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Religious Musings on The Turner Diaries: Reading the Bible of the Racist Right :: Free Essays Online

Religious Musings on The Turner Diaries Reading the ledger of the racialist RightDomestic ghostly terrorism doesnt figure very strongly in the modern the Statesn consciousness. However, this may be more of an discomfit oversight than an encouraging reflection of reality. Juergensmeyer did me quite a service by starting out his forceful documentation and analysis by sounding at the actions of the American religious right. Though he focused on those responsible for the attacks against abortion clinics, he also brought up the Christian identity element movement, the group connected with Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City bombing fame. Their theology (that they are the notwithstanding true Jews) caught my attention, and your comments in class led me to be interested in reading The Turner Diaries, a work which has been called the Bible of the racist right. I thought it a fitting conclusion to the semester to spirit at something I was introduced to in the course through the new lens e which the course has ground over the past semester. The Turner Diaries is ostensibly the day-after-day account of Earl Turner, a footsoldier in the White Revolution in America to overthrow the rule of the Jews and their imposition of racial equality (a term which they unsay to mean license for Black Americans to do as they please with impunity). everywhere the course of a couple of years, he details his experiences within the boldness as it is forced underground by an ever-more-repressive government. It eventually begins fighting rear militarily, engaging in acts such as the destruction of the FBI building and the mortar-shelling of the Capitol that we would undoubtedly recognize as terrorism. In the end, the cheek succeeds in achieving its goals, first liberating California, and then, as the epilogue summarizes, the rest of the world, ridding the Earth of the twin scourges of Jewish domination and non-white contamination. fishily enough, the text makes very few referenc es to religion, other than to say that Earl himself became religious only after his induction into a secretive Order within the Organization. And but the entire tale bears the markings of religion, especially the trappings of a culture of religious opposition. Of course, their religion, their theology, is their belief in the superiority of the white race - but this is no less a religious belief, taken as an article of reliance by adherents. From the beginning, we are led to understand these peoples participation in the Organization as an act of desperation they will be punished, most in all likelihood killed, by their enemies if they dont go into hiding and work against the System.

Guerilla Warfare Essay -- essays research papers

Guerrilla WarfareThe term guerrilla (Spanish, little contend) originated in the early 19th century during the Peninsular war when, later on the defeat of Spains regular forces, Spanish irregulars and civilians rose up against the lash occupying forces. The practice of guerrilla warfare, however, dates from antiquity for example, the Bible tells of the Israelite conquest of Canaan, led by Joshua, involving harassment and ambush of the enemy. Later Jewish resistance to foreign convention was expressed in the series of fierce guerrilla operations against the Romans in the 1st century AD led by the Zealot sect, this drive was climaxed by the seizure of Masada and the massacre of the Roman garrison there in AD66.Lacking the numerical strength and weapons to oppose a regular regular army in the field, guerrillas avoid pitched battles. Instead, they operate from bases established in contrasted and inaccessible terrain, such as forests, mountains, and jungles, and depend on the suppo rt of the topical anaesthetic inhabitants for recruits, food, shelter, and information. The guerrillas may also receive assistance in forms of arms, medical supplies, and army advisers from their own or allied regular armies.The tactics of guerillas are those of harassment. strike swiftly and unexpectedly, they raid enemy supply depots and installations, ambush patrols and supply convoys, and cut communication lines, hoping thereby to disrupt enemy activities and to capture equipment and supplies for their own use. Because ...

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A Change Is as Good as a Holiday.

A motley is as good as a holiday really? accord to my personal experience a change is better than a holiday. I changed my life by moving to another country, the UK, where I can bring ab issue something and develop my life, unlike going on holiday for a concisely period of magazine and returning to do the same thing again. During my time in Iraq I en experienceed spending time with my family and I was happy as a clown. counterbalance so, on April the 9th 2003 USA had a master plan to concern Iraq, as a child I was scared due to my parents all the way being worried this make me anxious I was so panicky and shaken like an electric tooth brush.It was like I had adrenalin rush, I couldnt sleep I was alive with fear. As the army entered the city of Bagh popping, Iraq The sky was red like blazing flames and I could hear the bullets crucify through my ears like thunder. The gun powder rushed into my nose from the lamp chimney from the fire place in the comfort of my own scale . in that respect were so many reasons why I had left my country with my family, and one of them was the war. However Ive been through the hard times and I couldve just stayed. non slaming what my destiny would be but as a family we made the decision of leaving.We all agreed that if we left Iraq then we could all nourish a better life and could continue with our education to have the scoop up life possible. Who wants to leave their home town? Obviously it was a bark and to style back and leave behind everything and everyone I know The home I grew in for 11 years and the place where my childhood was in full with amazing memories. On the way to the airport I felt scurvy I was reluctant to get on the plane. I hesitated to step forward, unless a decision has been made and I had no choice isolated from getting on the plane as I knew that my dad was at the other end of the journey.The dream came true My first step out of the plane towards success, I continued walking through th e tunnel to key my dad for the first time in a year. I was bursting with joy to see my father I was pumped with energy full of happiness I couldnt express my feelings so I just hugged him, and my meat was finally relieved. The family and I were on the way out of the airport, into to the car that my dad bought which was blue like the Circassian sea, and we were on the way to the house in Neasdon, London. When I was in the car whilst my dad was driving, I was scared I didnt know anyone or the language they spoke.The weather was dull the clouds were grey and the bad streets. It was due to rain my dad said. I couldnt play the athletic contest I loved swimming was my favourite sport back home. There was indoor swimming but it wasnt the same. I couldnt even go to my own back garden to do anything, and it was full of mud. A week after I arrived it had snowed, for the first time in my life I saw little white flakes falling from the sky, like a blessing from god. I wanted to go out, but I had a cold and I wasnt even used to this miserable demotivating weather.Back in Iraq it was blazing hot nearly every day of the year. Every day it was a staggering 50 degrees Celsius like the Saharan desert. As I started school I felt the effects of the change, I didnt know whether it would be for the better or worse however I knew I was going to achieve something great, and become a role model to renovate my brother as he was young and needed someone to look up to besides my dad. I feel a little safer now due to people being nice, although there are those occasional antiblack remarks people give.But altogether the people all colours, races and nationalities are not as I expected there are mixed cultures and religions -they did not hate me they welcomed me to the area and country even though they did not know where I was from, who I am, or what I do. Till this day the dream of a better life still lives on. Change instead of a holiday can be good in some circumstances such as mine. For me my safety was more important so I had to leave. sometimes freedom and safety are something a holiday cant give.

Why Do so Many Professional Athletes Go Broke After Retirement?

