Saturday, May 11, 2019

Capitol Punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Capitol Punishment - show ExampleThe issue is approached using key points such as the moral implications of death penalty and the potency of this method in deterring crimes.The judicial system of any state should be primarily concerned with the upholding of the rights of aggravate parties since it is their rights which were initially violated. The emotional and psychological effect of such violation is not only experienced by the victim but his/her family and community as well. In this regard, they deserve the type of justice in unity with the degree by which their rights were violated. With this, heinous crimes such as murder should be punishable by death.The roman Catholic Church and organizations like Amnesty International counter that the morality of this punishment is questionable since all the same the life of criminals are deemed sacred. This argument may not be simply accepted by the victims whose lives were on purpose violated and their families as well. They too have the right to be ensured that punishments for crimes against them have been carried out and other hoi polloi in the community would not have to suffer the same fate.The capital punishment is considered as a way to deter crime since convicted criminals may no longer roam the streets with increased likelihood of repetition the offense.

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