Thursday, May 2, 2019

Who Owns History The Texas Textbook Controversy Essay - 1

Who Owns tale The Texas Textbook Controversy - Essay ExampleThe question on how account should be taught was brought to the limelight by the state of Texas. The Texas State Board of Education, in charge of the states curriculum, approved several disputed changes to be made to the textbooks in schools. The changes were included in the economic, social studies and history textbooks. These improvements made by the didactics tabular array emphasizes the Christianitys influence in the invention of America (Hutchins et. al. 652). The changes downplay the role of liberals and highlight the influence of worldly-minded groups in American history.These changes, for the Texan board, seem minimal with no consequences on the American history, but the antonym is true. These small changes and tweaks in their curriculum seek to re-write the American history significantly for the students in Texas. Furthermore, the state of Texas is among the awkwards biggest purchasers of History textbooks. This means that the changes in the Texan curriculum will slowly reflect in all schools throughout the country.They exclude the influence and existence of Thomas Jefferson, one of the countrys founding fathers. The Texan board excludes his influence on the Declaration of Independence and other vital legislation (Hutchins et. al. 653). Jefferson is not the only culprit of the Texan board they further scrap off presidential runs of Ralph Nader and Ross Perot in their history books. There is a complete exclusion of the roles of Latinos and other races in America History. The changes implemented in the Texan History textbooks are endless, but it is heavily characterized by the conservative Christian influences. By changing and rewrite history of the state of Texas, the Texan board rewrote the worlds history.These changes made by the Texan board question the legitimacy of history and the appropriate way of teaching the subject. It is a universally accepted

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