Jay Nicholls Economics of Sports Prof. Enz 4/5/13 Why do so numerous professed(prenominal) athletes go stony-broke after l geniusliness? After watching ESPNs 30 for 30, Broke, my mind brillianceting pondering this question of why and how so legion(p inflamedicate) master athletes be blowing through the trillions they achieve while performing their specific sport? It is amazing that some unmatchable can spend that practically cash so quickly. What argon they buying and who argon they buying things for? Where be they spending it? Where do they go awry(p)? When did this trend whizzt and allow for it continue in the future?What be the compact officials doing in crop to pr nonethelesst this tragedy from handing? These ar some of the questions I leave behind try to answer passim this paper. In March of 2009 Pablo S. Torre wrote an article for Sports Illustrated titled, How (and Why) athletes Go Broke. He explains how m both athletes, especially minority ones, come from rattling humble beginnings frequently measure growing up in poverty. almost of whom are the lonesome(prenominal) ones in their family to reach college. Then some of them even start earning bills while quiesce in college through outlaw(a) paywork forcets from agents (Torre).Once these histrions hit the big leagues and start earning megs, more of it is initiateed blindly by tribe who appear to be trying to protagonist entirely often propagation do non. Their fortune take assure ofmingly evaporates right before their eyes. If and when these athletes spirit at their bank scotchs their reactions are usually similar, What the ? (Torre). The most normal leagues that role players go broke are the three most popular in the country, NFL, NBA, and MLB. Torre reported that By the time they the athletes bring forth been retired for two course of studys, 78% of former NFL players carry at rest(p) bankrupt or are under financial separate out because of occupatio nlessness or disassociate. (Torre). That is an astounding number of players looking at overdue extension bill of fare bills, baby support payments and some(prenominal) much. Athletes who do buy the farm married and whence eventually divorced, in umteen cases, do non sign prenuptial agreements thitherfore losing at least half of what they worked so hard for. an another(prenominal)(prenominal) astonishing figure reported by Torre was that 60% of former NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. They typically run into some(prenominal) of the same problems as NFL players. The MLB is no assorted.High visibility Major conference baseball players similar Johnny Damon and Jacoby Ellsbury reported that some of their bills is tied up in an $8 billion fraud scandal due to a shady financier named Robert Allen Stanford. It is hard to believe that someone of that celebrity stead could be drained of their capital but its true. Mike Pelfrey of the brand-new York Mets was forced to crave the team for a honorarium advancement of $2 jillion after he admitted he was broke because 99 share of his fortune is frozen in the same scandal (Torre).These athletes not only gave much of their richesiness to Stanford, but as well as all of their trust and he essentially took their money and ran with it. Un naturalized athletes or dumb jocks are an lightsome tar rule for fraud because they may not read the fine imprint or even care to read it. Also they may not understand the enthronement fully and get taken for all that they are deserving. The financial crisis of 2008 had a bulky impact on umteen players wealth as their trusted financial advisors lost billions in the stock mart crash.Money manager Michael Seymour, founder of the company UNI Private Wealth Strategies, was quoted ordering, Athletes harbor a different set of challenges from, say, entertainers. Theres a far shorter rush earnings result in sports than in any other profession, and in legion(predicate) cases they lack the time and desire to understand and monitor their investments. (Torre). Many athletes take for grantedt become time or the education to get laid where their money is going and who is handling it. A grueling 162 game baseball harden doesnt leave much time for a ball player to sit pass with his financial advisor and talk numbers.Many players go out say here is my money, invest it without pileing the risks involved or even realizing that in that respect are risks involved. Coming into that much money so quickly may force a player to just pay someone to cover up it because it is much easier that way. Seymour also brings up a strong point that is often overlooked by people on the outside or the fans this is the space of schoolmaster sports careers. There are very(prenominal) few athletes in any sport that can last long equal to retire and pay enough money to not worry some the rest of their lives.Athletes such as Brett Favre, Cal Ripken, Chris Chelios and Gordie Howe are the rare exceptions to this rule. Howe compete professional hockey throughout five decades spanning more or less fifty years. An article from quanthockey. com stated that the average NHL player willing play between five and six seasons in the league no matter what position they were. On average that accounted for roughly 238 games played for skaters but far less for goal workers (Average Length of an NHL Player calling). The numbers across the other three study leagues are very similar or lower. and hockey players, for the most part, are either good with their money or good at staying out the spotlight if they do go broke. The RAM monetary Group is a company that specializes in serviceing professional athletes manage their wealth. They refer to themselves as financial coaches that process guide you to success by planning for retirement, handling revenuees, insurance, and budgeting along with many other services. In an article on t heir website they wrote that the average NFL career is 3. 5 years the average NBA career is 4. years and the MLB had the longest career continuance of any of the four major sports leagues at 5. 6 years (Athlete Services). These three figures make sense too that as the sports get less physical the career length gets longer. The baseball statistic did not accept pitchers however, who are far more prone to injury and typically have much shorter careers than position players. Those figures are also the averages, meaning half of the players cliff below that career length. Those players only lasting a season or two in most cases are not star players and are not earning self-aggrandising signing bonuses or special incentives.Chances are they are late round draft picks and sign for the league minimum. RAM fiscal Group says that athletes essential plan for nearly 50 years of retirement after sports. Since many athletes did not go to, or did not slay college, they do not have a degree t o rely for help in the job search after their career has ended. There are only a select few athletes that can maintain a job in the sports world, such as a television announcer or analyst, coach, or scout et cetera it requires a certain personality and intelligence.The article by Torre profiles a football player by the name of Raghib (Rocket) Ismail who was a star wide receiver for Notre Dame and was a potential number one draft pick for the NFL, but instead chose to sign an $18. 2 million contract over four years with the Canadian Football Leagues Toronto Argonauts. Why he chose the CFL over the NFL I will neer hold up. He goes on to say that he started with a base net of $4 million and he was so focused on football that by the time his first year was over his bank account was just close to empty.Ed Butowsky was listening to Ismail speak and nodded his head as if to say, I could have seen that coming. Butowsky is a managing partner at Chapwood Investments which is a wealth mana gement firm. He is used to managing very wealthy peoples fortunes in the business world but, not many professional athletes. Butowsky realised that broke athletes was a reoccurring newspaper publisher throughout major league sports and he felt the need to do something about it. In 2005 Butowsky began inviting many self-aggrandising athletes to his so called financial boot camps. near of these athletes were well off and others were not. He taught them things about money from the very basics of what is a bond, to some more abstruse topics such as insurance and retirement. These sessions were free of charge and the goal was to educate these young men so that they did not fall into financial breach like so many athletes before them (Torre). An athletes wealth is supposed to outlive their career according to Bill Duffy, a veterinary agent who manages players like Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony. So where do most of them go premature?The feature of Torres article, Rocket Ismail, tal ked about his investment portfolio over the years. It include lots of dubious inventions and unsteady investments (Torre). He mentioned pouring money into a religious movie that saw no return. He earned a reported $18 to $20 million over his career from salary alone in the CFL, and went broke through what he calls total ignorance. He was luckier than most broke athletes however, because he never filed for bankruptcy, had legal trouble or got divorced, and most definitively he had his degree from Notre Dame.But his lack of luck with investments caused him to nearly lose it all (Torre). One of his worst investments came when he sank $300,000 into a theme restaurant called the Rock N Roll Cafe. It was similar to the idea of the profound Rock Cafe. Ismail said the man who pitched him this idea talked about it as fail-proof, with no downsides (Torre). Ismail was never paid back anything at all and doesnt even know if the restaurant ever existed. His lack of interest in the investment led him to lose a considerable amount of his money by writing a single check.If I were about to invest that much money I would trust to see building plans, permits, other investors, revenue, and much more before I decided to invest anything at all. Whether he didnt care or didnt know, he is still at fault. One would specify Ismail learned his lesson, but the opposite is true. He continually pumped thousands of dollars into sketchy investments that never took off. He was too honorable and easily persuaded by smooth talkers and promising business plans such as a music label, a cosmetics line, tourist shops, and a phone plug-in dispensary company.All of which failed miserably and he saw no return on his investments. both(prenominal) may call it injurious luck but Butowsky sees it differently. According to the article, application experts estimate that only one in 30 of the highest-caliber private investment deals works out as advertised (Torre). I would not be willing to risk mu ch money on a thirty three percent chance of making money. He also states, chronic overallocation into real estate and bad private equity is the Number 1 problem for athletes in terms of a financial meltdown (Torre).The tempt of tangible items is so much greater than buying something intangible like a stock. Most athletes love the spotlight, and by saying so and so owns a bar or restaurant is a lot sexier and more intriguing than being a shareholder in a slew 500 company, even though it may be a safer investment. Risk-averse investors allude allocating most of their investments to a mix of public securities which to most athletes are lightless and boring. The thrill of inventions and nightclubs are for more appealing but riskier.Disreputable people see athletes money as very easy to get a hold of according to NFL agent Steven Baker, who represents 20 NFL players (Torre). People seek to take proceeds of them and as write up shows it they have been extremely successful. Drew Bl edsoe and a pack of other NFL retirees invested at least $100,000 apiece in a founder By Touch technology that would help replace credit cards with fingerprints (Torre). Even though this company was dealing with several lawsuits from players and others, they still invested.The stories of athletes buying real estate to sell and rent are very common and their results are all too similar. The financial crisis put a huge damper on the housing market and caused many of the properties to be foreclosed on putting these athletes further into debt. Many properties are up for sale on EBay, far below their original asking prices and market values. Former major league in ambiter Junior Spivey is one of the many suffering from owning too many real estate properties that arent seeing a return on investment.He declares, Its very tough, especially for someone like me whos not contend (Torre). new-fangled, rich athletes are similar to a lottery victor who comes into millions without knowing how to handle it. most of them probably havent comprehend or learned of the basics of budgeting or noticeing receipts for tax purposes according to Leigh Steinberg an NFL agent (Torre). Many athletes will admit they know postal code about the business and financial world after the fact they have made very costly investments without knowing all the details about where their money is actually going.Magic Johnson weighed in on this discussion, by admitting he knew zero about business (Torre). He was a lucky one getting a trustworthy adviser. He went on to say that many athletes admit family and friends because it is a favor to them but these people are often times in over their heads when dealing with this much money. They can make risky and uneducated investments that may not be profitable. Johnson gets calls from stars all the time who ask him about hiring friends and he immediately says no because he knows they will more than likely fail.Many athletes will hire their friends b ecause they simply do not know how to say no to them. Friends of rich athletes often expect financial help or jobs. The infamous Ron Artest had to dismiss six of his friends involved in his disposition label in 2007. They were doing odd jobs for him and living in a signboard he was paying for. His entourage was less helpful than they were worth and Artest had to make that tough decision (Torre). Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Panthers stated the most dangerous thing that could happen to an athlete financially is divorce.A lot of athletes get married young and by the time they retire realize they made a mistake. In Torres article, he refers to a survey put out a financial services firm by the name of Rothstein Kass. In the survey they polled 178 athletes each with a minimum net worth of $5 million and most were under the age of thirty. It was reported that, more than 80% of the 178 athletes polled were concerned about being involved in unjust lawsuits and/or divorce proc eedings (Torre). Athletes and agents common estimates today, show that the divorce rate for professional athletes is anywhere from sixty to eighty percent.Husbands routinely lose half of their net worth in these cases and most splits happen after the peak earnings period of their careers, or in retirement. This timing is no accident. Former NBA center pick out West commented, Theres this huge lifestyle change you and your wife are suddenly always at home, bugging each other. Before youd say I gotta go to practice. Now you foundert have practice (Torre). If you dresst want to spend time with your wife clearly you arent ready to get married or you picked the wrong woman to spend the rest of your life with.I can see how many retired athletes would want to relax at home after their career is over. Some women are just gold diggers as well, just using the mens money to go shopping and such. Other problems such as infidelity may arise as well. Celebrity status sometimes seems to bri ng out the worst in people and not many marriages can survive a cheating scandal. With all the pressures riding on a high profile marriage with an athlete, the prenuptial agreement is one security blanket to protect an athletes net worth.This is recommended by agent David Falk who represented Michael Jordan, but Jordan did not have one. The percentage of athletes who sign one is intimately lower than regular people of the same economic stature. Often times an athlete will marry his hometown sweetheart and they are so blind by love that they could not ever imagine a hurtful divorce in their future, but people change especially when there is lots of money at stake. Dikembe Mutombo set a great casing for athletes when called off his marriage in 1994 after his fiance refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.It reportedly cost him $250,000 to cancel the wedding ceremony but it could have been millions had they gone through with the marriage and gotten divorced later on (Torre) smart mo ve by the big man. Children are a large factor in a divorce settlement as well. They tend to make the decisions far more complicated. NBA player Travis Henry, who has nine children with nine different women, is a prime workout of this. His fortune was demolished by child support payments in the tens of thousands (Torre).When athletes cannot afford to pay these ridiculous amounts of money they get treated no differently than regular citizens and are put in prison. Another factor leading to the demise of an athletes wealth is the notion that they want to impress the veterans on the team and get on their good side. Some rookies think that in order to do this they must buy a Lamborghini, a yacht or splurge on a million dollar house. You cannot live outside your means for too long. Soon enough the bills will come in and they will realize that swiping a credit card doesnt mean you can keep that item forever. Young layers will look up to guys that have been in the league for many years, a nd who have accumulated plenty of money. They try to emulate them and fail miserably. For example a rookie on say, Shaquille ONeals team, might look at his many cars, clothes and large and say, I want that. However Shaq has money coming from not only his NBA salary, which was amongst the highest in the league, but also from numerous endorsement deals off the court. Professional athletes going broke has been an on-going trend for many years and it will continue until education becomes an important part of turning pro.Fox news did a short degree on this epidemic and in it Kathryn Buschman Vasel reported that, The reasons for financial hardships vary, from lack of planning, over indulgence, bad investments and poor financial guidance. Or all of the above (Vasel). These four mishaps have ruined lives of once millionaire athletes for so many years. With so many star athletes going broke and embarrassing not only themselves but the leagues they represent, what are the owners, general ma nagers, and league officials doing to help prevent this trend from continuing?the States Today posted an article on this topic last year citing the Sports Illustrated article among others. Russ Wiles wrote, The NFL conducts workshops for rookies covering topics such as substance abuse, sex education, gambling, domesticated violence and personal finance (Wiles). However their effectiveness remains in question. Many of the rookies will disregard these efforts to help them and wind up in the same situation as their counterparts before them. They hear the stories and statistics but think this could never happen to me I am going to be a millionaire, theres no way I could blow that much money.Ignorance is not bliss in this situation. Many athletes assume the money will keep flowing in for years, but thats usually not the case (Wiles). Contracts that teams offer are usually merit base with only a small percentage guaranteed no matter what. Many players dont realize this or may not even k now that. As an athlete myself I never think that maybe I will get hurt this year or what will happen if I do. Professional athletes have the same mentality. Even worse what if a rookie never pans out to be more than a attendant?Bench players dont make nearly as much as starters or star players. And as soon as a player gets cut or put on waivers their contract dwindles down to nobody. When the paychecks stop coming, the lavish lifestyles of athletes can no longer be sustained. Paychecks will stop eventually for everyone but bills never do. The banks and credit card companies dont care if you get hurt playing a professional sport, they still want their money and will stop at nothing until they get all of it whether that means foreclosing your home, car and yacht or take all other assets as collateral.Players cant grasp the plan that their peak earnings period will be short lived and their lifestyles must be planned accordingly. Unlike a corporate office job or a doctor where the potential salaries keep increasing based on good performance or experience in the field in which they work, Athletes make all or most of their income in a few short years. According to Wiles, Even athletes who play professionally for many years will eventually need to downsize their financesThat makes them different from most workers (Wiles). Colleges and universities are not off the hook either.These institutions that have high profile teams with the potential for their athletes to play professional sports should offer more courses on money and finance to their pupils. It should be a requirement for students not just student athletes to be financial literate so that nobody finds themselves in the red later on in life. Even if you are a history major or a science major, it is imperative to know how keep your head above water when it comes to personal finances. The only way these professional athletes will be able to lead successful lives after their playing days are over is through education.People above them need to stress the importance of saving, planning, and common sense because once you owe more money than you are able to pay back it may be undoable to get out of debt. Bibliography 1. Athlete Services. RAM Financial Group. RAM Financial Group, n. d. Web. 2 Apr 2013. <http//www. ramfg. com/RAM-Financial-Group-Solutions-Professional-Athletes-Athletes-Services>. 2. Average Length of an NHL Player Career. Quanthockey. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 2 Apr 2013. <http//www. quanthockey. com/Distributions/CareerLengthGP. php>. 3. Torre, Pablo S.. How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke. SI Vault. Sports Illustrated, 3 Mar 2009. Web. 1 Apr 2013. <http//sportsillustrated. cnn. com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1153364/2/index. htm>. 4. Vasel, Kathryn Buschman. Why Athletes Go Broke. Fox Business. Fox News, 01 FEBRU 2013. Web. 4 Apr 2013. <http//www. foxbusiness. com/personal-finance/2013/02/01/why-athlete-go-broke/>. 5. Wiles, Russ. Pro athletes aften hot up t he financial ball. USA TODAY Sports. USA TODAY, 22 APRIL 2012. Web. 4 Apr 2013. <http//usatoday30. usatoday. com/sports/story/2012-04-22/Pro-athletes-and-financial-trouble/54465664/1>.

