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FIVE short seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

FIVE short seminar - Essay Example The texts were available before in the local orthodox language and beliefs of the Church which were given new expression in the print media and led to more openness of the expression. The target segment for receiving the benefits of print revolution already existed. The paper and block printing was first invented in China in the first century which spread to Europe in the twelfth century (Eisenstein, 2012, p.53). The spread of Martin Luther’s ideas and the lessons of the Church found channels of expression. In the nineteenth century, the print presses were power driven and faster dissemination of information happened among the masses. Development in investment scenario of the countries like Australia, etc is also a contribution of the print media. Radio days The emergence of radio as a mass medium happened long back from the days of Marconi. Marconi invented ways of decoding the communication codes used in a telegraph and transmitting useful information through a radio. In the early days, the use of radio was an amateurish activity by the audiences who used crystal radio sets. People also pursued hobbies of using radio as a communication medium. In 1920, the corporate radio broadcasting centres stared to operate for reaching out to the masses. With time the desire and the need for radios developed. This gave rise to subsequent developments of the radio communication through the introduction of vacuum tube radio and loudspeakers for better communication. During the time of depression in 19298, radio became the mass medium of communication. Thus for the stages of hobby, radio developed into a wired mass medium for distant communications. Messages and information starting from emergency to entertainment were spread through the radio. The sinking of Titanic and messaging for SOS happened through telegraphic system. However, the news of the world wars was more wide spread with the help of radio. In the field of entertainment, radio started to broadcast new on films, broadcasted musical events and commentaries on live sporting events like Olympics, Football world cup, etc. Image Technologies and Mass Society The image technologies came into vogue during the end of the nineteenth century. The image technologies marked the emergence of the mass society in the twentieth century. In the twentieth century, the communication in the world circulated through wired media like telegraph and telephone. The advent of the image technology brought about the spread of news and entertainment to a wider section of the society. Almost all the spheres of life that include urbanisation of the regions, transportation and public works, information on the time zones were all the more accessible with the help of image technologies. Consumerism developed rapidly with the formation of departmental stores, exhibitions and fairs, e.g. Paris Exposition of 1901. Numerous small theatres developed along with the stardom of the celebrities also grew. The spread of pictu res led to change in lifestyles of the population with more interest to the world of eminent personalities. The Paris Exposition of 1901 received overwhelming responses on sensual pleasures as compared to the knowledge part. The heritage properties like the Crystal Palace of 1950 were designed for the awareness of the masses. The manufacturers started to apply

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