Sunday, February 10, 2019

Portrayal of the Lower Class :: Sociology

Portrayal of the Lower Class When the words impoverishment comes up what ar the first things that come to mind. Usually the first thing thought of is the knowledge of a man with a torn skiing cap, tattered tartan jacket, dirty gloves, no shoes and living under a bridge. This is, give care most stereotypes the extremity of the problem. The home slight you see on the street does non exemplify e realone in poverty. Most live in a very small apartment or complex with some food and water. meagreness by definition is the state of having little or no bills and few possessions. This definition correct says that not all in poverty are without a home or food or even apparel, it simply states that it is not a substantial amount. So how is it that new and everyone that is shown in poverty is al styluss shown in rags on the corner? One contend is for the exact reason these tidy sum are in this state, money. Relief brass instrument and Companies raise millions if not billi ons of dollars a year on the aid of the less fortunate. Is it really tangible to believe that every drop of this money is passing game straight to these mint? No, some of the money has to be going to patrons or even the fundraisers themselves. Even no-profit organizations spend money on bettering their own facilities. These people are not taking out enough money for on that point to be a question, but money is lost in translation. I dont mean to sound like a pessimist, but most people in this world are looking to expedite there way into money. What better way than to pluck the strings of another ones heart and nonplus them willingly give you money? You might ask yourself how this plays into the role of stereotyping, its waterfall into affect when the media and government gets involved. Media sets up a portrayal of people who are poor and misfortunate as having absolutely nothing so that generous people will want to give more. As seen in hurricane Katrina, the media yet showed riots in the street, African Americans looting stores, and people will no clothes on standing in the middle of the street in shallow water. You might want to know how embezzlers, the government and the media both have an bushel on the stereotype of poverty.

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