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Red Balloons

The c all option I chose to do my project on is the straining 99 Red Balloons, by the artist Gabriel Kernel, also known as Nana. This was one of the strains in the ass to make the point nigh how the contendfare really affected the citizens and the countries themselves. The theme of this song is that everywherereacting right away is a bad thing. It can cause damage to you and to everything else around you. This song is representing the detail that the United States and the Soviet Union were caught up in the Cold struggle and it caused many problems.The example in this song is that, what if a child allow go off balloon and it went over the Berlin Wall to the Soviets side? Without deciding what it was, they blew up the whole country of Germany. This could establish happened because of something so silly equivalent a balloon. It also describes how unlucky the citizens of Germany are. They are in the middle of all of this. If something was thrown over the wall, or a balloon f loated over it, their lives would have been ruined or they could have died because of it. The Soviet Union and the united States moreover thought about homeless.They were waiting for some kind of spark in the war so they would know when to fight. The meaning of this whole song Is that during the coolness war, the Soviet union and the united States were always at the brink of a nuclear war. This song explains a great story about what mogul have happened if something floated over the Berlin wall to the Soviet Unions side. In this song, the balloons are untrue by the Soviets as some unidentified object in the sky. Their armed forces springs into action, creating a big, useless war that destroys their city. This was all because a bunch of balloons.The song ends on a hopeful note, when Nana sings the line Eve found one more balloon. Think of you and let it fly, that part shows that hope still remains, scorn all that was lost. A lot of people believe that this was a song about prote st, except in an inter date with Nana, she explained that the song was only meant to be a place to lighten the atmosphere of fear that the Cold state of war was bringing to Germany during the time she wrote it. This song makes me feel really sad about the way the woo superpowers would have Just destroyed their city standardized this and kill all of their innocent civilians.The minute they say these unidentified objects sexual climax their way, they Immediately shot and blew up their city. I feel awful for the low families who could not do anything or escape from harms way. There was always a threat of nuclear war looming in the air. People who lived through the cool war were always at a risk of nuclear war breaking out. Children had frequent drills. They were taught what to do in case an atomic flush it went off. People must have been living in days alter with fear. The united States tried to have a period of dtenet which lasted for a while, but It did not end the war. Hen I first heard the song, It do me sad that a couple of kids could have caused that much destruction by letting go some balloons. I am very appreciative that I did not have to go through what they went through for over 44 years. Ready to launch a surprise nuclear fervency to them and their allies. They had a new alert system called the RYAN that provided important information to them, akin warning before the attack comes. Two years later in 1983, the year the song 99 Red Balloons came out, the Soviet Unions RYAN tracker spotted something.Some observers dismissed the alert and the war scare but others were not sure. The latter view seems to have been closer to the truth. These developments, along with the new United States managements tough lieu toward the USSR, prompted Soviet officials and much of the populace to voice concern over the mind-set of a US nuclear attack. But there really was no attack that was necessary to deal with. Like in the song 99 Red Balloons, they overreact ed again, but this time to something that was not even there.

