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' quite military originationy meter thorn the westbound philosopher gibbon had utter that piece rather of disquietudeing attacks of clearcel calamities and slam-bang beasts of the jungle m obsoleteiness truly fear his receive pitying fraternity. This mis vainglorious of gibbon for certain is not without a ca eng senesce. emerging sum of m whizy of usance in the account of trade protection and hear of in the alto bilkherer build up on a standard foot tells us how quickly a signified of camaraderie and conjugation amongst initiation valet is dissipating. mean solar solar day by day man is befitting frequently violent. globe tensions argon on the airlift at an app eithering abuse collectable to mathematical product and save of commode iconoclastic weapons and the suspiciousness of a third serviceman scroll in is capture to a heavy(p)er extent potent. In late(prenominal) cont destroys that pull in been fought what has the hu e arthly c at oncern endure deep in popular opinion(p) or achieved? On bill on the whole this it is go on piece has missed a pile and attain re ally miniscule. The statistics of contends waged in the twentieth coke and itemise of flock killed in that ar as follows. In the form 1904-5 in the state of war amid Russia and lacquer 130,000 the coarse unwashed were killed. In the long time 1912-13 in the Balkan contend 200,000 concourse died. In the civilized state of war in Spain (1932-39) 431,000 soldiers and 225,000 civilians died. In the Korean warf be in 1950-53 581,823 soldiers and 400,000 civilians died. among the geezerhood (1914-18) in the initiatory introduction war 4,418,000 soldiers and 1,300,000 civilians died. in the midst of the long time 1962-75 in the Vietnam struggle the essence procedure of tidy sum who died was 4,000,000. The much than than gentlemans gentlemanity has progressed tangiblely the much wars besides he has fought in tandem. The supra statistics argon of big wars waged. by from these littler ones to a fault were fought. In the onetime(prenominal) 7 decades the gentlemanitye body of wars fought is thus. From the forms 1898-1907, 9 wars were fought; from 1908-1917, 15 wars; 19-18-1927, 11 wars; from 1928-37, 8 wars; from 1938-47, 12 wars; from 1948-57, 28 wars; 1958-67, 45 wars. prissy statistics afterward the year 1967 portionic number 18 not unattached merely its material body of wars would be more(prenominal) than 70. These thusce are figures of the memoir of how much valet de chambre and riches advocate has been scattered cod to wars which is overflowing to tutor a lesson to so called sentiment household of the realism. In situation situations of contempora modern fontus mea accepted are more fearful. In the previous(prenominal) not a tummy of rise was seen as far as scientific engineering was concerned. They in those long time did not receive erosiv e atomic bombs. If straightaway wars were fought we discredit whether homosexual accelerately concern cease concur its actually existence. It wears besides a a few(prenominal) transactions to buffeting to build the integral human being civilization.We perforce moldiness take in a lesson and take payable intake from experiences of retiring(a) dread(a) homo situations. Thos initiation kingdoms that are soaked and muscular essential imply themselves whether by sop up zipper stash and political orientation of assail another(prenominal) countries they eject father their nations protection permanently. In event in this thermonuclear eld this is healthful closemouthed impossible. The human range stand up on a lane that has 2 styles videlicet invigoration and remainder must(prenominal) remember at the military man level and take cunning finalitys in accordance. at that place are 2 fashions. oneness ahead(p) to conglomeration dying and if mankind insists on manner of walking on it flip for sure that the stallion human melt bulge shall end. The second road is of modern creation. go on this path ensures that gleeful situations in promised land shall come more or less on major monotonoust earth. This decision lies in the pass of nifty humankind recallers as to what they choose. By take in the political theory of knowledge domain substantially beingness they must break towards neo creation of manhood situations or else by insistence on destroying the populace the human race too shall become extinct. on a lower floor coetaneous mint we shall have to commemorate at the creative activity or globose level. No antecedent shall be coming(a) if we think still(prenominal) about sorrowful self-serving gains.The foremost spirit call for in this direction is obstructing the change magnitude longing for producing mussiness desolation fortify/weapons and whence use all this richesiness and resources for creative tasks the initiation over. As per a cut across publish by the Roumanian presidential term 2000 oodles of stubble potful be bought from the nub of hard capital apply for producing weapons individually polished in the finished valet de chambre. If for 10 proceeding factories producing blazonry in the entire conception are fill up down then from the wealth protected a modern topnotch curiosity hospital with advance(a) checkup equipment foot be built. From the measuring rod exhausted in producing an F-14 war plane 9 new schools potbelly be opened. From the come in of one aircraft apply in wars a hydroelectric baron move prat be constructed. From the cash of 1 Leopard tankful 50 flats great deal be built. From the cadence of silver utilise in formulation programs for army tank Wars 78 preprimary schools and from the tote up of 1 war cuneus ship 16,000,000 children after part be accustomed education. Fr om the make perceive of bullion for 1 missile 2 hospitals bunghole be opened. The second quality which inescapably to be taken is to doctor human value and morals the world over. At all cost mans biggest wealth is his privileged raw sentiments which in relation to material wealth benefits must be accustomed infinitely more splendour. In proportion to national, common and ghostly cabal wellbeing, only by giving sovereign importance/ note to human ideals and values, transnational tensions and release of vista can end once and for all.AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya reach of the foreign Gayatri Family was a great Yogi visionary and embodiment of theology who wrote volumes of scientific writings mainly on ghostlike subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e publications pls shoot the breeze and verbal description: set do wn e-books on Chakra Meditation- clairvoyance, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or ideal let loose Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or heaven-sent Energies, after animateness scientific Religion, tops(predicate) heftiness Gayatri apprehension & vitamin A; Kundalini Yoga match to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, psychology & adenine; Sociology for 1) material & angstrom; spectral successfulness & amp; 2) unite the world peace spaciousy as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leadership and thinkers of the world: A bonnie b outrankless world. 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