"bodily provision entitling one to take up higher(prenominal) phases of yogic practices such as concentration, meditation, and the like (Chaudhuri 1974:21). In conclusion, it appears that yoga practiced in America is in fact a prep effort; moreover, the first stage in ancient yoga. In the American practices of yoga the physical exercises and breathing exercises are what is emphasized; resulting, in a relaxed state of mind and body.\r\nIn addition to American yoga being practiced for relaxation and stress reduction, there has been a discovery that it is also used to help treat chronic illnesses that biomedicine has had difficulty managing. In this study I chose to focus on asthma and constipation due to the fact, there was more medical evidence established to confirm the practice of yoga assisting those health issues.\r\n round ten-million Americans have asthma. It usually begins in puerility; although, it may also begin to show its signs in adult life\r\n(Dupler 2002:1). â€Å"In most cases asthma is caused by inhaling an allergen that sets off the chain of biomedical and tissue throws prima(p) to airway inflammation, broncho- constriction, and wheezing. â€Å"Studies have shown that yoga significantly helps asthma sufferers, with exercises specifically designed to expand the lungs, promote deep breathing, and reduce stress” (Dupler 2002:2). brisk exercises will stre ngthen and relax the muscles of the lungs. supreme the breathing helps the respiratory muscles and lungs to develop and respire more slowly reducing stress on the air shipway; consequently, reducing the chance of an asthma attack. Being able to control and focus breathing patterns also aids in the assuredness in a change in regular breathing; in short, the onset of asthma attacks.\r\nYoga has also been expedient in the alleviation of abdominal louse up; moreover, constipation. â€Å"Constipation is an acute or chronic condition in which bowel movements cash in ones chips less often than usual…it is one of the most customary medical complaints in the U.S” (Haggerty 2002:1). It can occur to any one at any age, although, its more common among women. While conducting my interview with Paula, the yoga instructor, I asked her if she was aware of any medical uses for yoga. She informed me of several(prenominal) positions to relieve constipation discomfort. The first posi tion is called a â€Å"knee- dresser” position. It involves:\r\n* Standing straight with ordnance at the sides\r\n* Lifting the right knee toward the chest of drawers\r\n* Grasping the right ankle with the left(a) hand\r\n* Pulling the legs as stodgy to the chest as possible\r\n* property the position for about 10 stakes\r\n* And repetition those steps with the alternate leg\r\nThe second position was called â€Å"cobra”. It involves the following steps:\r\n* guile on the stomach with the legs together\r\n* Placing the palms just below the shoulders, memory the elbows close to the body\r\n* While inhaling lift the head and chest off of the floor while keeping your face forward, also keep the naval in contact with the floor\r\n* The goal is to stretch and look as out-of-the-way(prenominal) upward as possible to postpone the abdomen\r\n* The cobra position must be held for about 8 seconds\r\n* Exhale as you lower the chest toward the floor\r\nIn the interview with the yoga instructor, Paula remarked that,\r\nâ€Å"Too often straight off when we have a headache we take a pill or something to\r\n ascertain the paroxysm and discomfort. We examine killing the pain instead of realizing and coming to an understanding that theres some thing causing the headache. virtually people work too hard and try to juggle too much, maybe they ate something wrong for lunch, or are memory in negative emotions. Instead of realizing that stress in life exists we try to numb everything.”\r\nIn my personal practices with yoga it has assisted me in the following: allowing full concentration, sleeping more soundly, increasing my energy level, and allowing my creativity to flow better. Linda one of the participants revealed that she suffers from asthma and she has tried a variety of medicines and in conjunction with Theophylline, her medication, yoga helps her in controlling her breathing. Her doctor also remarked about how beneficial yoga has been to h er condition.\r\nDiscussion:\r\nIn impairment of the American culture, yoga provides participants with a sense of relaxation that is necessary in such a busy society. Today, people are severe to balance many activities; including but not limited to, work, family, education, and other personal activities. Moreover, yoga helps provide many people with a social system to incorporate within.\r\nThere is a misconception in the practice of yoga in the United States. It is practiced as a method to relieve one self of the stresses caused by everyday life and meditation is used to temporarily block thoughts to encourage a deeper sense of temporary relaxation. Traditional yogis have been insulted by the interpretation of yoga in the West. Critics argue that yoga as a ‘pop fitness trend has taken yoga out of its spiritual context and arranged it in a modern health club setting. Ancient yoga that is conducted in India differs greatly in its practices as compared to Western yoga as a fit ness trend.\r\nYoga may also be compared with Christian heal groups and metaphysical groups in the following ways: each is practiced within a group setting and there is a call to a higher power. Each believes that â€Å"health and healing come from tapping into a powerful life force…this flake of healing is based upon a all in all immanent power, fully within the progress to of each believer” (McGuire 1998:79). â€Å"They believe that the key to the desired wholeness is mental more than purely spiritual…a rock-loving mind will help you have a healthy body” (McGuire 1998:81).\r\nThe ancient practices of yoga highlight spirituality. â€Å"A yogi is one who does not merely talk philosophy but lives philosophy, he does not simply have faith in God but experiences God” (Chaudhuri 1974:19). Many Americans think of yoga as a religion and have reacted to it negatively. Some think that if they practice yoga then they would be undermining their personal re ligious beliefs. â€Å"Instead of undermining their personal faith, Yoga can actually deepen it…some yoga instructors are more religious than others, but Yoga itself is a tool for exploring the depth of our human nature…” (Feurstein 1996:1).\r\n'

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'Though the most corrupt character in the world of any play, Valpone’s vitality and delight in life make him irresistibly attractive to us\r'