Organizational Changes

In the past faces beget been faced with problems of dislodge payable to the introduction of new information technologies as the internet .Organizational change occurs when an judicature desires to change its overall strategies for achieving its goals, when it wants to add or re shine some sections of the system and when it wants to change its way of operating its trade.The leaders and dealrs be given the tariff of practiceing change in the governances, but there collapse been cases where some feel fai conduct to confine divulge their activities because of their own selfish interests, lack of agniseledge or ignorance on their disunite, although some leaders have carried out their activities efficaciously. It is difficult to carry through changes in the brasss but with the wakeless structured programs the governance bear terminationively implement its changes.In times of change wad in organization r bely accept change because it will affect them in one way o r an other(a), thence a manager one needs to know how people be authorize in their organization so that they support utilize the skills of all employees in the organization. People resist change because of someone fears, denial and anger the organization should accept the weaknesses of the travelers and they should counsel them since it is at this finical time they require help so that they mint accept themselves and attend to them to perform as required. In cases where there are the employees are resisting changes at all circumstances they should be given other duties to perform.In the case of political relation and prose bookstore in Washington D.C of Barbara Meade and Carla Cohen they owed the trade but they decided to convey an independent manager known as Danny Gainsburg to mellow out the trading. The forethought failed to blemish the fact that employees who had worked in the organization were supposed to be em advocateed so that they could carry out the occupat ion of running the focussing but the forethought employed a different person this led to conflicts.The management should have empowered its own employees in to the organization since they had acquiredthe necessary skill to run the business. With the appointment of Mr. Danny Gainsburg as an entrepreneur in to the organization was a vainglorious threat to the organization since he had his own way of running the organization since he was non previously employed in the organization.When employees are empowered they are able to accomplish the tasks that they are assigned to do since they are given the powers and authorization to do their tasks as they have been asked to do and this gives them the motivating to pursue their jobs effectively.Another factor that would lead to the routine of implementing the changes of the business the employees are practices much(prenominal) as flexible job assignment in terms jobs rotations or flexible schedules this provides employees with a bette r overview of the organization and gives them the probability to improve and cookery would give employees a better understanding of the techniques utilize and potentially commence up their capacity to deal with problems incentive pays such as line incentives, power sharing and bonuses would be used to reward the employees.For change to be do effective the top management must support the change work on they must provide workshop, extra time, resources, and training to the employees so as to alter change to be implemented effectively in the organization. The top management must also train, coach, and manage the process they can accomplish this by re-arranging workloads, and haveing other workers to take part in the change process. The workers must be motivated by giving them mental faculty leaves, overtime pays, and they must be encouraged to view work so that they can effectively strain their goals.The organization must create a conducive environment for the workers so th at they can accomplish their tasks these includes allowing them to correct their mistakes and punishing those who need to be penalize since they have been known to resist change. The organizations needs to evaluate update and sporadically improve its policies, procedures, plans, communication methods, new technologies, values, performance appraisals so that it can aline to what its expected to do and this can result in better results for the organization. http// successful-change.pdfMs Meade and Ms Cohen should have communicated the changes of organization and this would have ensured that the employees were made aware of their tasks in the organization so be able to achieve the objectives of the organization and the task of implementing the changes of the organization.At the time when the management informed the staff al nearly the appointment of Mr. Gains burg in to the organization the appointment was appreciated because the employees were prepared to receive him although other people did not accept him since he didnt have the necessary down of carrying his activities. For Gainsburg to have learnt how to deal with the problems of the organization, he set standards that would ensure that he interacted decently with the employees, had an understanding of the duties and roles of the employees and this eliminated chances of getting a negative response from them.Ms Meade and Ms Cohen move to sell the organization without the employees knowledge was a wrong move since the employees should have been informed about the move so that they could prepare themselves adequately for the change since this would mean that they would lose jobs since a new management would bring in new employees in the organization.In course of doing business the organization realized game sales from its competitor the Barnes and noble Inc and borders group inc they said their success was attributed from having their staff being motivated, having th e staff with the right skills and knowledge of doing their business and the employees being charged with the responsibility of handling all matters of the organization and this factors made the employees work effectively. Ms Meade and Ms Cohen should have motivated, chosen the right personnel in to the organization so that they would carry out their activities effectively and this would have boosted the performance of the family tremendously.The management decisiveness to employ Mr. Gainsburg as a partner in to the organization was unexpected because he spend most of his time with owners of the business hence he acquired the knowledge of how the business was being run thus he became the manager of the organization. Under Mr. Gainsburg leaderships in these bookstores he brought changes since he had acquired the sleep together to run the business, he ensured changes were implemented effectively and he informed the employees about the all that was to be done. The duties and roles of the employees were defined thus he was able to carry out his task effectively.The other reason why Mr. Gainsburg could have succeeded in running the business is that he had employees who worked as a team and did their work effectively and this lead to the businesses success.He had personal attributes that lead to the success of the business such as he was ready to take the risk of victorious up a business that was not performing he was pocket-size since he took time to learn the business. He was aggressive as he listened to the criticism of others and he accepted new ideas of operating the business and thus was able to take the opportunities that the business had this led to the successful implementations of the organizationMr. Danny Gains burg learnt ideas that enabled him achieve its objectives these were he established the analyzes of competition and identified the problem of the organization and he led the team to change, he created a vision for the organization which acted a s a guide on how the business was to be led, he communicated the vision, strategies and the expected way of the employees towards the job, he identified people who could implement change and he ensured that the changes became part of the organizational culture for long-term transformation and growth.The success of the organizations performance was as a result of the new management being given the authority to carry out its activities independently with no interference of the other departments, the management gave the employees the rights of doing their business and also practised the staff on the right mechanisms of carrying out the business and a better environment for the business was created which enhanced gauge results for the organization.In order to improve productivity in to the organizations employees must benefit financially from their contribution. This means that the employees must be motivated so that they can draw hot results for the organization they must be given incentives as well(p) pay job security, job flexibility and leisure periods. The members of the organization should be enlightened on the need for change because people resist changes in the organization because of fear of the unknown, the inadequacy to deal with change and they fear the effect that change will have on their jobs.For the organization to successful implement changes in the organization it must implement plans that consist of activities that can make change in the organization to be effective. The plans can include creating or modifying structures and processes in the organization, loading, training and enforcement of new policies and procedures must be carried out so as to ensure that the changes can be implemented effectively.Organizational change efforts should be geared towards improving the performance of the organization and the people of the organization. There are tools know as system thinking and system theory this can enable an employee to explore, underst and and communicate about the progress of change process effectively. An employee needs to understand himself, his biases and know he manages feedback and conflict and how he makes decision so that he can be able to interact with the other people in the organization and can bring about good results to the organization. Change agents should be honest in their work and they should set good principles that will promote the successful implementation of change process.The organizational barriers that an organization faces are when the staff of organizations other neglects their obligations .In other circumstances change cant be accomplished because the top officials fail to recognize and to manage the workers who contribute to the development of the organization the workers.Another factor that would lead to the process of implementing the changes of the business the employees are practices such as flexible job assignment in terms jobs rotations or flexible schedules this provides employe es with a better overview of the organization and gives them the opportunity to improve and training would give employees a better understanding of the techniques used and potentially increase theirThe management may fail to explain the importance of change to the organization failure to provide information, failure of the employees to consult when they are encountered with problems failure of the employees to negotiate with other staff and failure of the employees to relate decently with other colleagues in the organization and failure of the top management to show trust and a sense of security to their officials thus the employees may not have the know how of conducting their businesses. The top officials may ignore the ideas of the other junior staff since they fear that they will be intimidated by their juniors.In most cases change efforts fail because the managers fail to recognize that the way employees behave in different ways thus dealing with their behaviors can be a di fficult task thus the management must be trained on the effective methods of implementing changes in the organization,Due to changes that have occurred in the organization the managers must properly structure their policies in the areas such in the rules and procedures of the organization,rewardsystems ,corporate identities and career think programs .The management should at all times consult the experts when they implementing changes in the organization .The employees should change their attitude about how they conduct their activities so they can allow decisions of the organization to be implemented effectively.

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Sentences and Proposition

Sentences, originally, is a term of grammar and linguistic. Its introduction into logic is a new-made innovation and it still seems strange to many to find the word sentences where propositions capacity have been expected. (Alonzo) Basically, propositions have been taken to be sentences that can be square or false but can never be both. This shows that sentences when they chance upon some conditions pull up stakes become a proposition. One major peculiarity between sentences and propositions is that, a sentence can non be a bearer of virtue value while the proposition does so.This is because propositions have logical connections which modify us to deduce whether it is true or false. Sentences in the kinds of questions, exclamations and the like can not be taken as propositions. Example What is your name? We can not tell whether this is a true or false sentence. A sentence(proposition) will convey truth when it expresses a proposition, that is, when a sentence has a abduce an d it is meaningful.The presence of the reference in a proposition will enable us to connect it with our ideas or beliefs outside our mind in holy order to ascertain their truth value. This differ from a sentence which may not have a reference , example, keep quiet In a proposition like, PHIL 402 students went to Cape Coast last thursday,it is clear what the reference is and with the meaning of the proposition, you can tell whether it is a true assertion or a false one.Thus, propositions and sentences, they have been used interchangeably, but for the philosophers, they are different monetary value referring to different things. Simply, a sentence that has a reference and is meaningful expresses a proposition. REFERENCE Alonzo Church(1956) Propositions and Sentences The Problem of Universals, Indiana University of Notre Dame Press.

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Greek and Roman Architecture

Running transmit classical and roman architecture classic and Roman Architecture By Michelle Garrotters Art 101 November 2nd, 2008 Head Grecian and Roman Architecture Compare the characteristics and innovation of each Greek and Roman Architecture. The Greek and Roman architecture is very impressive for non only their time but also in our time now. The Greek architecture uses the columns in al or so all of their temples. The shapes of the columns were extremely important to the Greeks. They apply three different types of columns. The Doric, Ionic, and the Corinthian.All of these columns have a center piece that would be for displaying their Greek God(s) with what ever decorations. The Temple of royal Zeus is an example of Corinthian columns. The Temple of Poseidon is an example of Doric columns, and capital of Greece is an example of Ionic columns. The Greeks usually built with either mud, wood, plaster, and/or stone. closely of their structures have not stood the test of t ime. Only temples made with marble or limestone these were built as objects of art honoring their different gods. These have been open to withstand the damage that time brings.The Roman architecture used broadly speaking arches in their works. Which held more(prenominal) weight than the columns. Yes they used columns but only as decoration because of the weight. The Pantheon in Rome is a great example of this architecture. This building housed two kings and is one of the biggest surviving building in Rome. Romans used the selfsame(prenominal) materials as the Greeks especially the Marble and Limestone. But they perfected the use of concrete, which is what most of their structures are made with. Most of the Romans buildings that are still preserved today are amphitheaters, bathhouses, aqueducts, and public housing. Unlike the Greeks theRomans did their buildings with lots of ornate on both(prenominal) inside and outside reflecting the Pursuit of Pleasure which is an essential pa rt of the Roman culture. In summary, Greek architecture is more rectilinear and of post and heading construction. Greek buildings usually rectilinear, consisted off pediment supported by columns on a plinth for a base. Romans mastered the arch and the dome. Concrete made it attainable to have more complex forms. Columns were used in both with the Greek favoring the Doric and Ionic for the cleaner lines. While the Romans preferred to use the more ornate Corinthian style columns.

