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1993 Dbq

Although untried England and the Chesapeake region were twain settled by peck of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. Why did this dis confront in development occur? The volume who settled in raw England and the people who settled the Chesapeake region may smash birth come from the same country, but what they were fleeing from and what they were looking for varied greatly; their political, economic, religious and affectionate differences were profound. The original motivations of the people were a gene in the development of diametric approaches to presidential term. The different climates led to the establishment of differing economies. Religion was far more(prenominal) important to the New Englanders and was express in all aspect of their life. Underscoring all these differences were social differencesthey were obviously different types of people. Under Queen Elizabeth and after the overcome of the S panish Armada English settlement of the North American untarnished began in earnest. In the 1600s, as a result of economic changes in spite of appearance England that led to the Enclosure achievement , as well as continuing religious conflicts, millions fled overcrowded England for the colonies ( keen Migration,. ) These initial differences in the people who were settling the land meant that the regions would continue to evolve into gradually more dissimilar societies resulting in earnest tensions surrounded by the two regions. These differences between the North and the siemens eventually culminated in the bloodiest war in United memoirthe Civil War. Participatory government was naturalized in both New England and the Chesapeake region, but the forms they took were quite different. In 1620, even in the beginning they got off the ship, the Separatists who settled in Plymouth wrote the mayflower Compacta simple agreement concerning self government . The Puritan settlers of New England arrived with very sp! ecific ideas about what look of community they would build. As...If you inadequacy to get a full essay, exhibition it on our website:

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