'It would be almost impossible for the audience of this satiric comedy, Valpone not to be moved, if not shocked by the big than manner, absolutely bollix up char maper of Valpone. He evokes some(prenominal) disgust and a perverted sense of heed as we ar presented to someone who is so in all vacant in compassion. We are almost in awe of this fictional character who has no fear of punishment for his sins in this world or the next, yet the actualisation that his evil is so strong and overbearing that he longs to rape the personification of innocence is chilling and profoundly disturbing. Remorseless, loveless and careless, Johnson gives us a character not like any other and sets him in rebirth Venice, the ideal place and time for such a tyrant and his parasite to thrive.\r\nValpones gold is his god, and he in turn worships it as such\r\nâ€Å"Good daybreak to the day; and, next, my gold!\r\nOpen the shrine, that I whitethorn see my saint.”\r\nThis opening speech is drenched with phantasmal imagery, this blasphemous language shows no fear of retribution and this is backed up when he reveals that for him hell would be made heaven if he had gold there. ironically it is the control that bills and possessions find over Valpone that bring d avow about his d sustainfall, for dapple he is deeply cunning, humourous and intelligent he continuously overr all(prenominal)es, blinded and seduced by money. We are immediately appealed and appalled by this apprehension fascination for riches for although it is sacrilegious it shows an amazing metier of character to turn his back comp permitely on religion and its threat of eternal punishment. However his disap particularment and stinginess are unbecoming qualities that fail to lure the audience. present he shows the familiar qualitys of a fox, in that it is the cross not the kill that brings the thrill, i.e. he takes sheer pastime in fooling his peers, and has no need for the money that he gains in doing so, except perhaps for spirit at.\r\nAnother unattractive quality found in Valpone is his void of affection and love, he exploits his freakish mother fucker children, using them as a source them for delight\r\nâ€Å"Call forth my dwarf, my eunuch and my fool\r\nAnd permit em make me sport”\r\nJohnson has added these abnormals not solely as a comic restbite but to give let us see the moderate of Volpones inner corruption externalised. Even his seemingly pleasant birth with Mosca is reinforced solely on flattery and humouring apiece other, they do not love each other, but sort of need each other, their parasite and host relationship is inter-reliant and interdependent.\r\nWith the aid of Mosca, Valpone sets out to bring down each of the other ravenous characters in turn. Although it is Johnsons desire to express and instruct he allows us to become divert by their amoral scheme and their amazing double act of trickery, due to the other characters gullibility, as each of them have too been infected by the degenerate unsoundness of avarice. Their greed has given Valpone three years to taste â€Å"playing with their hopes” and their ignorance allows Valpone to continually take pleasure in\r\n” Letting the cherry knock against their lips…”\r\nThese legacy hunters, sensible of the effective threat of each other, bring presents, each trying to outdo the other, naively trusting Mosca as their vector to Valpones treasure. This old Italian tradition encourages such behaviour, and although this play is fictional, it is based on the diseased Italy which was rotten to the core with corruption.\r\nIn his pretended dying produce Valpone lacks the opportunity to show off linguistically, his formulate requires Mosca to do his lying and deceiving for him. Ironically however the materialisation of Moscas plan sees Valpone disguised as a mountebank. In this masque Valpone successfully woes the crowd, his exhibitionist side is exposed, he is telling and entertaining, his dazzling sales pitch deceives the crowd, making them study that they are buying a great point of intersection at a bargain price\r\nâ€Å"I am content to be deprived of it for hexad;”\r\nValpone as Scotto of Mantua even manages to accomplish verbally seducing the moral Celia into dropping her hanky with his sensual and soft language.\r\n exactly that Valpone disgustingly tries to pervert and rape the innocent and scenic Celia he would almost seem heroic. Till this point there is almost a sense of achromasia in that he gulls those equally selfish and greedy, in a simplistic term one deadly guy taking from another. He is superior to those delay to gorge on his corpse in that he has a sense of dignity, demands a sense of respect and is so warped in arrogance it is humorous. However, in his attempted rape his evilness takes a dance step too far, while we may have forgiven him for duping the melodramatic Bonario out of his inheritance there is no self-condemnation in his attempt to take Celia without her will.\r\nâ€Å"yield or Ill force thee”\r\nThe sympathy we felt for Valpone in make up three Scene four when confronted with the garrulous grotesque Lady Would-be has been dissolved, her sin was that of being irritating, trivial and boring, while all ugly qualities her seduction lacks the spitefulness the violence and pure evil of rape. This is when the laughter lucre and the audience is forced to look introspectively at their own moral values.\r\nThe play narrowly escapes with a â€Å" apt” ending, Johnson ensures that no matter how persuading or entertaining the corrupt were, they are punished, full of vitality and life, or not, while the smashing are absolved. It is not the stereotypical â€Å"good overcoming evil” resolve, as neither Celia or Bonario, the only evidence of innocence throughout the play, carried much characteristic weight being two dimensional and shallow . The result is that evil overreaches and destroys itself.\r\nValpone although a mastermind is left to expire away at an asylum, and without his gold to keep him social club he his left to rot in his own hell. The audience was tempted and seduced by his explosive personality and the life that oozed out of him, even when feigning sick. Although hyperbolised and exaggerated he was the emphasis of human folly, we are all to a degree driven by greed, we too are tempted by wrong and dishonesty, and that is the very reason that the character of Valpone appeals to us.\r\n'

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'3G Services in India\r'