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Chick Fil a

Ryan Simpson Marketing 476 Final Project Chick-Fil-A GarnerR MK-476 FP knave 1 In this study I will be giving a thorough epitome of the Chick-Fil-A company by discussing the bill of the company as well as how the company was founded, the operations of the company, how the company gives back to the community, and how the company markets itself to the consumers. The reason I chose Chick-Fil-A to do my piece of music on is of both judgment of conviction since I was a molybdenumary boy Chick-Fil-A has ever so been my favorite fast regimen. I can consider when I was little the closest Chick-Fil-A to our home was the superstar on cyclooxygenase Creek Park personal manner in front of the mall in Florence.Anytime we were in Florence I would beg my p arnts to take me thru the drive thru because I loved the Chick-Fil-A kids repast as well as the toy that came with it. Chick-Fil-A eating places have been appealing to me ever since I was little so since then I have been a loyal customer of Chick-Fil-A. I have overly always been kindle in knowing how Chick-Fil-A always has had a huge customer demonstrate and e precise time I went to give at a Chick-Fil-A, it seemed to always be crowded so that tells me that their marketing department is definitely doing something just because their restaurants are doing great business.In this paper I will be dismission over the history of the Chick- Fil-A company, how the company operates, how the company markets itself, and how close out the paper with a conclusion and summary. In the world-class part of my paper, I destiny to go over the history of the Chick-Fil-A company. The Chick-Fil-A company was frontmost founded in 1946 by a man named Truett Cathy. Truett Cathy is considered to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the history of the unite States. GarnerR MK-476 FP scalawag 2Truett Cathy who grew up in Atlanta open up his first restaurant in his home town called the Dwarf Grill. stock-still over ti me the name changed to the Dwarf House (www. chick-fil-a. com). In the course of instruction of 1964, Truett Cathy created his version of a sniveller sandwich that is today referred to as the first chicken sandwich. Truett Cathys invention of the chicken sandwich was the first trample to his vision of developing a successful restaurant chain. In 1967, Truett Cathy opened the first Chick-Fil-A restaurant in the Greenbrier Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.In 1973 old age after the first Chick-Fil-A opened, Truett Cathy wanted all his employees, regardless of age, to have an modernistic education so he decided to develop a squad Scholarship Program which included $1,000 scholarships. Chick-Fil-A took a big step in the right direction when they first introduced freshly squeezed lemonade on their menu in 1977. In 1982, all Chick-Fil-A started selling chicken nuggets in all their restaurants and because of this Chick-Fil-A became the first restaurant chain to offer chicken nuggets nationw ide. 984 was a big year for the Chick-Fil-A Company because Truett Cathy established the WinShape Foundation to help shape winners. The reason Truett Cathy founded this base was simply because young people receiving a proper education was actually(prenominal)(prenominal) important to him (www. chick-fil-a. com). Some milestones of the Chick-Fil-A Franchise In 1985 all the Chick-Fil-A restaurants added their original quaver fries to their menus. In 1986 Chick-Fil-A grow their operation by constructing the companys first reposition-standing restaurant building on North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta. 987 saw the immunitys offer their first kids meal package. as well as in 1987 Chick-Fil-A expanded their operation by opening their first restaurants on GarnerR MK-476 FP rascal 3 college campuses with Clemson University and Georgia Tech being chosen as their pilot campuses. In my opinion these colleges were chosen due to their proximity to the commonwealth of Atlanta from which t he Chick-Fil-A franchise was originated. 1993 was a huge milestone for the Chick-Fil-A franchise, this was the year their five-hundredth restaurant was opened and their first drive through except restaurant was created. similarly in this year their first hospital based restaurant was opened. arguably one of the greatest marketing campaigns in the world was the terrifys which began in 1995 introducing their first billboard which consisted of their cows attempting to paint their catch phrase eat mor chikin (www. chick-fil-a. com). With this campaign the Chick-Fil-A Franchise was catapulted into the category with McDonald and Burger King as one of the most popular fast food chain restaurants in the United States. Also in 1995 the Chick-Fil-A Franchise hit the mark of one billion dollars in sales nationwide.In 2001, Chick-Fil-A continued to expand their operation by opening their 1,000 restaurant. In the identical year Chick-Fil-A continued to progress their popularity by being voted the surmount drive thru in America by QSR Magazine (www. chick-fil-a. com). In my opinion, this solidify their superior position in the fast food restaurant industry. Chick-Fil-A expanded their business in 2003 by opening their restaurants in Utah, Arizona and southern California. By introducing their operation to the west Chick-Fil-A expanded their target market by not only marketing to the eastern United States, but to the GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 4 estern United States as well. This move made the Chick-Fil-A Company to a greater extent popular nationwide In 2004 Chick-Fil-A expanded their menu even advertize by adding breakfast. By adding breakfast and opening earlier this overly brought smart business to Chick-Fil-A from business people on their way to work. In the like year Chick-Fil-A was voted Americas best drive thru for the third true(p) year (www. chick-fil-a. com). In my opinion Chick-Fil-A accomplished this prestigious honor by focusing on customer assistance an d marketing their product.Truett Cathy wanted to amplification the Chick-Fil-A Foundations scholarship program so in 2005 the Chick-Fil-A scene of action was developed to provide more money for scholarships (www. chick-fil-a. com). The Chick-Fil-A Bowl is played in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Dome (www. chick-fil-abowl. com). In 2005, Chick-Fil-A awarded their 20,000th Leadership Scholarship. By doing so, this showed Truett Cathys dedication and commitment to encouraging young people to go to college and further their education. Chick-Fil-A expanded their menu again by adding hand-Spun milk shakes in 006. Also in the same year Chick-Fil-A surpassed two billion dollars in sales nationwide and as a coincidence it happened in the same year that the Cathy family celebrated 60 years in the restaurant business (www. chick-fil-a/com). This culture shows me how great of an entrepreneur Truett Cathy was that he could start up a restaurant and in just 60 years it has be sum up one of t he most popular fast food chain restaurants in the United States as well as grossed over two billion dollars price of sales. GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 5On December 1, 2010 I conducted a phone interview with microphone Albretson who is the operations manager at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru in Florence, Alabama on Cox Creek Boulevard in front of Regency Square Mall. In the phone interview with Mike Albretson I conditioned many things that I didnt originally know slightly Chick-Fil-A. The first thing that I learned was according to Mr. Albretson the one major factor that plays a routine in the Chick-Fil-A franchises success is their efforts to make emotional connections with all the customers that eat at their restaurants.The main(prenominal) question I asked Mike Albretson is what three ways to do feel the Chick-Fil-A franchise markets their products to their customers and how they make their franchise appealing to the global normal? Mr. Albretsons response was the first way he believ es they market their products to customers is by focusing on community and consumer relations. Mike Albretson also mentioned that one of the Chick-Fil-A franchises main goals is to do e verything they can to provide a clean family atmosphere in all their restaurants.The second way Mike Albretson believes the Chick-Fil-A franchise markets their products to the general human race is by bringing the food to the people. I found this technique very interesting and what this means is Chick-Fil-A brings the foods to the people by simply taking stress treys with gunpoints from their menu or even foods that they havent put on their menu but are seriously considering it and taking them to public areas such(prenominal) as a park or anywhere that is a general public area and letting the people that come by ry dislodge samples of their food and tell them what they think near it (Mike Albretson, operations manager). GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 6 I personally thought this is a great idea because y ou are advertising the Chick-Fil-A name out to the public, you are showing the community that Chick-Fil-A value and cares about their image, and also they can find out valuable information such as what the legal age of the people like or prefer.So in a way Chick-Fil-A is taking a survey on what the majority of the people like so that they can consider putting that item on their menu if it is not already on in that location. The third way Mike Albretson believes that the Chick-Fil-A franchise markets their products and service to the consumers is by the experience the customers receive when they come and eat in their restaurants. Mr.Albretson stated that the ways Chick-Fil-A attempts to make the customers experience as pleasant as possible are by assisting people to their tables, by going around and asking if there is anything the customers need such as a refill on their drink or more ketchup. Mr. Albretson also stated that the Chick-Fil-A restaurants have employees help the custom ers clean their tables as well as throw their trash extraneous (Mike Albretson, operations manager). In my opinion I believe these are excellent ways for Chick-Fil-A to set their selves aside from their arguing such as McDonalds or Burger King.I understand that most fast food restaurants are pretty much the same when it comes to the service and atmosphere of the restaurant but if you have assistants help the customers clean up and throw away their garbage that definitely would give them the advantage over their competitors in the service aspect of their restaurants. GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 7 I found a very interesting article that came from www. fastcompany. com, the article discussed how the Chick-Fil-A franchise was based customer centered.An case the article shared that supported this statement was during the opening of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant that is situated in Evansville, Indiana, Truett Cathy himself showed up at the opening to meet and greet all the people who had been camping out the night before the opening to be new restaurants first customers (www. fastcompany. com). This tells me how down to earth Mr. Cathy is that he would take the time to go to Evansville, Indiana to greet the customers on the opening day of one of his thousands of restaurants.Another fascinating article I found about Truett Cathy came from www. michaelleestallard. com, in this article, Mr. Stallard dialog about a speech that he heard Truett Cathy give at a conference and how much it moved him on how inspirational and selfless Mr. Cathy was. I thought it was very interesting that here is Truett Cathy a multi millionaire that could be anywhere in the world, but here he is spending over half his time traveling to different Chick-Fil-A restaurants and meeting and talk with tons of his employees (www. michaelleestallard. com).This example tells me how much Truett Cathy cares about his employees and about the service the Chick-Fil-A franchise brings to all their customers. O ne major advantage Chick-Fil-A has over most of their ambition is most of their chicken sandwiches have a lot less calories and plunk then most chicken sandwiches at fast food restaurants do. GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 8 According to www. livestrong. com, the original chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A only has 430 calories which is right about what McDonalds chicken sandwich is, but what sets Chick-Fil-A aside from its competition is the chargrilled chicken sandwich.The Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich only has 300 calories and also has 29 grams of protein in it which is a very nutritious meal for anybody. The McDonalds chicken sandwich has 420 calories in it so this tells me that Chick-Fil-A is the healthier choice (www. livestrong. com). While researching about Chick-Fil-A coupons, I found a hilarious story about Chick-Fil-A approach path up with a very unusual, but effective marketing idea. It was called the cow promo. What this meant was during a certain time period nyone c ould dress up like a cow and go into any Chick-Fil-A and all they had to do was low and stop their foot or hoof and get a free chicken sandwich and according to the article I read there were a few people who actually participated in this event (http//fastfoodcoupon. com). In conclusion, I learned so much about how a very successful business operates as well as several very effective marketing schemes and ideas. I personally thought the story about how Chick-Fil-A was started and how quick it became so popular and successful.In researching this paper I also learned how great of a man Truett Cathy is and I read many examples that taught me how outlying(prenominal) good customer service can take you. Overall, I real enjoyed researching Chick-Fil-A and learning about the franchise. The summary of this paper was the history of Chick-Fil-A and how it was started by Truett Cathy. The second part of the paper was marketing strategies of the Chick-Fil-A GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 9 Franchise. The third was how Chick-Fil-A sets their selves apart from their competitors.The last part of my paper was the conclusion and summary. GarnerR MK-476 FP Page 10 References Page 1. www. chick-fil-a. com 2. http//www. chick-fil-abowl. com 3. Interview with Chick-Fil-A operations manager Mike Albretson 4. http//wwwmichaelleestallard. com/chick-fil/as-competitive-edge-of-relationships 5. http//www. fastcompany. com/magazine/87/customer-chickfila. hypertext markup language 6. www. livestrong. com/thedailyplate/search/chick-fil-a 7. http//fastfoodcoupon. com/chick-fil-a-coupons. html

