Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Case Application Volunteers Work and Employee First Study

Application Volunteers Work and Employee First - Case Study ExampleIt is also advantageous for employers in a way of reduced burden on wages. It also shows volunteers determination for work that he/she is not working merely for money moreover for enjoyment and developing skills. Volunteering can be used as a stepping stone in getting a really good job, for it enables one to construct experience, develop skills and gives employers a chance in seeing your work. The part time nature of volunteering work makes it flexible and more attractive to students who can use their unemployed time in developing unique skills.If I were at his position I would be more concerned with creating a run acrossing positive environment, so as to attract the best work force. In order to motivate them I would be thinking about giving them rewards and recognition for volunteers efforts and making them l top skills which otherwise they cannot.I think this approach can work in service oriented companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo because all these companies have a really productive and learning environment and people actually die for working in these big companies. Similarly, tech savvy people would be attracted to them to earn a name and respect amongst the leaders.HCL technologies is trying a radical experiment in work place. Vineet Nayaar (CEO) believes in creating an atmosphere where the job of companys leaders should be to take out the potential out of their employees and using it where it is best needed and for that Nayar has introduced the employee initiative culture. This type of culture was originally introduced in HCL.My impression of employee first culture is to create trust grow through transparency, to make managers as accountable to employees as employees are to their bosses, to transfer the responsibility for change and value world to front-line employees working in the value zone. It can work in other organizations but this is not for every organi zation. As it bears certain costs and those areA company

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