'India’s much awaited third times (3G) wide awake services auction was reschedule to February 2010 as we sh ared in our earlier stark nakeds. Before the long evaluate 3G auctions, telecom experts advised prospective street girls to inquisition for the High-end customers in their a bouncy contributor arse and arrive at to them to shift to high speed download with the 3.5G that the third genesis spectrum would facilitate.\r\nThe telecom expert’s study at a 3G India wandering(a) Operators Executive bill was that the freshly service could lead to explosive 3G maturation in India with low cost UMTS alter bustling phones. It would enable cheaper download of some(prenominal) applications wish Mobile TV, Video clips of films and Sports comparable Cricket, Education meshwork sport and Entertainment; for hi-end substance abusers, joint and tv set callings would be cheaper on 3G. The State run telecom operator Bhart Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) who have been providing 3G quick services for some months and still save licensees to provide the 3G mobile and wideband service in India, enlightened the operators assembled with their own experience in the much hyped 3G domain.\r\nIndia’s First 3G mobile service operator MTNL ’s Chief General Manager (Wireless Services-Delhi), A. K. Bhargava pointed come up come out how the problem was not in technology provided in ancillary services like complaint and customer management. â€Å"The customer does not care whether it is 3G or 2G; we have to educate him on what benefits to expect from 3G.” MTNL had fewcustomers to deject with but once the benefits were explained â€Å"we had one lakh new 3G customers in just a month”. The high tariff at the beginning restricted exercising but â€Å"when tariff came down, customer bagful cipher”, he added. His view was that â€Å"it was too early to blab of 3G services becomi ng popular with bottom of the benefit customers.” But for the service to be profitable, the customer wait should include middle level users as wholesome as hi-end ones. The potentialcustomers could be preselected from the existing subscriber base and told about what 3G could mean to each one of them.\r\nThe MTNL executive director suggested that operators must project 3G as a machine for enhancing efficiency, productivity and as promoting a changed life path and not as a mere rising on 2G.\r\nAccording to the BSNL principal general tutor for value added services, Mr. S. S. Sirohi, 3G would be most popular with those who necessitate to use Internet while on the move. â€Å" transfer is quick with 3G bandwidth” he pointed out taking a leaf out of his company’s draw out of 3G services in the last few months. alert TV would be most popular and similarly network games with 3G availability. Mr. Sirohi advised theprospective operators to broaden a posy of services on 3G different from the ones they were so distant cristaling on the 2G networks. â€Å"Opportunity for network games is huge on 3G networks. This bouquet of services would drive the betoken for rising average r neverthelessue per user”. Among separate services that 3G would make popular, would be family services like multi-media. Operators should configure services before they begin to offer the higher bandwidth. Educate the customer to discover that for some(prenominal) of the hi-end services, 3G base would be much cheaper for him.\r\nThe experts also precious the cost of handsets that open fire enable use of 3G, to be cheaper than what they are today. â€Å"A handset costing Rs 5,000 whitethorn not be cheap by our standards” Mr. Bhargava pointed out. â€Å"It should come down to Rs.3000 or even less.” Telecom regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) member R. N. Prabhakar advised the operators to use existing 2G networks to transmit 3G service als o, to reduce costs alter them with right software. HSPA enabled networks would be able to handle 3G transmission. He assured mobilecustomers that the regulator would keep a settle on the quality of service of 2G operation even as networks move on to provide 3G services.\r\nMr. Avner Amran, political boss operating officer of leading 3G network supplier TTI Telecom, a worldwide company with comprehensive 3G network operator service solutions experience in several continents likened the explosive product of telecomin India as â€Å"more a kind of revolution than evolution, any operator button into 3G needs to prepare for the switching by benefit preparation of the potential customer and lining up adequate applications”, he told a select sense of hearing at the summit organised by Bharat Exhibitions.Bharat Exhibitions MD Mr. Shashi Dharan said â€Å"3G about to become a humanity from a dream” emphasizing the context of the event. The 3G auctions are pass judgmen t to conclude by February\r\n there leave alone be three type of customers to drive 3G in india…. 1. Business hoi polloi using phones as info Modem. Some thing similar to Reliance NetConnect or Tata Photon+. Pricing should be comparable to exiting broadband plans. 2. committed Generation which needs to own one wind to manage there social networks e.g. skype,twitter,facebook and always connected. 3. Parents of IT generation the great Indian Middle class who can always do with easy to use motion-picture show phone services.\r\n1. This delay of over three geezerhood has deprived Indian subscribers of the benefits of high-speed mobile info services, which is proven to affect positively the domestic providence\r\n2. 3G go away permit to offer data link services and also some innovative video VAS services. Giving one thousand millions of people access to broadband Internet in a short bracing of time.\r\n3. This is also an opportunity for Indian mystifyers to join effort s with operators to develop applications that will meet the needs of the Indian mobile user. And because of the size and India software skills, these could be rolled out into other emerging markets.\r\n4. Moving 3G will enable high-speed data transfer enhance the user experience on services like live video streaming and many other pictorial formats. As 3G is packet based, it uses piano tuner spectrum more efficiently than circuit switched formats.\r\n5. The slow data transfer problems that subscribers confront with 2.5G will be improved by 3G. besides other services will be benefited by the higher bit pipe provided by 3G like music download or Internet applications/search. It will help operators offer rich content and new services such as mobile commerce, mobile music, video-based services and hi-speed mobile Internet services\r\n6. star of the large-mouthedgest benefits for operators in India for launching 3G is to provide additional spectrum for voice services. Many operator s are starved of spectrum and as 3G offers tetrad to five times the voice capacity of 2G spectrums, it is a cost-effective tool to deliver voice\r\n7. restrained India has a Poor broadband penetration (as of defect 2008 there were only 6.22 million broadband subscriptions). generally because the large untapped inelegant market. Is a big challenge to provide high bandwidth in rural areas using fixed lines. With 3G, network operators can offer radiocommunication broadband services. Empowering services like telemedicine, realistic marketplace and e-learning can help to make people’s life better.\r\n8. According to (FICCI), in India, 3G subscriber base is expected to reach 90 million by 2013, accounting for 12% of the overall wireless user base. By 2013, 3G service revenues are expected to generate $15.8 billion, accounting for a share of 46% in overall wireless service revenue. There will also be an increase in the share of non-voice services, including data card access, and short put across service. The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) from these services is expected rise from the present 9% to nearly 23%.”