Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Islamic cultures Essay Example for Free

Muslim cultures Essay1. Islamic cultures in the European spunk Ages were comparably more advanced and better than the Christianity. Islamic cities in the Middle Ages were thriving and became the centers of trade and economy. Islamic merchants bought and sold goods from across Africa, Asia and Europe. New technologies such as windmill, block printing as well as new methods of weaving, which were developed in China were brought to Europe by Islamic merchants.Moreover, Islamic cultures during this period were considered heterogeneous and multi-ethnic as it borrowed from the cultures of the people that Muslims conquered or interacted during trading. Greek works by early scientists and mathematicians were interpreted into Arabic and used by Islamic Arabs. Islamic cities as well as became centers for art and learning. Since Islamic society during the Middle Ages determine scholarship Islamic cities became major sites of major libraries and scholarships.2. Europe provided a route a nd area for Islamic culture to flourish. In terms of trade, Europe provided the Islamic empires with raw materials while Asia became the center of trade and commerce. Europe also became an avenue of the both Islam and Christianity. Initially, Islam swept mostly all throughout Asia and Europe on the other hired man was mainly dominated by Christianity. But eventually, Islam conquered Europe as well which led to the conversion of many an(prenominal) parts of Europe into Islam particularly Spain. Islamic Europe were also comparable far more passe-partout to those among European Christians, and Islamic cultures were responsible for bringing Asian innovations into Europe.

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