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Children Behavior Worse Than 10 Years Ago Essay

pincerren Behavior Worse Than 10 Years AgoIt is evident that squirt behavior today is worse than ten years ago. thither is a t windupency for children today to be more aggressive than ever before. The media is enormous with reports of children doing drugs and exhibiting violent behavior. Girls are indulging in premarital and/or unprotected sex at an betimes age (The consequence has been increase locate in illegal abortions-some of which deliver resulted in deaths). At such(prenominal) an early age as 15 girls are sexually active. In consequence children are less disciplined today than they were ten years ago. There are number of reasons for the decline in childrens discipline, entirely unrivalled of them stands out, and it might even be at the heart of all the others slack on the part of parents. Parental laxity has swung open the floodgates harmful factors which wee in effect compromised childrens sense of morality and discipline.By reneging on their responsibilities, pa rents have denigrated the significance of the family as the source of primary assimilation (Schultz, 2012). Sociologists proclaim that behavior is learnt through a process known as socialization (Schultz, 2012). Primary socialization, as differentiated from secondary socialization, occurs during the formative years of a child (Schultz, 2012). It takes place through the child observing and learning from those somewhat him. Through this process a child is taught the type of behavior which elicits blessing or disapproval from the people around them, usually the immediate family members (Schultz, 2012). It is so important that at an early age a child observes and learns the beneficial things, preferably from their family members (Richardson, n.d). Unfortunately, parents have non been on that point to accomplish this process (Schultz, 2012).to a greater extent over, the institution of the family in the US has been under siege (Schultz, 2012). boorren are existence brought up i n broken families or they are forced to go through the agonies of living apart from either of their parents (Schultz, 2012). In sum, parents have non been there to give their children the attention and guidance they need. Parents have non brisk their children on how to deal with the manner in which society today has been questioning ascendancy. True, at the heart of this is a clarion call for personal emancipation which has become rampant in the public domain (Children, n.d). And yes, as experts assert, these behaviors are, in part, a reflection of our own changing view of authority and authority figures (Children, n.d.). Indeed, the manner in which people have questioned the motives of the lawyers, bankers, politicians has been so unprecedented when compared to the mien parents did ten or so years ago (Children, n.d). The Generation Y needs to be taught on how to be Generation Why? without organism disrespectful (Children, n.d).The schools, on which parents have entrusted the responsibility of nurturing their children, have done nobody but to sharpen the childrens in dictateectual acumen (Schultz, 2012). The schools have non been very good at shaping the childrens moral character. The teachers dramatise that children are taught such things as table manners, good neighborhood at their respective homes (Schultz, 2012). Indeed, childrens bad behavior has made teaching such an arduous job (Schultz, 2012). Most teachers agree that the number of problem children has increased in recent decades, and the problems are showing up in progressively infantileer children, making teaching a tougher job (Schultz, 2012). The children are non learning well they are inappropriate language and are not following direction (Schultz, 2012). Instead of schools nurturing the behaviors of children they have been telling parents to talk to their children every(prenominal) day Encourage their children to tell them if they have had any issues with other children (Schult z, 2012). eventide as the parents have taken a backseat in matters concerning the upbringing of their children, the media has belt along in to fill this vacuum. Today, more or less young people have, as their mapping models, movie superstars, rappers, divas and many other media personalities (The Australian psychology Society, n.d.). Children adore this people, and would do or say just anything as these people do (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d).Most of these media content are violent or sexually explicit (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d.). The problem is that even if these people actually cared about the impact their activities have on children there is naught frequently they can do-they are out to make money (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d). Most movies today are rife with violent and sexual overtones (The Australian Psychology Society, n.d). Violent media has been known to have adverse effects on child behavior (The Australian Psychology Society, n. d Center on Media and Child Health). Prolonged exposure to violent television is one of the factors which results into children displaying aggressive behavior-this is the casing for both the short-term and long-term (The Australian psychological Society, n.d).Indeed, some children do develop an appetite for viewing violent material (The Australian Psychological Society, n.d Center on Media and Child Health, 2005 Richardson, n.d).Movie creators have argued, and rightly so, that their work is to tell things as they are to reflect reality. It is not their work to inspire young people, or create work pieces that are less harmful to them. However, the ordinary cause of this problem is parental laxity. Thus, there is a need for parents to derive their lost glory as the keepers of discipline and childrens mentors. The parents characters of disciplining and mentoring children can, and should, never be delegated to any other person. Indeed, recent attempts by parents to delegate thes e obligations to schools have been nothing but disastrous. As a result children today are worse than they were ten years ago.By reneging on their responsibilities parents have exposed their children to a number of whimsical factors, some of which have been explicitly risky. Parental nonperformance has, first and foremost, had a lasting the effect on the institution of the family as the source of primary socialization. For long, immediate members of the family have been instrumental in the socialization process of a child as he or she grows up. This, unfortunately, is no longer the case as this role has been given to the schools, and where the schools have not been effective, the media has filled the vacuum. Most children today seek inspiration not from their parents but such media personalities as popular athletes, pop idols such as rappers, politicians and divas. Unfortunately, most media personalities are not very keen on being role models for children but on make a living.The sc hools on the other end have not done better. While most parents entrust their childrens upbringing on the schools, the schools have tended to throw the burden back to the parents. The schools have insisted that their overarching objective is not to mold childrens character but to jockstrap them attain high test scores and get good grades. Finally, there have been no efforts by the parents, or even the society, to remind the children that, as much as it is adorable to attain some personal independence, this is not possible without the involvement of their parents and the society at large.Center on Media and Child Health. (2005). The Effects of Electronic Media on Children Ages Zero to Six A narrative of Research. Retrieved from http//

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How to prevent Internet Addiction Essay

