Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Deforestation Satire Essay

So, what am I going to talk about? considerably, how about I hire this easy for you and just spit it out? -pa hire- *sigh* Well lovely then, it you want a proper introduction, then here it is Have you incessantly decided to just go for a nice walk out of doors to get some exercise and enjoy the sun? (well if not, lets pret overthrow that you imbibe for the purpose of this es word). And then, out of nowhere, you realize that something is missing. That THING, is actu totallyy something sincerely quite important. In fact, your life depends on it.Well that THING, ladies and gentlemen, is the forest, and the birds and the bees and the flowers and the, well trees OK, I hump that this believably hasnt really happened to you, (the solid, OMG, the forest disappe atomic number 18d thing), solely I assure you that it has occurred in Australia and South America, where rain forests are burnt and emerge down each year. So there you have a bun in the oven it disforestation. Yes, that s right, I have finally gotten to the topic, and in case you couldnt tell by now, I am very every(prenominal)wheremuch against this current issue in our world.Let me explain to you, as best as I can, what the world would be interchangeable without trees, and why we need them. every(prenominal) righty then, to start, I want you to close your eyes (please dont actually do this until you have read the following) and try to imagine a world without trees or plants of both kind and there you are oh wait, I just remembered. You wouldnt be there, because, well, plants and trees are one of our major sources of atomic number 8, therefore, without them, we would all be DEAD. Unless you want to consider that everyone should wear upon an air bubble around their heads.That might work, plus the amount of germs would go down. Though youd probably suffocate from live the same light speed-intoxicated air over and over and over again. Of course, you might say, what about a bio dome? Well th at option is out of the question, because it would be way too claustrophobic with all those people trapped in one place. Plus, the smell would be dead unbearable. Yuck To explain further, trees and forests have an essential role in our lives. That role is hardly to breathe in and out.And no, I dont mean like us humans, who enliven oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Instead, trees and plants do the opposite they inhale carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, a cycle that allows plants to create their own food by use energy from the suns rays (if only we could do that, then we could cut down all of the forests in the world ) then, during what is called respiration, plants exhale clean oxygen into the atmosphere just for us I mean, some people say we cant live without love, but I think oxygen is to a greater extent importantCan you imagine couples trying to hug and kiss, meanwhile, they are choking or turning blue in the face? Impossible. other major consequence of deforestation is the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of species losing their homes. Without their habitations, demented animals such as wolves, foxes and possums will be forced to find a new home. But since there are no forests, they will end up in your garden, or on the side of the road. I super doubt that youll want to wipe bloody guts off of your windshields every morning on your way to work.This is very sad and also inhuman. In what world do we kill hundreds of species just so that we can keep on newspaper and do our homework? I mean, of course I know that teaching and learning are essential parts of our lives, but with todays growing technology, we should certainly be able to neck up with a new way to eliminate the use of paper (and hopefully homework too). On a more personal approach, deforestation also means that the scenery will change. Many people probably dont care about this, but I certainly do.As Im sure all of the artists, gardeners, photographers, directors, landscaper s, hunters, campers and tree-huggers do too. Never mind, that actually does seem like a lot of people, so maybe all hope is not yet lost. Plus, we cant forget the young members of our future coevals who have gotten naturalist on their annoying multiple intelligence quizzes at school. Alright, I realize I have gone off topic, so back to scenery. As I have already mentioned, cutting and intent down forests will leave empty fields where there had erstwhile been beautiful, magical woods where fairytales could come to lifeTherefore, there will be no shade to hide from the sun, and the earth will quickly puzzle dry and hard. Hence, farmers wont even be able to use the plain space for agriculture. What is more, large masses of trees also provide extra protection from strong wind and heavy storms. Thus, without them, you will need to check into out when you use your umbrella, or else you just might fly forth like Mary Poppins Hey, that kinda sounds like fun. Though, on a more serious note, the strong winds and changes in temperature can be very insalubrious to other plants, animals and humans.So watch out, or else nature might just coulomb you away To conclude, I will give you a very aboveboard solution to avoid all of the previous statements from happening. All you have to do is never cut down a tree in your life. not even a single branch Okay, I realize this isnt really realistic since everyone needs wood and paper, but the least you could do is plant a tree for everyone you destroy. You could also buy your own foregather of land, grow a forest (granted, this may well take your whole life), and watch as animals and other living organisms start to bring it to life.Furthermore, you could have your very own fairytale within its depths, all the while breathing healthy, oxygen-filled air Well, maybe not completely healthy, but dont get me started on pollution. Other than that, you will have a keen ending with your prince charming (or princess) Then, I give yo u permission to say I told you so about love being more important that oxygen, though Im not all that convinced. Id like to see you write an essay trying to convince me of that

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