\r\n2010.\r\nThe Indian telecommunications industry is the worlds fastest growing telecommunications industry,[1][2][3] with 688.38 one million million telephone (landlines and mobile) subscribers and 652.42 Million mobile phone connections as of July 2010 [4] It is also the second largest telecommunication network in the world in terms of number of wireless connections after china.[5] The Indian Mobile subscriber base has increased in size by a factor of more than one-hundred since 2001 when the number of subscribers in the expanse was approximately 5 million[6] to 652.42 Million in July 2010.[4]\r\nAs the fastest growing telecommunications industry in the world, it is intercommunicate that India will have 1.159 billion mobile subscribers by 2013.[7][8][9][10] Furthermore, projections by several leading global consultancies exhibit th at the total number of subscribers in India will surmount the total subscriber count in the China by 2013.[7][8] The industry is expected to reach a size of 344,921 crore (US$76.23 billion) by 2012 at a growth rate of over 26 per cent, and generate troth opportunities for about 10 million people during the comparable period.[11] According to analysts, the sector would create direct habit for 2.8 million people and for 7 million indirectly.[11] In 2008-09 the overall telecom equipments revenue in India stood at 136,833 crore (US$30.24 billion) during the fiscal, as against 115,382 crore (US$25.5 billion) a year before.\r\n'

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'Economic Environment Essay\r'

'We aim to provide the public with an effective and gilded solution in cleaning their clothes. We carry this break through with a Triple-Action Laundry detergent which has an anti-bacteria content that as well leaves the clothes clean, good as new and scented. level Market Our target consumers be between the ages of 11 and 60 who can stifle clothes and ar responsible in choosing laundry detergents to use (cited in Phil48Girl, 2010). Our customers atomic number 18 normally member of the household and wash their own clothes.\r\nWe consider non just the spawn but e actuallybody who needs their clothes clean and odoriferous without spending a lot. Direct Competitors There ar several laundry detergent brand manufacturers. But, only some are real companies. There are solo individuals that are also marketing in small towns. However, our product will speak for itself as it is very effective, very gentle to clothes and with lovable scent. We will also apply a direct marketing s trategy to introduce our product without delay to our customers that other companies haven’t tried before.\r\nPolitical-Legal milieu We will manage to prepare legal text file and permits allowing us to do our marketing and productions on severally place to avoid illegal problems. affectionate-Cultural Environment Social Medias like TV and radio, as well as, affectionate networking online using Facebook and Twitter will be apply as leverage. Our customers are well exposed to much(prenominal) Medias. Economic Environment Our product is immune with the economical crisis as we are offering it in a very low cost. Our customers are flexible and not affected as they need our product regularly.\r\n scientific Environment Our productions are well supported with generators for accompanying loss of electricity. We also maintain substitute equipments when the manufacturing system is down. Summary The to a higher place analysis is reasonably footsure enough to enter the actua l market. Introducing the Triple-Action Laundry detergent, that is very affordable in price. There is a supreme range of prospect consumers in the market as everybody needs our product. Strategic marketing will be imposed as the company aim to ease up more than customers by bringing the product straightaway to their homes.\r\nThe company will maintain the brand give ear in legal processes and will reach more people through social Medias and computer technology. We are also flexible to adjust technically in terms of economic and technological problems once occured. The above is a list of actions which needs to be penalise properly, as a marketing plan with no reverberation of tactical foundation is useless (cited in Wikipedia, 2010). Considering the analysis of the different environment in this fib brings out what to do and what should not be through with(p) during the process.\r\nCareful manipulation and management requires cooperation and good leaders to accomplish the goal . References: More Business (2010, treat 26) warning Marketing Pla. March 26, 2010, from www. morebusiness. com/templates_worksheets/bplans/printpre. brc Phil48Girl (2010, March 26) How to Teach Your Children to washout Clothes. March 26,2010 from http://www. ehow. com/how_4693877_teach-children-wash-clothes. html Wikipedia (2010, March 26) Marketing Plan. March 26,2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Marketing_plan\r\n'

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'Compensated Demand Curve\r'

'The Compensated Demand caro intention Definition: the remunerative subscribe to sheer is a necessary nose that ignores the income consummation of a outlay change, only taking into account the renewal violence. To do this, public-service corporation is held constant from the change in the value of the good. In this section, we lead graphically derive the counterbalance requirement loop from indifference gelds and work out constraints by incorporating the heterotaxy and income effects, and use the remunerative demand rick to reveal the compensating revolution. let us allot a set enlarge for a normal good, a good whose demand increases as income increases. In haoma 7. e. 1, gull that the determine of Y (PY) is $1, and that the singular has an income of $100. The sign terms of X (PX) is $1, so the soulfulness’s sign cypher constraint is therefore BC1, with a unless discontinue of 100, and a even intercept of 100. The various(prenominal) a renaes his optimal (maximizes return) at guide on A, where his initial reckon constraint BC1 is tangent to the indifference curve IC1. allow’s say that at this auspicate, he maximizes his service by overwhelming 43 units of good X. If PX increases from $1 to $2, his bud derive constraint give dissipate inward until it reaches BC2 where there is now a plane intercept of 50. The individual now reaches his new optimal where the indifference curve IC2 is tangent to BC2 at the locate B, where he maximizes his utility by down 18 units of good X. We ordure use these engineers to plot a demand curve for good X: jibe to write in code 7. e. 1, when PX is $1, the individual maximizes utility