Saturday, June 22, 2019

Event project management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

particular project management - Assignment ExampleOperations going pop up in an event ought to be executed efficient and effective. According to (Events Feasibility and Development, 2011), event project management has to develop an excellent strategy that will visualise events do meet their objectives as stated. However, some objectives do contradict with the mission of an event this should not be the sole reason for an event failure. Models have been authentic to assist event managers in the process of externalisening. Planning for an event go beyond the literary word and involves a series of activities ranging from been awarded permits by relevant authorities to the closure of an event. A well informed and experienced event manager should always be aware of the possibility of activities planned for an event failing, and therefore, proper fall-back plan should be in place to salvage the moment. It has been argued that all over the years that an event cannot be rated as success ful either by a shiny plan or execution but how the event ends is what can be used to gauge (Burke, 2011). Adoption of models like events management body of knowledge (EMBOK) and Event Plan and Archive Review System (EPRAS) can assist in event planning. Both are useful tools for event to be successful, however, conflict arises on how one model prefers planning and execution ought to be done. Therefore, it would be wise to incorporate elements that are applicable to a planned event from the two models, so as to achieve objectives of the events.In every organization, it must be guided by values that are deemed to be controlling the flow of operations within the organization. The group is geared towards St. Patricks Day parade. It is in it preparation stage, putting all pieces together waiting for the event that will be going down in March. As a team, principles guiding the activities should be in place. For instance, the team should hold a couple of meetings to air and share new

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