cyberspace Addiction is one of the roughly serious problems for all the teenagers it testament naughtily advert your mental and physiologic health. Have you ever been a person who has been addicted to the network well-disposed world? According to a research of US National library Of Medicine National Institutes of States, 70% of teenagers in the state spent close six hours to surf the Internet per day. Just we could have rode into the sunset, along came the Internet, and it tripled the entailment of the PC said Andy Grove. Have you ever been addicted to any Internet website or social media platform?The first Social media platform is called Geocities. Its the first social media platform with web hosting service, originally founded by David Bohnett in late 1994. It has a simple blog structure. Users could upload depictions and text among the blog. In October 16, 2009, The Geocities service in United State was fold down. thither were at least 38 million people that were uti lize Geocities before it shut down. afterward that, a lot of different social media website and platforms had started to build up. There are a lot of examples of social media platforms in the 21st Century.The or so famous platforms are arguably Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. They actually have linked together User can enjoy different kinds of features. For example, if you uploaded and edited a photo in Instagram, you can directly update your status or photos to the separate social media platforms like Facebook. It is one of the reasons why people who have online dependence problems will always watch over checking their status like did anyone like my photos? and watch over checking their electronic devices even they didnt receive any nonifications. According to professor Larry D. Rosen, this is a term calledi- disarray.To explain it in-detail and specifically, i-disorder is where you point signs and symptoms of a psychiatric disorder such as OCD, narcissism, add iction or even ADHD, which are manifested by dint of your useor overuse of technology. Whether our use of technology makes us exhibit these signs or simply exacerbates our natural tendencies. Do you think you are an i-disorder? If yes, the avocation suggestion may help you a lot in obstruct it. One of the best ways to prevent to become an i-disorder is to get a hobby that doesnt involve the smartphone, computer or even TV and media player.Its good to stay away from electric media products, be apparent motion they may force you easily. If you are a student, try to get involve with different school sentence teams, clubs, music educations, dancing lessons or even go to church. Exercise should in all probability be the best way because while you exercising, your body will vex about hormones that help your health a lot in psychologically and physiologically. Also, try to go to bed on time and get a good shadow rest. Remind yourself dont patch on your electricity device before o r while you are spill to sleep.Except school activities. You can also join roughly topical anesthetic events in your community during holidays. There may be some multipurpose talks, film screenings or concerts, which you will like it. If you are an athlete, rent person to join local sporting events with you. Look for some different kind of extra curricular activities as long as they are non on the Internet and get involved. For teenagers who are having academic studies, remember to stick out on your homework and studies. This is probably a great thing to do right away when you get home.Control yourself, dont turn on the computer or you will not concentrate on your homework and studies. If you absolutely need resources, go to library and read books to do research alternatively of browsing Wikipedia or Google your resources study lessons that you learnt first quite of turning on your computer and checking your online status. Sometimes, because of online addiction the relatio nship between you and your family will get worse. So, try to plan a family day with your family. For example, plan a picnic trip to get out of the city and grab some fresh air.Going shopping and having a great dinner with your family is an composition if you dont like to go outskirts locations on family day. If you are seriously busy, at least to plan a family night. During dinnertime, chat more with your family instead of doing individual things especially using your smartphone to surf on social media platforms. After you help your parents with housework. It will totally make them happier instead of chatting online. Make some dessert or bake some cake one night for your family. Anything that gets you off the computer for a while will help and attach your confidence so that you can stay off even longer.To evacuate online addiction, the most important should be self-discipline. The Internet is very important to our perfunctory life sometimes we cant avert to surf the net, provid ed we all know that unlimited timing in using the Internet is one of the keys that cause our addiction. So limit your time on using Internet. If you are using a laptop, you should put it somewhere that you can remember, that not somewhere you can see everyday and try to keep it close. The laptop will be attractable as a clunk of magnets if you keep it open with the monitor and keyboard.If you are using a background signal computer, try to stay over it or cover it. Control yourself to not to use it usually, and every time when you use your computer, remember to set an dread clock to always remind yourself when you should stop. For example before you use it, fix on a time limit such as virtually 30 minutes. Make sure that you get off your computer when the time is up. In daily communications, prefer to call people instead of displace instant messages from different social media platforms or instant message applications like Whatsapp, Line and Wechat.If your friends are feeling free to do something with you, call them and ask them to hang out with you, maybe you could and play some basketball games, go to bowling alley, ice rink or mall, but remember to keep off places, which have free Internet access such as coffee shop or McDonald. Once you addicted to the in Internet, it will cause a lot of serious problems that can let you lose authority and self-discipline. It can break down relationships between you, your family and friends. It also will affect your mental and physiological health.

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The Learning Of English At Preschool Education Essay

Preschool is an exciting jog to watch a josh explore and larn about their universe. Learning English in preschool enables yearlings to patronise the tools to pass on with the universe around them. At this age, childs gutter investigate for specific points, ask inquiries, talk about their universe and communicate on a much higher degree than they did before come ining preschool. online 1 Preschoolers enjoy the thought of playing. A universe that is filled with different period of play activities will ensue in better acquisition. That is why it is good to enforce games that argon fun and exciting to assist childs easier learn. A great look at of linguistic converse will be retained and kids will practice no thought they re being taught specific letters, words and constructs. Teachers can give kids to paint a letters, pigment words, colour images of letters, pattern be letters, act out scenes from narrative books, bring in points that begin with a specific missive or co nsonant sound to make nurture chances. Online 2 Child development refers to the biological and psychological alterations that occur in human existences between birth and the terminal of adolescence, as the single advancements from habituation to increasing liberty. Because these developmental alterations may be strongly influenced by familial factors and events during antenatal life, genetic sciences and antenatal development argon normally include as portion of the survey of kid development. Related footings include developmental psychological science, mentioning to development throughout the lifetime, and paediatricss, the subdivision of medical specialty associating to the solicitude of kids.By three old ages the kid is get downing to utilize complex sentences, including comparative clauses, although still honing assorted lingual systems. By 5 old ages of age the kid s usage of linguistic communication is really similar to that of an grownup. From the age of about three ki ds can sign phantasy or pretend linguistically, produce consistent personal narratives and assumed narration with beginnings and terminations. It is argued that kids devise narrative as a manner of misgiving their ain experience and as a medium for pass oning their meaning to others. The ability to prosecute in drawn-out discourse emerges over clip from regular conversation with grownups and equals. For this the kid needs to larn to unite his slope with that of others and with outside events and learn to utilize lingual indexs to demo he is qualification this. They besides learn to set their linguistic communication depending on to whom they are talking. Online 4 Several tips to assist parents of immature kids promote literacy at habitation rent to child, as in before a sleep, bedtime, or by and by dinner, Hold the book so that she or he can soak up the images. Take clip to look at and speak about the images. Do nt merely read the narrative talk about it. Let child indic ate out letters, forms, colourss, and animate beings. Understand that reading begins at throw in. Children read their environments, so do place a print rich environment. memorialise Do nt anticipate reading to be of import to kids if they see that it s non of import to their parents. Invite kid to read laud.A If he or she is a pre reader, he ll frequently construe his ain narrative utilizing illustrations and his imaginativeness. Read aloud to child every twenty-four hours.Preschool larning online can assist parents to learn childs at place with many preschool activities, games, prek printables, child preschool activities and professional lesson programs during showery yearss or preschool clip. in that location are free preschool activities and printables for childs, childs preschool larning, childhood development, early acquisition thoughts and learning activities for childs that are easy for parents or instructors to learn childs at place. These preschool course of studies can be used in daycare/preschool schoolrooms every bit good.Preschool online activities are center on easier acquisition.Daycare tiffin bill of fare, healthy bites and dainties for childs, a commixture of preschool subjects, preschool course of study, child instruction thoughts, lesson programs for instructors, lesson programs for yearlings and assorted preschool activities for learning childs and yearlings at place are free for everyone s usage. az online 6

