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Tea Party Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tea Party - Essay Example Eventually Americans imported tea from Netherland and sold it at a price even lower than the British tea. Carefully organized by patriots the â€Å"Tea Party† was a planned organization ready to lose a great amount of money if British sold tea to America at such a low rate. It is recollected that Boston was not the only region participating in the tea party. It was a game of fooling one another. While East India Company decided to unload the stock of tea refused by the Americans at prices even lower than the black market, these black marketers arranged a series of tea parties as a manipulative act.1 How did it start? The tea party started as a war between the Britain and its colonies that refused to buy tea from British East India Company because it was selling tea at a low price. The misunderstanding among the Indians was that it was being sold at a very high price. But the situation aggravated when they learnt that it was merely to adjust the increased tax levied on them by the crown. The colonizers sold tea bought from other regions at a much lower price than the East India Company. ... Unapologetic U.S. sovereignty iii. Constitutional originalism†.3 Way back in 1773 Samuel Adams urged the Governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchison to avoid conflict and condemn the British from loading tea in the colonies which was refused by Hutchison. Adams himself staged an anti-tea movement with 8000 men ashore. The Governor had refused to decline Britain from unloading. The final outburst was an attempt by fifty carefully chosen men who planned to attack the British ships.4 The Tea Party of the twenty-first century is not the only one associating itself with the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The more recent agitation from right-wing populist was after the release of the film â€Å"Network† in 1976 where a man shouts and calls himself as â€Å"mad as hell† urging the audience to repeat the same.5 What effect does it have on our politics? The authenticity of the Tea Party remains the point of scrutiny for most of the political figures. They have to question whethe r it is a genuine upheaval by the crown or is it a mere agenda by the right-wing media to further it for their own purposes. The Democrats have called these series of occurring movements in the American history as futile or â€Å"Astroturf† meaning a movement having no grassroots. In 2010 President Obama, a target of the Tea Party himself seeks for those in the outer circle with â€Å"legitimate concerns† while shunning the ones at the core who might be interested in demoting him by any means. Nearly 25 to 30 percent of the polls show that there is support for the Tea Parties. Party is used plural because it exists on several levels, incorporating competing factions sometimes as loose confederations. These supporters make up to tens of millions of Americans. Tea Party activists are angry with the

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