Saturday, June 15, 2019

American Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

American Politics - Essay ExampleThrough decision maker subdivision, the President takes a utilisation of chief partisan for a political party, and the representative of the rest of Americans citizens. Founders of the executive focused on realities involved in managing anticipations of modern presidency, which is becoming more large and bureaucratic compared to the past. The executive branch has a vital share of monitoring the American political system. Moreover, the executive has undergone an evolution with a focus on core policymaking, thereby experiencing crucial bureaucratic extension for instance, approximately one thousand seven hundred people constituted the institution of the presidency. On the early(a)(a) hand, the executive branch of the government specializes in making policies, through the help of political advisors. Therefore, the President acquires the ability to satisfy the needs of the citizens through the executive branch, thereby meeting public expectations. In addition, there are experts in the executives focusing on national security, agriculture and mass communication. Various developments in the executive branch of the government have led to an increased power of the President in order to keep pace with increased public expectations. The executive has been functioning through basic Constitutional framework, which is developed by the government through share powers. Nonetheless, there are situations when the President fails to meet these expectations and this calls for rides to be made through the executive to convince different political actors in other branches of the government in this case, this nature of the executive has led to dependency of the President on action of other branches of the government. The President who is a significant element of the executive has sought assistance from numerous advisors and organization in the process of managing their duties. For instance, the vice President takes the significant role of o ffering advice to the President in fact, this is stipulated in the Constitution. There are other parties playing the advisory role through closing personal ties with the President for example, the designer U.S President had a tendency of relying on his brother Robert, while George Bush relied on his father for advice (Bond 461). In the executive branch of the government, the presidency has taken a significant role as an organization which comprises numerous individuals. However, the significant element of presidency as an office entails vice President, cabinet and EOP apparently, there are other people serving as executive branch, who strive in process of accessing President, though some are more frequent compared to others. Judicial Branch terrace as a branch focuses on serving as an adjudicator in democratic political process in fact, it is a more applicable representation of political conflicts resolution. It focuses on ensuring that the government makes decisions that are dep endable on core democratic ideology of political liberty, equity and majority rule. Therefore, a magistrate as a division of the government emphasizes dealing with conflict resolutions, though this is not easy (Bond 550). There are situations where the judges focus on making the necessary effort to embrace and acknowledge legitimate desires of majority based on expression in the law. Moreover, the judiciary branch focuses on dealing with freedom and equity by fostering protection of liberties of minorities from being subjected to infringement.

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