Monday, March 25, 2019

Ignored Technology :: Technological Writing Essays

Ignored Technology A problematic theory that has been heavy for me to accept is the notion that pen itself is considered to be a technology. Whenever I think of what the word technology means the mental images that come to my mind argon computers, automobiles and other modern conveniences. I had never considered makeup to be in this category however, when all of the modern inventions are commandn away it is light to see this new truth. Writing is a technology that most Americans take for granted, probably due mostly to our advancement in technological resources, nevertheless nevertheless taken for granted. Through this writing experience I was both better able and prepared to come to my own conclusions and now I can accept this new classification in my mind and vocabulary. The world-class aspect of this job was to come up with a way of writing that was permanent, portable and creative. When I read over the assignment the first writing draw close that popped int o my mind was tree bark. This would be the perfect writing surface because the inwardly of the tree bark is usually somewhat flat and light colored. Next, I aspect about how I would write on the inside of this bark. I remembered back to my days of being an outdoorsy type of five-year-old girl and the campfires my family would build. I distinctly remembered how the sticks would become black on the ends when we were homework our marshmallows to make Smores. We used to write on the wood that was piled and assemble to be put into the fire with our blackened sticks. So, for this project I thought I might try the same principle from my campfire days. I was a little concerned about finding a nice blame of bark in this winter weather, but one day my dada was doing some outside work and happened to stumble across a shortly tree that was just beyond the property line. The tree had a considerable piece of bark hanging from one of the limbs. He just gave the swelling of bark a tug and I had my writing surface. That part came a good deal more easily than I had originally anticipated. The next part of the project was finding my writing tool.

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