Sunday, November 17, 2019

American Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

American Government - Essay Example The three arms of government include the Executive which is headed by the president, the Legislature which is divided into the two Congress chambers of the Senate and the House of Representatives and finally the Judiciary which is made up of the Supreme Court and other courts at a much lower level. The Executive wing of the government is made up of the President, Vice-President and the Cabinet. The president of the is responsible for conducting the federal laws, coming up with new strategies, offering direction on foreign policies and directing the operations of the national defense since he is the chief of staff. He has such powers as offering direction to the government, issuing command to the armed forces and playing the role of enforcing the laws as well as vetoing them. The Vice-presidents main duty is to offer any form of assistance to the president as stipulated by the law and he/she is chosen by the president. The 15 member cabinet which is appointed by the president upon app roval of the senate plays the role of formulating and ensuring the implementation of policies that affects their various dockets. The Judiciary is concerned with the interpretation, application and the determination of any contravention to the laws of the land. The federal government has some exclusive powers that cannot be shared by other levels of the government. The declaration of war is strictly the role of the federal government. It decides on the process of money printing and the number of denominations to be made by the central bank. The decision on the formation and establishment of the various army branches such as the navy lies squarely with the federal government. Signing of international treaties and decision to join any international body is conducted by the federal government. It also plays the role of regulating business activities between the states and other countries as well as formation of laws that assist

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