Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Selecting and Model and Anticipating Barriers posts Assignment

Selecting and Model and Anticipating Barriers posts - Assignment ExampleIn matters of oral wellness, ...perceived severity...and...Perceived benefits should be the of import concepts in promotion of oral hygiene. Perceived severity of oral problems is usually low as oral problems are not perceived as blackened however, quality of life is significantly lowered e.g. through pain and a problem like halitosis limits social interaction. Dentists thus can be involved in HBM by showing the benefits of prevention and healthy living especially financial benefits and avoidance of pain (Maurer & Smith, 2009).I agree that People know what is good for their health but it is difficult for them to change their behavior. This might stem from them not knowing the actual steps needed to lead healthier lives in spite of them having penetration to the health problems they face. By integrating people in decision-making, they are part of the solution thus likely to adopt change than when they feel the proposed changes are unknown to them (Center for Disease Control and

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