Thursday, August 1, 2019

Being American

In America, anyone can grow to be successful and all it takes is hard work. A lot of instances in the country have proven that the playing field is level. There is no reason that any person can be hindered by his or her background from achieving success in America. It is possible to find any individual in any position, even the most unlikely. In some countries around the world, there are positions that are left for the privileged in the society; schools for the rich and those for the poor, occasions for the rich and those for the poor, and opportunities for the rich and those for the poor.Watching the documentary, Spellbound reveals an entirely different scenario in America. The documentary is on eight teenagers who walk their way to the finals in the Scripps Howard national spelling bee championship in Washington D. C. , from regional level. With hard work and commitment, success is possible in America and nothing can hinder this from taking place. The freedoms and opportunities in America means that once a person has a dream, is committed and willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it, there is nothing that can stop him or her from achieving it.There are hindrances and failures, but the fate of every American is in an individual’s willingness to dream and put efforts in achieving the dreams. Every dream in the country is offered an opportunity to be nurtured to achievement. The truth of this statement is evident where we meet unlikely heroes, who against all odds, achieve beyond imagination. From interview with their parents and teachers, it is realized that the students are hard working. They practice on a daily basis and have to start by winning in regional competitions before proceeding. Success however does not come in a silver platter.There are challenges and pressures that are faced by those who dare to dream and work hard in achieving their dreams. However, these challenges cannot hinder those who are determined to succeed from gaining success. The students in the documentary begin competing in a large group of over 250 students from different backgrounds and socio-economic status. They face tremendous pressures and challenges as the words they are meant to spell gets more difficult. Against all these challenges and pressures, eight of the students from different backgrounds get to the finals.Unexpectedly, out of the eight, two have single parents and three are children born of immigrants. This might seem a peculiar situation since in most cases; children who would be expected to win in such a tough competition are children from privileged families who are able to access private school education and other privileges like computers and television. The students who compete in the finals are talented and work hard to win the prize. As I watch the finals, I realize that any of the students is likely to win the prize.One of the parents, an immigrant dad, comments that in America, hard work brings success. This means that one d oes not have to be financially or socially privileged to become successful in the country. This is one country where one can grow to be a President, a Congressman or a Senator. There is an equal opportunity for all and all it requires is hard work. Every person in the country is entitled to become what he or she wishes and is provided with a level playing ground to compete with others eying the same opportunity. Work cited: Blitz, Jeffrey. Spellbound. Blitz/Welch, 2003.

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