Friday, May 31, 2019

A Child Called It, The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave Essay -- Dave Pel

For this report, I have read all three of Dave Pelzers books about his heart A Child Called It, The Lost Boy and A man Named Dave.A Child Called It chronicles Daves life as a child, and is told from that viewpoint. From his earliest recollections of a relatively happy life with the Mommy to his life and death struggle with The Mother, this book details the horror of Daves dehumanizing existence. Going far beyond typical physical, emotional and mental abuses, Daves story tells of intentional starvation, forced coprophagia, poisoning and much more. This volume covers his life from his earliest memories at age 4 until his rescue at age 12.The Lost Boy picks up the story where the first book leaves off, following Dave finished the foster care system until the age of 18. Daves navigation through the foster care system is an arduous journey. His sense of survival is strong, but being a foster child is not easy. A Man Named Dave is the final examination book in the trilogy, covering D aves life from his enlistment in the spread Force through the present day. From his resolve to be accepted by the Air Force to his almost desperate determination to be a good father to his son, Dave shares with the reader his difficulty adjusting to a normal life.DiversityThe Pelzer family was white and midpoint class. Daves father, Stephen, was a firefighter, and his mother, Catherine, was a homemaker. Both parents were alcoholics. They lived in a good neighborhood in a modest home. Until the abuse began, Daves life with his parents and brothers was good. In his words, Our every whim was fulfilled with love and care (Pelzer, 1995). The two areas of diversity I recognized in these books are economic status and disability. Because... ...tainable his mothers love.BibliographyErikson, E. H., (1950). Childhood and Society. New York Norton.Erikson, E. H., (1968). Identity Youth and Crisis. New York Norton.Maslow, A. H. (1954). Motivation and Personality. New York Harper & Row.Pelzer, D. (1995). A Child Called It. Deerfield Beach, FL Health Communications, Inc.Pelzer, D. (1997). The Lost Boy. Deerfield Beach, FL Health Communications, Inc.Pelzer, D. (1999) A Man Named Dave. NY Penguin Putnam, Inc.Schultz, D. P., & Schultz, S. E. (1987). A History of Modern Psychology. Orlando, FL Harcourt-Brace.U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. (1979). Brochure. Washington, DC U.S. Government Printing office.Zastrow, C., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (1997). Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment. (4th ed.) Chicago Nelson-Hall Publishers, Inc.

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