Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Mystery of Kurtz in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness :: Heart of Darkness Essays

The Mystery of Kurtz in Conrads disembodied spirit of DarknessMany works of literature not readily determine with the enigma or detective story genre nonetheless carry the investigation of a mystery. Sometimes finding go forth the answer of the mystery can illuminate the symbolizeing of the work as a whole. This is give birth in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness. The mystery in this novella is round a character named Kurtz.Kurtz was an English man who traveled to the congou in search of excitement, money and experience. To many people back home, he was cognise to be a loving intelligent young man. In congou tea he was also known as being very intelligent, nevertheless also as being insane. The question is what happened to Kurtz how and why he permit his self go insane. In a way you can study that he found the heart of his phantom, embraced it and could not escape it.In dealings with Kurtz many questions became visible for an example towards the end of the book what did he mean by the horror, the horror was he referring to what he witnessed and experienced while he was in command of his ivory station or was he talk of the town about the civilization of Europe and how he did not wish to harvesting? Perhaps he saw Europe as being his darkness and the Congo being his light or vice versa. When reading from each one page, a sort of investigation begins in trying to figure out how Kurtz became insane. However, that investigation was not fully closed because in the end no one knew what had happened to him. In a way his character presented the idea that perchance the darkness, his darkness was his own and was all along in him waiting to source out. Because there were other men living and working in the Congo who had not become insane as he did, such as the Russian trader or the ivory companys accountant.

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