Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Welfare to work programs Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Welfare to work programs - Term Paper congressmanIt is a requirement for any recipient of CalWORKs who is able-bodied to participate in the activities of the welfare in format to continue receiving support.There are many raisers of these programs, for instance, voluntary organisations as well as private companies. They bring home the bacon this by securing contracts in indian lodge to find employment for the claimants. The payment largely depends on the results and the providers take the gamble until they get the required results. The welfare for work law was put in place in order to limit the time one receives welfare, thus the need to participate in the welfare activities for 32 to 35 hours per week, for every week. The introduction of this new welfare system has sparked different and varying viewpoints and understanding of the informants of the program. The understanding of the informants almost the policy differs greatly from that of the policy makers and the state adminis trators. The informants pointed out the numbers of positive outcomes and benefits of these programs. They pointed out that employment improves their self-image and their self-confidence. The fact that they are able to be productive and get a source of livelihood from it gave them as continues to realize them a sense of achievement and purpose in life. Being employed makes them proud of themselves rather than upright receiving welfare and support that they concur not worked for. The informants also alluded to the fact that the employment programs they receive help them provide materially for their families. They are able to pay for their bills, as well as buy material possessions for themselves and their children. Informants have also highlighted the fact that the day care programs helped their children gain proper socialization. Moreover, they were contented with the fact that working make them value the little time that they spend with their children. In nut-shell informants vi ew the employment programs in terms of the concrete benefits that

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