Tuesday, February 4, 2014


ECON 1000 Section C (Micro Fall 2012) Due figure: 15 October, 4:00 pm Assignment # 1 Chapters 1 to 7 go bad A -- manifold Choice50 mark (2 label for individually question) post B -- Short resolves50 label (10 mark for each question except for question 5 which is worth 15 marks; 5 marks bonus) Total100 marks Part A: Multiple Choice (25 questions, 2 marks each) Answer on attached answer sheet (last page) 1.Mike has serve $500 purchasing and repairing an old fishing boat, which he expects to mete out for $800 once the repairs are complete. He discovers that he needs an purposeless repair, which will cost $400, in order to complete the repairs. He can carry the boat as it is now for $300. What should he do? |a. |He should cut his losses and take the $300. | |b. |He should never bewray something for less than it cost. | |c. |He should complete the repairs and sell the boat. | |d. |It doesnt matter which action he takes; the outcome is the same all way. | 2.Suppose an economy produces two goods, feed and machines. This economy eternally operates on its production possibilities frontier. Last social class, it produced 60 units of fodder and 40 machines. This year it experienced a proficient give in its machine-making industry. As a result, this year the society wants to produce 65 units of food and 40 machines. Which of the following statements is true? |a. |Because the technological advance occurred in the machine-making industry, it will not be possible to affix food | | |production without reducing machi ne production under 40. ! | |b. |Because the technological advance occurred in the machine-making industry,...If you want to get a bounteous essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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