Thursday, January 31, 2019

Religious Musings on The Turner Diaries: Reading the Bible of the Racist Right :: Free Essays Online

Religious Musings on The Turner Diaries Reading the ledger of the racialist RightDomestic ghostly terrorism doesnt figure very strongly in the modern the Statesn consciousness. However, this may be more of an discomfit oversight than an encouraging reflection of reality. Juergensmeyer did me quite a service by starting out his forceful documentation and analysis by sounding at the actions of the American religious right. Though he focused on those responsible for the attacks against abortion clinics, he also brought up the Christian identity element movement, the group connected with Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City bombing fame. Their theology (that they are the notwithstanding true Jews) caught my attention, and your comments in class led me to be interested in reading The Turner Diaries, a work which has been called the Bible of the racist right. I thought it a fitting conclusion to the semester to spirit at something I was introduced to in the course through the new lens e which the course has ground over the past semester. The Turner Diaries is ostensibly the day-after-day account of Earl Turner, a footsoldier in the White Revolution in America to overthrow the rule of the Jews and their imposition of racial equality (a term which they unsay to mean license for Black Americans to do as they please with impunity). everywhere the course of a couple of years, he details his experiences within the boldness as it is forced underground by an ever-more-repressive government. It eventually begins fighting rear militarily, engaging in acts such as the destruction of the FBI building and the mortar-shelling of the Capitol that we would undoubtedly recognize as terrorism. In the end, the cheek succeeds in achieving its goals, first liberating California, and then, as the epilogue summarizes, the rest of the world, ridding the Earth of the twin scourges of Jewish domination and non-white contamination. fishily enough, the text makes very few referenc es to religion, other than to say that Earl himself became religious only after his induction into a secretive Order within the Organization. And but the entire tale bears the markings of religion, especially the trappings of a culture of religious opposition. Of course, their religion, their theology, is their belief in the superiority of the white race - but this is no less a religious belief, taken as an article of reliance by adherents. From the beginning, we are led to understand these peoples participation in the Organization as an act of desperation they will be punished, most in all likelihood killed, by their enemies if they dont go into hiding and work against the System.

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