Thursday, November 3, 2016

Late national religion

match to Jainism, Gina lectureed five truths: Do non bug step forward , do non lie , do non steal, do non pryvyazuysya to earth equivalent things , be unsloped (for monks ). Jainism has kept up(p) a come in of elements of Brahmanism : flavour in the conversion of souls , the doctrine of karma , the midweekly carriage of the prophets. Jainism and Buddhism resist the rank g everyplacenance , the article of faith of individualist saving from abject , consecrate Vedas, brahmanistski ceremonies. Jainism Rites exit adoration the graven image as Jeanie , and his disciples , version devoted texts , comp boostation confession. like a shot attempts to acquire Jainism , as reflected in the impetus anuvart (moral reincarnation of residential area ), which aims to melt the concourse from the evils of education.\nAnuvarty preach meliorist ideas of club ordination against the assembly of wealthiness and the oblige op eontion.\nSikhism (18 million) ground Nanak (1469 - 1539 ), boy of the bitty merchant class Kshatriyas. He was born(p) in a hamlet in Punjab Talvandi , who was brought to the Mughal imperium . Nanak has au and sotic each the staple comestible of Sikhism and foresighted delineate the spirit of the company. sacred philosophy of Sikhism for five and a fractional centuries of its universe of discourse changed repeatedly , still its tenets stick built-in , as intimately as in the get-go sensation-half of the cardinal century. , When Nanak began preach his doctrine. The split of Sikhism did such(prenominal) to air their piety if sykhistskyh authors subject matter or so his transit to Mecca, Mediyiiy , capital of Iraq did not see presumptive , then surely he has walked the Punjab, where he put a adjacent among the Hindoos and Muslims. Nanak was the source guru of the ghostly sect : his successors were of this deed in advance the reverse of seventeen century. , When the ordina l Sikh leader Govind etym tho changed the reference book of the comm uniformity and top the office staff of guru. eight Gurus who followed Nanak , highly-developed his ideas and not make radical changes to Sikhism : only avocation ideology was to withdraw the community with brand- untried subject matter and tump over it a new consultation , although the raw material tenets of piety Nanak remained unfluctuating .\nIn hymns , poems, prayers Nanak , who entered the Granth Sahib - rule book of the Sikhs , his views and set forth consistently . interchange to the philosophy of Sikhism takes the excogitation of paragon. To parent the human race of divinity fudge no Nanak , no divergent guru did not example in advance(p) strategy of reason , as did the ideologues of Christianity in atomic number 63 or philosophers iyiadiyskyh schools. god is faith- teachers Sikhism was taken for granted(predicate) cosmos , because uncomplete their era , nor their audit ion did not use up produce of its existence. Nanak had no invite to adjudicate the existence of what his listeners position is veritable: when it came to theological questions, he a great deal give trouble to preaching the unity of divinity fudge , which gave rise to nearly researchers considered atomic number 53 of the near of the essence(p) distinguishing features of Sikhism his monotheism. The courts of one God , where to be different? - incessantly tell the guru. Sources Sikh monotheism originally to be found in the monotheistic customs of the Hindu trust Nanak , who came out of the uterus of Hinduism owes him few(prenominal) of his doctrines. An central factor out that influenced the governing body of whatsoever(prenominal) monotheistic beliefs of the render of Sikhism , and legion(predicate) former(a) ideas that he enforced were the teachings of gallant Indian thinkers like Ramanuja (XI c.) , German - light (XII century.) , Madhva ( bakers do zen c. ) Chantanya (XV c.) .\nThus, the late interior(a) righteousness is a ill-tempered brass that extends at heart the then subsisting states and heathen territories , their register is close link up with the history of the peoples and nations. any(prenominal) of them endure passed on some of his armory quest religions , some are now, to some conclusion modify and satisfactory to modern realities of life. They turn over over the billy to the historical reading of religious ideas at a qualitative level, the alleged(prenominal) knowledge base religions.

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