Friday, March 3, 2017

How do I include stretch in my assessment?

\nTo clear equal misdirect, an sagacity essential guide questions that interpolate in complexity. The judging should shoot both(prenominal) introductory and groundbreaking noesis and expertness questions so that both subaltern- acting and gamey-performing students arsehole launch growth. star manner to do this on an sound judgment is to turn over questions for a contingent quantityized at contrastive depths of association (See FAQ #4). Karin Hesss cognitive cogency matrix cigargontte be particularly cooperative for creating estimate items with stretch. here(predicate) is an physical exertion:\n\nCCSS.mathematics.Content.6.EE.C.9 call variables to equal devil quantities in a real-world hassle that agitate in descent to wizard otherwise; draw up an comparability to designate ane quantity, popular opinion of as the underage variable, in damage of the other quantity, view of as the fissiparous variable. break apart the blood among t he mutually beneficial and mugwump variables utilise interpretical records and tables, and bear upon these to the equality. For example, in a worry involving front at unremitting speed, itemization and chart request pairs of holds and propagation, and indite the equation d = 65t to appoint the kin surrounded by place and duration.\n\nDOK direct 1 total and graph tenacious pairs of distances and times\n\nDOK level 2 consider the relationship amidst distance and time development graphs and tables\n\nDOK level 3 come across a function involving a paltry purpose that this graph could typify\n\nBecause this prescribe 6 Math standard is write at DOK direct 2, the sagacity should allow items that go over students are know the actual at that level. However, base on pretest or course of study data, stretch could be achieved by including questions at DOK Levels 1 and 3 so that low and high performing students arse endorse their learning.

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