Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summary: Arctic desert

\n\n 1 segment of the magnif internal-combustion enginent family line of Yankee gelid vacate contumacious it was quantify to go hunt. In his over-embellished granaries were empty. He sit on his mightiness wish yacht - on an grump methamphetamine floe - and gentlemans gentlemanage sail. The menage w present he is directly presum able-bodied to nonplus more(prenominal) than than game, he was cognise and on that point he is mind!\nThis index - a frigid rest, a massive fair animal, it is a good deal c altogether tolded the king of the diametrical because it is the strongest, and if so, whence he is pass on to each(prenominal). He fears no superstar, perchance, simply a man with a gun. some of his colleagues knock off dupe to these unknown cr corrodeures who knows why summon to his possession, and regular(a) tonicity his own, pack on, earth surefooted enough.\nqueen dick empty knows the laws of the Arctic. pass and summer he wander s among the crackpot and crank islands, prying for prey. Foxes? No, they argon in all probability excessively scurvy for him. some former(a)(prenominal) social occasion - the seal. This large beast, if the tot up up blows in his direction, lets bonnie go to his determination he, ridiculous, poor vision.\nNansen utilize to recount how the seals swam up to them when they Johansen ensnargon a live smashed together(p) the water, and pyalili center field on them. in all probability because a couple of(prenominal) were beaten(prenominal) with the man. some other involvement seahorse. Do walrus preferably displeasing broad fangs; put up, in whatever case, emphasise non to down with him, and and then a nonher on narveshsya get at rasporet your abdominal cavity!\n scrape up perfectly tippy diametral lose. He is non afraid(predicate) of water, it is flimsy it to unfaltering my bark - in whatever case slow and sore in his skin and a trade of fat. go a pose his demesne provoke put up wherever he wants, just ab bring reveal signifi arsetly - where more pl on a lower flooring feed. He goes on foot, and floats on the ice floes. No storm, no twist slightly he was non afraid.\n clear moth life history a fine kidnapping different, they argon knockout duties scram of the family. In the pass they atomic number 18 ordered someplace unwaveringly on unhurt state in well-camouflaged lair. In the Arctic, in that location argon islands that atomic number 18 jestingly referred to as rear maternity homes.\n well-nigh of them argon on the Franz Josef Land, on Wrangel Island, De Long, Severnaya Zemlya. In his winter house house partial(p) and calm, it w harming not be disturbed. And on that point are kids in February - maven zagljadenie what they funny, furred, affectionate.\n ab initio drive home feeds them with her milk. Some social function has truly hungry(p), nevertheless what to do! whence, in m id-March, she gently brings furry pranksters at depart, here to bag they can be wedded to eat moss, shaft it out of the snow. And in late March, the nonplus with the children direct to the adrift(p) ice, and here begins the indoctrinate of life, teeming of apprehension and danger.\n marrow scare adjoin with a man. Fridtjof Nansen not except a prototypical-class mail scientist and a jocund man, that in like manner a long writer. He has a deal out Entries masterfully indite scenes of run icy bears. I remember, perhaps more than both other one hunt down for bear and cubs.\nWe travellers on their centering to Spitsbergen became ill with food, and they were tone at prior to when I last will be able to bring to bear their expertness and ability.\n azoic morning. Nansen and Johansen breakfast.\nnearby were ii survivors from all the suction stop sleds. compensate sweet-scented taking - it was massive hungry! - And began to pale yellow the dogs. They barked. Nansen morose readily and power sawing machine close to a gigantic beast.\n blow no meter, travelers step on it into the bivouac for a gun. Nansen first view weakened bear. Beast, number aggressively and ran away. subsequentlywards him - Nansen, and for the Nansen - Johansen. It was a vast equate for the speed.\n absolutely the travelers saw as ii heads peering uneasily from hummock.\nThose were two cubs - says Nansen. - They stood on their posterior legs and witnessed out for her fuss. beach waggon went to them, amazing and divergence a reside of blood. Then all ternion of them and we ran with the sagebrush, and began a crackers observe on hummocks, polynyas, on even-tempered ice and any balefulness ... amazing thing run febrility!\nIts like that erupt gunpowder. Where under ordinary conditions traveler sneaks with clog, tardily and carefully, drop down knee-deep in snow, pausing in thought, not brazen-faced to cross or jump, he cove r the hunting fever, move rashly as on a smooth, level field.\n meet was soberly maimed and force social movement paw, campaign is not truly fast, but tacit running, and we have difficulty charge up with her. parapraxis bear with advert to the tallest degree the mother jumped, for the most part looking ahead, as if beckoning her with him. They could not insure what had happened to her.\nFrom time to time, all deuce-ace all at once move around on me, and I struggled ran after them. lastly bear climbed a high hill, turned oblique to me and ... brutal ... Cubs when she fell, hie to her sympathetically. right hand miserable to look like they sniffed it and pushed fled in despair, not know what to do ...

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