at dot A where he go acrosss 43 units of X.This entropy plenty be replotted on a curve lay outing the relationship surrounded by the expenditure of X and the total of X consumed ( recruit 7. e. 2). At a value of $1, the individual go forth consume 43 units of X, so the hea d up A will replot on portend 7. e. 2 as the point A’. besides at point B, at a price of $2, the individual will consume 18 units of X, so the point B will replot on go into 7. e. 2 as the point B’. If we fall in A’ and B’ together, we will get the cut-and-dried demand curve for good X In order to produce the compensate demand curve, we essentialiness(prenominal) first observe 2 effects that disengage place as PX increases: switching egress: when Px increases from $1 to $2, X becomes relatively much expensive than Y, so the individual consumes slight X. To envision the substitution effect, we must hold the individual’s utility constant. To do this, we draw a budget constraint BC3 that is match to BC2 and shift it up until it is rightful(prenominal) tangent to a point on his legitimate indifference curve (IC1). This occurs at point C, where the consumer is consuming 29 units of X. The substitution effect is the endeavor from poi nt A to CIncome aftermath: because Px has increased, the individual’s purchasing power has decreased, and thence has less utterances to spend on some(prenominal) X and Y. Because X is a normal good, the individual will consume more as his income increases. The individual will reach an best at point B where he will consume 18 units of X. The income effect is the military campaign from point C to B To summarize, Total effect = Substitution Effect + Income Effect = A to C +C to B We have already plunge the nondescript demand curve by replotting points A and B as points A’ and B’.In essence, this is the be effect of the increase in PX. Because the compensated demand curve attachs that utility is held constant, it only shows the substitution effect. Therefore, we solely have to replot points A and C. We have already ascertain that point A replots as A’ at a price of $1 and a quantity of 43. At point C, the individual consumes 29 units at a price of $2; so we john replot this point as point C’ on direct 7. e. 2. If we connect these 2 points together, we get the compensated demand curve. We can prove that good X is a normal good. wiz elan to do it is to look at Figure 7. e. and notice that between points B and C, as income increases, the consumption of good X increases, which fits the definition of a normal good. Another way is to look at the compensated demand curve and compare it with the modal(a) demand curve. The compensated demand curve in insure 7. e. 2 is steep than the ordinary demand curve. When this circumstance holds, good X is a normal good. We can too use the compensated demand curve to find the compensating variation. The compensating variation is the amount of bullion required to restore an individual to his genuine utility level when prices change.In physical body 7. e. 2, it is delineated by the area between the two prices, and leftfield of the compensated demand curve †it is the sum of areas S and T. Meanwhile the change in consumer surplus is solely the area between the two prices and left of the ordinary demand curve †it is the area S ——————————————————————————————————————————————†• Next, consider a price decrease for an humble good, a good whose demand decreases as income increases.In Figure 7. e. 3, assume that the price of Y (PY) is $1, and that the individual has an income of $100. The initial price of X (PX) is $2, so the individual’s initial budget constraint is therefore BC1, with a vertical intercept of 100, and a naiant intercept of 50. The individual reaches his optimum (maximizes utility) at point A, where his initial budget constraint BC1 is tangent to t he indifference curve IC1. Let’s say that at this point, he maximizes his utility by consuming 17 units of good X.If PX decreases from $2 to $1, his budget constraint will rise outward until it reaches BC2 where there is now a horizontal intercept of 100. The individual now reaches his new optimum where the indifference curve IC2 is tangent to BC2 at the point B, where he maximizes his utility by consuming 28 units of good X. Using the same system as exposit in insert 7. e. 1 and aim 7. e. 2, we can replot A and B on discover 7. e. 3 as A’ and B’ on figure 7. e. 4. If we connect these points together, we will get the ordinary demand curve for good XIn order to obtain the compensated demand curve, we must first observe 2 effects that book place as PX increases: Substitution Effect: when Px decreases from $2 to $1, X becomes relatively cheaper than Y, so the individual will consume more X. To show the substitution effect, we must hold the individual’ s utility constant. To do this, we draw a budget constraint BC3 that is parallel to BC2 and shift it down until it is just tangent to a point on his original indifference curve (IC1). This occurs at point C, where the consumer is consuming 33 units of X.The substitution effect is the movement from point A to C Income Effect: Px has decreased, so the individual’s purchasing power has increased, and thus has more m cardinaly to spend on both X and Y. Because X is an inferior good, the individual will consume less as his income increases. The individual will reach an optimum at point B where he will consume 28 units of X. The income effect is the movement from point C to B To summarize, Total effect = Substitution Effect + Income Effect = A to C +C to B Using the same method as described in figure 7. . 1 and figure 7. e. 2, we can replot A and C on figure 7. e. 3 as A’ and C’ on figure 7. e. 4. If we connect these points together, we will get the compensated demand curve for good X We can prove that good X is an inferior good. One way to do it is to look at Figure 7. e. 3 and notice that between points B and C, as income increases, the consumption of good X decreases, which fits the definition of an inferior good. Another way is to look at the compensated demand curve and compare it with the ordinary demand curve.The compensated demand curve in figure 7. e. 4 is flatter than the ordinary demand curve. When this condition holds, good X is an inferior good. Again, we can also use the compensated demand curve to find the compensating variation. It is the area between the two prices, and left of the compensated demand curve †it is the sum of areas S and T —————————————————————————————————————————R 12;————†• Let us now consider a price decrease for an extreme case: a giffen good.A giffen good violates the law of demand and results in an upwardlys sloping demand curve. In Figure 7. e. 5, assume that the price of Y (PY) is $1, and that the individual has an income of $100. The initial price of X (PX) is $1, so the individual’s initial budget constraint is therefore BC1, with a vertical intercept of 100, and a horizontal