Psychosocial Development Essay

The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with a own(prenominal) case contain on the outgrowthal transition of a 35- class-old cleaning lady from young great(p)hood into middle adulthood. The transition is examined in the context of Erik Eriksons Psychosocial Development and the Loevingers Ego Development. The paper would present her current patch and future plans in accordance to her current ontogenesisal level.  TRANSITION TO kernel ADULTHOOD A PERSONAL CASE STUDY Basically, the goal of the enquiry and study on livelihood-span buzz offment is to describe, explain and optimize human increase. va permit de chambre development is interesting and highly varied that it seems at epochs the number is inexhaustible. Researchers would like go out more amply human behavior and motivating as it change through age. According to the modern life-span perspective to understand the gravity of these queries one has to remember the following facts about human development. First, development is a life-long process. The life-span perspective is the study of human development from infancy to adulthood. This would imply any(prenominal) form of development. Second, development is multidirectional.It involves all aspect of life. We book divergent priorities at different power points of life, for example a small child readiness deem it more distinguished to be able to watch his scoop up-loved TV show sort of than a good education. Third, development involves two gain and lost, to give room to new knowledge, priorities and experiences (Sigelman & Rider, 2010). Erik Erikson Psychosocial Development Claire is at the middle adulthood stage. By this time she had successfully resolved her reach on isolation. Crystal Miller is married and a m new(prenominal) of a two year old boy and a six year old daughter.She has a loving family. She has peers and friends that appreciates and support her. The middle adulthood stage is primarily characterized as a time when an individual searches for a moxie of legacy to family and society. An individual needs to be affirmed of her or potentiality for contri andion to society. Signifi enduret innate conflicts may arise pertaining to self-absorption and stagnation. This is the stage of the development where a sense of production and the ability and opportunity to express assist to others is most important (Tenant, 2000)Claire aims to provide the kind of family and personal values that she had developed. Although her children be unbosom very young, she want them to develop in an environment that they could relinquish to express themselves learn from their own experiences. The role of mothers in the development is crucial. azoic learning of young children hindquarters be accredited quality of fundamental interaction and cargon they receive from pargonnts. She wants her children to be able to be become reproductive members of society. As Tenant (2000) explained it becomes an adamant ta sk is to preserve culture and publicize family values.This may come in the form of establishing stable family or inhabitancy environment. Strength comes through care of others and production of something that contributes to the betterment of society. This would provide centre and purpose. Furthermore, the middle adulthood stage, aims to develop a sense of fulfillment in both the master copy and personal life. At this stage, profession or sue is most crucial. Thus, Erikson asserts through his study the individual in the middle adult stage play to be focused in finding signification with their professional life.They would like to view their jobs are more than a style for financial gain it should have significance and contribution. As parents, they would like to tone of voice that they had back uped mold the values system of their children, as well provided for their personal needs. As a co-worker, she would like to be a source of valuable learning and help them in own perso nal endeavors. It also, middle adulthood is when we can expect in control. (Cohen & Reese, 1994) Claire as a registered respiratory therapist and a registered nurse sees her profession as source of personal fulfillment.She had honed her professional skills through 17 years of patient care experience in the field. Field experience in the health check profession is unparalleled, through her interaction with patients and professional she had developed genuine care for patients and professional for the field. She had gained expertise allow by her peers and clients. Thus, when she entered the corporate medical device industry she took the initiative to pleader better deliverance of health care by helping clinician help their patients the base care.She assists executive level from making major financial and scientific decisions. It is part of her responsibility to make sure each and every clinician is fully trained on their equipment. Thus, get the full and best use of the equipme nt to not only benefit the hospital and clinician but also the patients. These efforts, led to the intemperate the cost of healthcare is through better patient care by enabling the clinicians to provide the right care at the right time. She acknowledge that she may be luckier than some, because she in a profession that she feels she is making a significant contributions.Being a mother, she personally feels for parents whose children are under medical care due to illness. As, a parent she would like her children to learn any profession can be used to be of service to others. That is important to be in a job you are developed and appreciated. As a spouse, she aims to become her husbands source of support as he is to her. Considerably, her family is very young and she would like to equip herself with the necessary enate skill that she would need particularly in her childrens adolescents year.At times, though she feels that the demand of family life and professional life is taking a p rice of her emotional well-being. She has to sets priorities and oft the things she has to give up working in the medical instrument copy at times requires travel and hours of work. As a mother, there are times that she feels that she should spend more time with her kids. Children tend to grow up really fast. Although, she seems to manage well, this is still this dilemma she often encounters. At this point she had to acknowledge her husbands part in taking care of the family.It helps to know that she is not alone learning from other working mothers and how they deal helps her find her own balance. Although she has a long demeanor to go before moving to new-made adulthood, she would like to make the best of it while shes here with her family and friends. Significant relationships are within the workplace, the connection of interests and the family. Thus, Claire would like to expand her expertise to the community. She plans to get involved in community project pertaining to health care. Time can be an issue but she believes that it can be done.Support groups in forms of friends, family and peers can help her resolve internal conflicts and feel more competent in handling all aspects of her life. Loevingers Ego Development According to Loevingers Ego Development, the self-importance serves as the master trait of nature with a core organizing function. In a way it neutralizes the demands of the id and the super ego. The ego provides the direction and guidance for both the inside and outer forces (Thorne, 1993). Loevinger presented ego development in nine distinct stages. nigh adults can be found from the fifth to the seventh level of ego development (Westenberg, Blasi & Lawrence, 1998). The self-aware stage, the fifth stage is the most crude stage among adults in the United States. At this stage there is an increase but limited awareness of deeper issues and the inner lives of themselves and others. A personal self-examination of ideas pertaining to rel igion, morality, mortality, love and relationships as compared to others, somewhat there seems to have resolution. Awareness, acknowledgement and word sense of others perspective, they are appreciating themselves and others as unique.However this may bring tension among actual to what is expected. In terms what is expected is often a gang of society and the individuals own definition. This may lead conflicts with family and peers. If let unresolved this may lead to self criticism. This continues on the sixth stage, the conscientious stage. At this stage, the tendency towards self-evaluation and self-criticism continues. Responsibility, achievement and the pursuit of high ideals and long-term goals are highly valued. Personally-evaluated morality starts to evolve and behavior is guided by self-evaluated standards.It is at this stage as well that, shame arises from not meeting the others expected values iniquity arises from not meeting ones own expectations. In a study conducted by on the personality change in women from College to Midlife. The personality scores of female college seniors studied where first measured in 1958 victimization the California Psychological Inventory, then again when they were 27 years old, the trio time were 43. The results showed that changes in personality were largely consistent with theories of adult development.The study highlighted a major factor, sex role specialization in their late 20s and a decrease in their later years that is accompanied by increases in confidence, dominance, and coping skills. (Helson & Moane, 1986) Claire efforts to achieve professional success rather than simply focusing on her family life would have been frowned upon. Claire own ideals and priorities would have been influenced by the norms of society. The expectation of society on her would had unimpeachably clashed with her endeavor to develop professionally.The change in the perspective of society in the role of women had definitely change d in terms professional and long term goal. However, women are still held more responsible to the welfare of the children and of the family. Often, the dilemma would arise since she is permitted to do both, but she is expected to be a complete success in family life and with her professional life. This may be easier said than done. The only solution, make it both work. She wants to have sense of control over her priorities, goals and resources. Delegation and proper time allocation are some solutions she can think of as a way to resolve some concerns.forefront Hiel and Vansteenskist (2009) examined the effects of intrinsic and unessential goal advance on older adults ego-integrity, psychological well-being, and remnant attitudes. infixed goal attainment contributed positively to subjective well-being and ego-integrity and negatively to despair, whereas inessential goal attainment was unrelated to psychological health and contributed positively to despair. inalienable goal atta inment contributed to the acceptance of ones own death, note ill-being, and less death anxiety, whereas extrinsic goal attainment was negatively associated with death acceptance.It is argued that the attainment of intrinsic goals is related to better psychological health, because intrinsic goals are more conducive to the satisfaction of basic psychological needs. In summary, Claire plans to revisit her priorities, goals for each aspect of her life. Claires intrinsic motivation of becoming a contribution to her family, work and community would provide her with the necessary drive and energy. At the same time, she would like to be realistic in terms of her expectation of herself. She believes she can define her own definition of success. BIBLIOGRAPHYCohen, S & Reese, H. (1994)Life-span development psychology methodological contributions. Hillsdale, New Jersey Lawerence Earbaum Associates, Inc. Tenant, M. (2000) Psychology and adult learning 2nd edition. New York Routledge Sigelman , C. K. & Rider, E. (2010) Life-span human development. Cengage Learning. Thorne, A (1993) On conceptualizing loevingers stages of ego development. Psychological Inquiry. 4, 1, p. 53-55. Taylor & Francis Ltd. Retrieved at August 20, 2010 at http//www. jstor. org/pss/1449596 Van Hiel, A. & Vansteenskiste, M. (2009)Ambitions Fulfilled the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic goal attainment on older adults ego-integrity and death attitudes. International Journal of Aging and valet de chambre Development, 68, 1, 27-51 Westenberg, P. M. , Blasi, A. & Lawrence, D. C. (1998) Personality development theoretical, empirical, and clinical investigations of Loevingers conception of ego development. Lawrence Mahwah, New Jersey Erlbaum Associates, Inc. , Publishers Helson, R & Moane, G. (1986) Personality Change in Women From College to Midlife. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 53, 1, 176-186.

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Police Corruption Essay

There is much sedateness about the trend of white- shoe collar crime. What is skilled crime you may ask. White-collar is defined as, a generic term for crimes involving commercial role player, cheating consumers, swindles, insider trading on the expect market, embezzlement and other puzzle outs of dishonest business schemes. The term comes from the out of ascertain assumption that business executives wear white shirts and ties. It also theoretically distinguishes these crimes and criminals from somatic crimes, supposedly likely to be committed by blue collar workers. Many people do not make how serious white-collar crime is.There argon many protestent forms of white-collar crime, our casebook states, white-collar or economic crime includes (1) securities and commodities fraud (2) insurance fraud (3) health c ar and medical fraud (4) telemarketing fraud (5) honorable mention card and check fraud (6) consumer fraud, illegal competition and deceptive practices (7) desire f raud, embezzlement and pilferage (8) computer-related fraud (9) bankruptcy fraud (10) bribes, kickbacks and payoffs (11)money laundering (12) election justness violations (13) degeneration of public ex officios (14) copyright violations (15) computer crimes (16) environmental crimes and (17) receiving stolen property This subsidisation requires us to write a paper on a form of white-collar crime that we feel is the must dangerous form and why. I feel the most dangerous form of white-collar crime is guard rottenness, which is also defined as public corruption. Public or legal philosophy corruption is defined as Public corruption involves a recrudesce of public trust and/or abuse of position by federal, state, or local officials and their private sector accomplices.By broad definition, a governing official, whether elected, appointed or hired, may violate federal law when he/she asks, demands, solicits, concurs, or agrees to receive anything of value in return for being influ enced in the performance of their official duties. As, I antecedently stated, white-collar crime is a very(prenominal) serious problem in America and there are many reasons why and many cases, statistics and evidence to support my reasonings. My reasonings for choosing police corruption as the most dangerous form of white-collar crime differ and are probably pretty biases. Police corruption is a very dangerous crime, because police are supposed to protect and serve. So, if you have a department that is corrupt they are not doing what they were hired to do.When you swear in as an officer you state that, As a Law En draw outment Officer, my primeval duty is to serve mankind to safe and soundguard lives and property to protect the irreproachable against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or discommode and to respect the Constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice. I will corroborate my private life u nsullied as an example to all aver courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn or bemock develop self-restraint and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. fairish in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department. whatever I see or hear of a confidential genius or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be unplowed ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty. I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless pursuance of criminal, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without hero-worship or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities. I have it off the mark of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust t o be held so prospicient as I am true to the ethics of the police service.I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself before God to my chosen profession law enforcement. This oath states that you will not use your label as a way of getting what you want. It isnt hard to rationalize the growth of corruption. Relative to other opportunities, legitimate or illegitimate, the financial temptations are enormous. Many police officers are demoralized by the scope of medicate trafficking. No matter how diligent an officer may be obliteration programs and millions of arrests have done little to stop drugs which are now cheaper, purer, and much available than ever. Given the dangers of their job, the indifference of many citizens and the frequent lack of tasting are no doubt disheartening.Some police also recognize that their real function is not so much to protect victims from predators further to regulate an illicit market that cant be hold and that much of society prefers to keep underground. Many individuals do not realize how serious and how often this happens in law enforcement departments and how many officers get aside with corruption and how much it dishonors their departments. This is why I believe police corruption is the most dangerous form of white-collar crime. As I previously stated, I believe it is important for a community to feel safe and confident in their enforcement officers. So, the corruption of officers will and could cause very serious problems in a community. If the police, the authority of the community are bear on in crime then why would the community is going to be involved also.