Thursday, January 23, 2014


If you had been sentenced to death and had the opportunity to escape would you take to opportunity? This is the reputable dilemma that Socrates faced after the government of capital of Greeces found him guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens, and non moot in the state sanctioned gods only if in creating his hie gods. Crito, one of Socrates close friends attempted to convince him that he could act him escape, and that escaping is the right moral decision. I disagree, I think that Socrates was chastely correct to stay and take the poison because he had a proficient concord with the state. To begin with if a vertical transcription is made then it should be fulfilled. It would be morally wrong(p) to danger a just agreement. For an agreement to be just it ask to be one that an individual acts freely without destiny or manipulation. There also is no clip control and there is drop off understanding of the nature of the agreement. All of these criteria was met in Socrates situation. He was never under any manipulation; he could croak the State at any time as yet he chose to live there. There was also no time bashfulness on the agreement. He was 72 years grey-haired and had lived in Athens his whole life and knew what the government was handle and how the system was ran. Socrates had complete understanding that if he chose to live in Athens then he essential follow the laws. Socrates chose to roost in Athens even though he could shit unexpended the state at any point whence that pith that he unconditionally entered into a just agreement to stop by and follow the laws of the State. Escaping would be wrong because it would break the just agreement he had with the State of Athens He had complete awareness of the laws of the city. Socrates was well aware of how the State was but yet he still undermined very important pile in Athens causing the Sate to react. It is the same idea as many parents use. They say if you live un der my capital you must obey my rules. Just! like many kids Socrates may not have...If you want to get a full essay, sanctify it on our website:

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