intercept of 50. The individual reaches his optimum (maximizes utility) at point A, where his initial budget constraint BC1 is tangent to the indifference curve IC1. Let’s say that at this point, he maximizes his utility by consuming 37 units of good X.If PX decreases from $2 to $1, his budget constraint will unfold outward until it reaches BC2 where there is now a horizontal intercept of 100. The individual now reaches his new optimum where the indifference curve IC2 is tangent to BC2 at the point B, where he m aximizes his utility by consuming 30 units of good X. The total consumption of good X has actually decreased; let us give way this. Using the same method as described in figure 7. e. 1 and figure 7. e. 2, we can replot A and B on figure 7. e. 5 as A’ and B’ on figure 7. e. 6.The shape of the ordinary demand curve for a giffen good is as follows: between the points A and B, it is upward sloping (known as the â€Å"Giffen Range”), and at whatever price above or below points A and B, respectively, the demand curve is downward sloping. This results in a backward-bending ordinary demand curve W In order to obtain the compensated demand curve, we must first observe 2 effects that take place as PX increases: Substitution Effect: when Px decreases from $2 to $1, X becomes relatively cheaper than Y, so the individual will consume more X. To show the substitution effect, we must hold the individual’s utility constant.To do this, we draw a budget constraint BC3 th at is parallel to BC2 and shift it down until it is just tangent to a point on his original indifference curve (IC1). This occurs at point C, where the consumer is consuming 47 units of X. The substitution effect is the movement from point A to C Income Effect: Px has decreased, so the individual’s purchasing power has increased, and thus has more money to spend on both X and Y. Because X is a giffen good, the individual will consume less as his income increases; also note that the income effect is stronger than the substitution effect.This results in the individual arrival an optimum at point B where he will consume 30 units of X. The income effect is the movement from point C to B To summarize, Total effect = Substitution Effect + Income Effect = A to C +C to B Using the same method as described in figure 7. e. 1 and figure 7. e. 2, we can replot A and C on figure 7. e. 5 as A’ and C’ on figure 7. e. 6. If we connect these points together, we will get the com pensated for good X Note that the compensated demand curve is still downward sloping.This is because the substitution effect always works in one direction, while the income effect can work in both directions Study Questions 1) Redraw figure 7. e. 1 and figure 7. e. 2 for a decrease in the price of a normal good. phantasma the area representing the hire variation. 2) Redraw figure 7. e. 3 and figure 7. e. 4 for an increase in the price of an inferior good. Shade the area representing the compensation variation. 3) Redraw figure 7. e. 5 and figure 7. e. 6 for an increase in the price of a giffen good. Shade the area representing the compensation variation.\r\n'

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'Current Events in Business Research Edit\r'

'Identifying Research Problem The first flavour and perhaps hotshot of the most critical travel in carrying out cuisines research is to isolate and call the trouble. In the research sphere we are considering the problem identified is how a company can be assisted in accurately predicting short and yearn term gross revenue forecasts by analyzing factors that affect the gross revenue performance of its life insurance agents. By analyzing this entropy the goal is to produce a predictive manikin of agent and agency performance in an search to figure out the most important predictors of boffo gross sales performance.This model would allow increased contract and training based on the predictors to maximize sales by the life insurance agents and their prospective agencies as a whole. Research Method Used The graphic symbol of method utilise in the depicted object is the reporting study type. Using this method the researchers considered characteristics of agents including fo rmal information, master education and various types of training used in the industry. The researchers also considered other studies in an effort to provided assistance line and comparison models to use in helping cause their hypothesis.How Research is Solving the Problem This study went beyond what other studies failed to do, because it provided further analysis and comparative info to further study and investigate radioactivity. Much of the forward research seemed to only measure certain factors e. G. Behavioral, tenure, and education. This study looked at both sales and commissions for home service agents and regular agents because of the significance in number Of policyholders and leads.They study required selective information to be collected by contacting area agencies and having those agencies complete questionnaires on each of their sales agents with at least one year of contract. The final exam data was compiled from seven local agencies including Commonwealth bread and butter insurance policy Company and The prudential Life Insurance to name a few. The study described its helplessness for data that was often time knotty to evaluate and not readily procurable or hard to measure. For instance, the study about agents with formal education, professional education and specific training showed no effect on production.The benefit of the study was that it was able to analyze viable factors that were believed to have an effect on an insurance agents productivity. The burn up of this study used two research techniques. It used basic a reporting study that summarized data to compare findings on the topic collecting their give independent analysis and used only data that was objective. The article referenced previous studies and data available on the subject, and then relied on its own findings and research. everyplace the years there had been research that suggested other causative affects of an agents productivity.In this effect the study als o used explanatory research because it compared prior studies and looked at the hypothesis that caused the softness to increase productivity. The study required data to be collected by contacting area agencies and having those agencies complete questionnaires on each of their sales agents with at least one year of contract. The final data was compiled from seven scorch agencies including Commonwealth Life Insurance Company and The Prudential Life Insurance to name a few.\r\n'

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'Nursing management Essay\r'

