Friday, July 19, 2019

Discussing if Anzac Day Should be Celebrated or Mourned Essay -- essay

"We have no unknown soldier These are not forgotten men But cousins, uncles, neighbours Who will never laugh again. But they'll not be forgotten For the price they had to pay. For their children's children's children Will still march on Anzac Day No, they'll not be forgotten For the price they had to pay. For their children's children's children Will still march on Anzac Day." - Vic Macdonald 1988 Every year on the 25th of April Australia comes together to celebrate the bravery and extreme courage of those soldiers who risked and lost their lives while fighting for Australia in Gallipoli. But should it be celebrated? Should we cheer the men that returned when so many were killed and died of disease in the trenches at Gallipoli? Should we celebrate their bravery? Does this glorify war? Or should we mourn the waste of over sixty thousand brave men? Why has a day that commemorates death and defeat come to symbolise a national identity to the people of Australia? The ?modern? Anzac day does not only celebrate the Anzac?s (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) but all the wars that Australia has participated in. But why is the focus of Anzac Day on Australia?s defeat at Gallipoli while fighting someone else?s war, and not perhaps the victory at Milne Bay against the Japanese. What is it about the battle at Gallipoli that brings Australia together to commemorate? Or do they celebrate? This paper will be focussing on the texts from the play ?The One Day of The Year? by Alan Seymour. Which explores a war veteran and his son?s view of the meaning and reason of Anzac Day. The play ?The One Day of the Year? gives a very strong message about two very different views of the meaning of Anzac Day. The reader of the play is ... ... and the right to voice their opinion. Australia is a lucky country to have freedom of speech. So should Anzac day be celebrated? Commemorated? Or Mourned? It is all about opinion, just like Alf and Hughie settled there differences by agreeing to disagree. Australia should allow that freedom of opinion and speech. In summary if you personally believe that Anzac should be celebrated you should be free to do so. Likewise if you believe that the deaths and carnage that occurred at Gallipoli should be mourned and not celebrated. However whether you choose to celebrate or mourn, remember the sacrifice of the brave soldiers who fought and died in the name of Australia. They shall grow not we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them - Laurence Binyon

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