Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mozart influence on Freemasonry and in the Impact on Social Change Research Paper

Mozart influence on Freemasonry and in the Impact on Social Change - Research Paper Example In this aristocracy, he longed to serve an aristocratic society that heavily underappreciated and even failed, most of the time, to appreciate him for who he was. The only place that he appears to have made significant change in the course of his life was Prague, where the society seems to worship him to date, as he seemed to inspire a sense of understanding amongst the people of Prague, who had an intense liking for him and his works. In relation to his life in Prague and the status, he managed to achieve in life, as well as in death, has seen him change the society in that the society there appreciated him by gaining an understanding of him and his struggles throughout his career in Austria, as well as appreciating aristocracy. With this in mind, his background plays a crucial role in comprehending how his influence on society came into being, especially to the people of Prague who respected him and were transformed by him, by virtue of understanding him, his past, and his struggle s. On his background, he was born as a child prodigy who was expected to carry forth the legend of his father, who repeatedly worked towards the success of his children. With this in mind, the people that understood him looked at him as a person under pressure to endure that he did not disappoint his father, in that he was even a born musical genius s and composer (â€Å"Let’s go Mozart† 4). This made his story heavily romanticized over time and to date has continued to shape society on its right by having people believe in his tragic. This is especially so I the concept of believing in oneself, where there are numerous analogies and legends, as well as myths that refer to the life of Mozart and aim at inspiring the society that one can make it in life (Gay, 1). In addition, scholars have even referred to the life of Mozart in relation to appreciation of music, by ensuring that certain societies that were

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