' institution\r\nTo lead strongly, you have to strike the difficult proportionality between communication and accountability. Different situations call for disparate leadinghip approaches, depending on corporate ask, objectives and ready(prenominal) resources. in conclusion the goal of any leader is to demoralize results. here’s a list of the various popular leadership types.\r\nTypes of Leadership\r\nThe Autocrat\r\nThe autocratic dictator is the one of the most common types of leaders. The autocrat’s approach is to make unilateral decisions without asking for suggestions from other phalluss of the sort. Such totalitarian leaders have the favour of saving while and receiving little oppositions as they essay solutions. The classic example of autocratic leadership is trancen in the governments of countries like North Korea, which control their citizens through long suit and fear. Used positively, this type of approach is helpful to come down up compa nies that are suffering from inefficiency or a lack of discipline.\r\nThe Laissez-Faire Leader\r\nThis type of leader is the opposite of the autocrat: employees are given a lot of freedom and eeway to work as they see fit. The individuation leader rarely monitors employees and does not get feedback or updates on a regular basis. The tendency can be advantageous for companies that aim to attach individual leadership skills and encourage initiative among employees. The laissez-faire approach can result in time savings and better intra-office relationships, but only in companies with efficient, honest workers that require little supervision. Over time, leaders still need to follow up on the employees or they may sacrifice efficiency, productivity and affordability.\r\nThe motivational Leader\r\nA motivational leader helps to establish out the best in everyone. By victorious the time to get to know each fraction of the organization, this type of leader gets to study employeeâ€⠄¢s strengths and flunk and develop strategies for taking advantage of them. This approach leads to safe(p) communication throughout the different levels of an organization. Employees get to tract their feelings, thoughts and ideas, and so feel empowered and satisfied. A motivational leader is perfect in sales organizations or companies that are in need of a originative sparkâ€or a jolt of enthusiasm.\r\nThe democrat\r\nThe democratic leader values every outgrowth of the organization and seeks to make each group member feel content and useful. A democrat participates in tasks while respecting and acknowledging the suggestions and contributions of other workers. This approach generally leads to police squad efficiency and happy employees. Note that while members of the group participate in the planning and decision-making process, the leader makes the net decision based on all available information.\r\nThe Gratifier\r\nThe gratifier follows the old carrot-and-stick approac h. Such a leader sets goals and indeed offers relative rewards depending on the contribution and achievements of members. If an employee or discussion section performs poorly, there may be punishments or penalties. ace benefit of this traditional prudence strategy is that it’s possible to initiate competitions within the workplace that oft lead to improvedâ€even transcendentâ€performance.\r\nThe pioneer\r\nAn innovator is creative and dynamic, adapting quickly to change and spearheading volatile growth. An innovative leader is aware of spic-and-span developments in the marketplace and is always listening to other squad members, on the lookout for fresh ideas and solutions. The best affaire about the innovator’s approach is that the lead-by-example creativeness inspires other employees to explore, expand and come up with new concepts of their own. This type of management strategy is particularly effective for tech, media and other idea-driven businesses. Your company’s current needs and goals may dictate the most effective management approach. Be flexible, and respond to changing circumstances or personnel by varying that approach as needed. It’s also wise to tailor your stylus of management to the capabilities and personalities of your company leaders.\r\n'

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'Business Strategy Essay\r'

'For better attending, this assignment has been organised in four sub- headings, they argon as follows: the general overview of doorman’s quintet Forces work; the importance or service of basketb each team Forces manakin; the criticisms and evaluation of porters beer’s model; the recommendation and finall(a)(a)y the conclusion. Overview of porter’s model Johnson et al (2011) described usher louvre Forces as a strategicalal wight that helps identify the attractiveness of an industry in harm of phoebe bird private-enterprise(a) twinges: the scourge of new entry, the threat of substitutes, the federal agency of buyers, the power of suppliers and the extent of rivalry between competitors.\r\n porters beer (1980) argues that this model is based on the perspicacity that a good traffic strategy should chance upon the opportunities and threats in the organizations external environment. Particularly, competitory strategy should be based on an under standing of industry structures and the style they change. From the above explanation we can see that gatekeeper’s Five Forces is a simple rooster that supports strategic recognizement in decision devising through understanding where efficacy and weaknesses lie. Importance of ostiarius’s Five Forces\r\nThe porter’s Five Forces is a simple but powerful scape that supports strategic understanding where power lies in a dividing line situation. It also helps to understand both the durpower of the smashed’s current competitive position, and strength of a position a company is feel to move to. •This model also emphasizes extended aspiration for value earlier than just competition among exist rivals, and the simplicity of its application inspired numerous companies as well as business schools to adopt its put ons as suggested by Wheelen and Hunger (1998).\r\nWith clear understanding of where power lies, it will enable a company to concern fair receipts of its strengths and improve on its weaknesses and forward cause avoid taking wrong steps. hence to apply this planning tool efficiently, it is important to understand the situation and look at separately of the military postures individually. Criticisms and military rating of Five Forces ostiariuss Five Forces is no doubt a powerful manakin in determining the competitive nature of an industry. However it has been criticised by various commentators regarding its returns in today’s moral force business environment.\r\nAlthough, Wheelen & adenylic acid; Hunger (2002) recognised the five force they both thought that Stakeholders influence should study been include as the sixth force. This is because interest groups like the government, topical anesthetic communities, creditors, trade associations, special interest groups, unions and shareholders all fix big influence on how the organisation operate. For instance, fiscal policies such as interest rates a re being regulated by the government and whitethorn exhaust a negative or unequivocal effect on the organisation.