Saturday, April 6, 2019

Season and Winter Essay Example for Free

Season and Winter Essay setback is when family and friends play and laugh together, which is what brings us closer together. Furthermore, people offer do many fun activities in the snow. We not only play in the snow but also sliegh ride, build snowmen, put on a snowb only fight with your family, and make snow angels. When I was young, I used to hang out with approach kids after school even if the put up was severe. Actually, we were looking for the heavy snow at the very offshoot of succeedter. Because we were fond of having snowball fights and do snowman as well as going sledding. We were so happy when playing in the snow.We didnt care how cold our hands would get, or how dirty our cloths were. The only matters we cared about were who could win in the fight, who could make the best snowman and who could sled the fastest. Moreover, all the outdoor activities bring all your families closer because all the kids tend to play and have fun outside in the cold. Family is spec ial because you become close and appoint thoughtful things with the ones that mean the most to you. Christmas brings family out and shows how much your family truly means to you. Family is the number one thing that matters the most to you and especially when it comes to Christmas.Also, Lastly, baking is also a wonderful thing about winter. You walk into the kitchen and sense of smell the freshly baked cookies or Moms homemade casserole. Baking is amazing because it carries on through tradition and it gets passed deal to generation. Baking also warms your heart and lets you know how much clock time and effort your family or parent puts into making the wonderful food you receive. Baking on Christmas morning is the best because you get the house all change up and get the food ready for friends and family who come over to celebrate the special time with you.In addition, one thing winter wouldnt be complete without is the memories. The memories are invariably good because you make believe amazing memories when youre with friends and family. Winter makes you want to create the most memorable moment of all time especially if youre in an amazing country or state. Imagine being in a place where it snows or you hear the rain dripping down the window pane. Winter has many memories hold out its being somewhere for the first time or going back to it. Memories are meant to be created weather its good memories or bad memories.In overall, winter is a good season because you can hold good things from it like snow, christmas, family, snuggling, baking, and friends. Youre with family and friends and youre having all these events going on. Winter shows how much closer family can bring you. Winter is amazing and it brings out all the good energy around you. You can be in the worst moods or the happiest moods and its okay because winter brings this feeling out in you that you love and always want to carry with you. Winter is definitely a great season and always will have d ifferent memories that will always be in your heart.

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