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Window Shopping in Britain Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Window Shopping in Britain - Case Study Example The reports by the media that shopping is a major pastime activity in Britain, is true. Zara Fashions is one of the fashion and clothing companies that invest heavily in marketing its products. Shopping is an important activity in Britain. Shopping is not taken just as a necessity whereby individuals go to buy what they need; it has more of a social meaning. In Britain, shopping is one of the pastime activities. Shopping for necessities such as food is done on a regular basis and without much thought. However, shopping for goods that are not necessities is more organized. For luxurious goods, more effort is put in shopping with prior preparation that involves research on potential shopping areas. Most of the people in Britain do their shopping when they have enough time rather than when they are in a hurry. Thus, most of the shopping is done during the evenings and on the weekends. As a social activity, most shopping is not done just by an individual rather; most of the shoppers are accompanied. Window shopping has a high social meaning in Britain. This behaviour is observed in most of the cities and towns in Britain. Most people admire products in shopping marts and supermarkets. Window shopping plays a big role in helping most people make decisions on the kind of products to buy. Although window shopping is common in almost all products; clothing and fashion marts attract most of the window shoppers (Sullivan, Adcorck, 2002). This shopping behaviour in most of the Britain people has influenced the way marketing for clothing and fashion is done. Window displays are a key means of marketing fashion and clothing. The trend of fashion and clothing involves frequent changes in fashion. In consequence, the taste of the customer also changes. Most customers are attracted to fashions that are new to the market and are attractive to their eyes. Thus, before making a decision on the kind of fashion or clothing to buy, individuals must have come across the fashion or clothing. In making decisions, most customers base their decisions on having seen someone else in the fashion or having come across the fashion in a display window. A display window is the first thing that a customer comes across before entering a fashion shop (Leydenfrost, 2006, 230). When entering the shop, the customer usually has an idea on the kind of clothing that he or she is attracted to. Most people go for window shopping in fashion shops to update themselves on the new fashions in the market. Thus, the displays in the fashion shops are made in a manner that is attractive to customers and that send a good message about a product of a business Zara Fashions is one of the most successful fashion and clothing company in the world. In London, the company has a store along Regent Street. In all its stores, Zara fashion takes its marketing very seriously. The displays in the stores enable the different varieties of fashions to be displayed under different categories (Sullivan, Adcorck, 2002, 23). The major categories in the London Zara fashion store are the men's and women's apparel. The other categories are children's fashion and fashions for various occasions. Occasions such as weddings, executive affairs, church and casual dressing are featured in the store. The window display in Zara fashion aims to attract all categories of customers. Men's and women's clothing are displayed in the window. The display in the store portrays a sense quality. The fashions

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