\r\nAlso as circumstances of the stakeholders if creditors refuse to erect credit facilities for some wholes could force them into liquidation. Porter’s model assumed that all businesses are competing against distributively new(prenominal) while in the actual sense some complement each to provide a better product, which are cognise as complementors. Complementors in this sense are businesses that provide complementary services to each different. These companies form strategic alliance to enhance the services that they provide all for the purpose of efficiency or cutting of cost. employment of this situation can be seen on iPods and headphones. apple produced the iPod while\r\nSony produces the headphone which Apple uses and same fourth dimension Apple is competing with Sony on its brand of MP3 music player, in different words, each of these firm bene fits from each other’s presence. Downes (1997) in his article â€Å"Beyond Porter” in the Context Magazine, suggested three new forces which he called; Digitalisation, Globalisation and deregulating. Digitalization: He claims that organisations are directly highly influenced by technological advancement, especially in information engineering science as well as retail organisations. Most firms no longer regard on high street sales rather online to boost their revenue.\r\nSome high street stemma also trying to play catch up with organisations like eBay and Amazon who pay off dominated the online. The creation of credit government notes by credit card organisations, loyalty cards by retail stores, all these new digital technologies allows companies to chase competitive advantage on a different level thereby creating new strategy to outweigh its competitors. Globalization: gibe to Downes (1997) days are gone when firms were only competing with their local anesthet ic rivals. Most organisations are instanter competing on planetary level by way of improved distribution channels, businesses can now buy and sell and on a global level.\r\nCustomers, through the internet have the chance to shop around and compare prices globally. up to now most medium size companies find themselves in an international market, even if they do not have branches overseas. Based on these facts it is not exuberant any longer for any business to position itself as a price-leader. Instead competitive advantages emerge now from the ability to develop long-term relationships to more mobile costumers and to manage extensive networks of customers and associates for mutual benefit.\r\nDeregulation: Industries like Communication, Railways, Airlines, now have different ways of competing against each other since firms are now in the hands of entrepreneurs’ contrary in the 1970 when most firms were in the hands of government. Deregulation creates more intense atmosphe re for competition because all player in the industry wants to dominate the market. When compared to Porter’s Five Forces model, digitalization, globalization and deregulation have become more powerful forces in the net few decades, which Porter barely takes into consideration in his work.\r\nToday’s companies are highly influenced by technological progress, especially in information technology. Therefore, it is not advisable for any business to develop a strategy solely on the basis of Porters model. Shapiro and Varian (1998) claimed that stinting laws do not change while technology do then went further to argue that Porter’s models are economic laws and rules that has been around for ages originally his study but technology and information has locomote and be quiet moving and will continue to be a major force in competitive strategy.\r\nPresently, the level of information made for sale to businesses has escalate competition. For instance, firms can now g ather so ofttimes information about their customers and how much they are will to pay for the product. With customer’s shopping available to them they may choose to â€Å"lock them in” which would not have been possible many years agone when five forces was propounded.\r\nDespite the huge success of five forces in strategic management, this model did not buy the farm exact percentage of these forces to signal when the company is at risk, therefore the model on its own lacks enough information to actually guide decision makers. Although, still applicable in today’s propellant business environment, it was advocated many years back when the business environment were not that competitive, for instant, when it was proposed it could be that a firm has only one supplier for its material which eliminated the chess opening of strong competition among suppliers.\r\nThis model from all reading material assumed identifiable competitors, business partners, and customers who engage in more or less predictable ways. Kippenberger (1998), Haberberg & Rieple (2001) all suggested that it is not advisable to develop a strategy based on Five Forces model alone, it should be used in addition to other frameworks, thus SWOT and PESTEL analysis. This does not mean that Five Forces is invalid, but it is good to adopt a model knowing its merits and demerits.\r\nRather than jump into a framework thinking it has solution to every situation. Recommendations Managers and decision makers in conducting analysis on Porter’s Five Forces should brainstorm on all relevant factors for the firm’s market situations and then check against the factors presented for each force. It will also be relevant to use positive sign to indicate forces that are in favour of the organisation and negative sign for forces powerfully against the organisation in question.\r\nAfter identifying the favourable and untoward forces of the company’s performance and industr y’s attractiveness, the manager should analyse the situation and examine the trespass of these forces. Conclusion This assay has given a primitive account of Porter’s Five Forces by drawing attention to some of the criticisms of this model, which includes neglecting the all-powerful forces of Stakeholders, the emergent effects of digitalisation, globalisation and deregulation. Complementors and Collaborators as well as easy access to information were all lose by this framework.\r\nThrough evaluation of this model, we also launch that most organisations have managed to avoid the bargaining powers from both the supplier or distributors by way of self-referent or forward integration. This assignment acknowledged the usefulness of Porter’s model in strategic analyses even in today’s dynamic business environment but must not be used in isolation without considering other forces mentioned above. And finally organisations and decision makers should not as sume that all their competitors and business partners are identifiable as suggested by this model.\r\n'