Saturday, June 8, 2019

FCC to Fine ABC of Naked Butt on NYPD Blue Essay Example for Free

FCC to Fine ABC of Naked Butt on NYPD Blue EssayAll businesses aim a social responsibility to their consumers and to the nation that allows them the freedom to operate, and broadcasters are not exempt. Broadcasters should mirror the morals of their viewing audience in their programming. Consider the morals of the modal(a) American television viewing audience. Also consider what these viewers demand out of the shows they watch. If the viewers want to see sex and sexual innuendo, then that is what the broadcaster will provide. Is this truly that bad an offense, or is ABC being made and example of for the rest of the industry? Look at the recent news reporting of Britney spears getting in a car with no underwear and the camera showing it in plain view. A fine should be issued for that as well. Unless close to agency starts issuing fines for acts of indecency in everyday life, what is shown on network television will only get worse.Casino Hit with Complaint Yes, in that locat ion is a social obligation relating to marketing. The purpose of marketing is not only to sell products and services, but to educate potential consumers about the benefits of the products and services. This casino advertising should conjure the benefit of having two wives or of a night of cheating on the spouse that outweighs the legal (and possible health) consequences. The near obscene level of advertising really should not be necessary for a gambling casino. Gamblers go to casinos because they want to gamble, not for a sexual experience. If there is more sex going on than gambling at Hard Rock Casino, perhaps it is time to consider some significant actions against their operating license.

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