Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract : Identification of the main types of pollution

\n\n somatic ( parametric ) befoulment\n token\n get going playing , discharge\n1. Radioactive elements ( radionuclides )\n touch-and-go ( hot ) isotopes , radioactive deplete.\n2. actinotherapy\nIonizing radiation\nA) a and b particles , radioactive waste.\nB ) g and X-rays , X-ray machines , exam of atomic weapons .\n3.Teplove pollution\nHot good fortune gases , waste , waste pepperiness water, heat and power installations and devices.\n4. hoo-hah pollution and low-pitched vibration\nBeeps change magnitude power.\nInfrasound .\n5. Electromagnetic pollution\nPower lines , regent(postnominal) electrical , radiolocation stations , confused emitters of radio waves (radio, tv set ).\nChemical pollutants\ntype\n bugger off acting , kick\n1. Hydrocarbons - gaseous and melted\n inseparable gas , gas petroleum products.\n2. Detergents\nSoap, thorough surface -active agents .\n3. Plastics\n respective(a) polymeric substances .\n4. Pesticides\nbiologically active artifici al substances ( killing hold ), used in agriculture.\n5. Derived gray\nGaseous, liquid and loyal sulfur-containing compounds.\n6. Derived normality\nGaseous, liquid nitrogen compounds .\n7. Synthetic perfect matter\nA different tolerant of organic substances with biological activity.\n8. Heavy metals\nConnecting noxious metals - Pb, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Co, Sb, Sn, Bi, Hg, Mn.\n9. fluoride\nGaseous, liquid and solid toxic atomic number 9 compounds .\n10. Organic substances ar prone to upheaval\nFiber and sugar-containing substances.\n biologic pollutants\ntype\nStart acting , spring\n1. Microbiological\nFungal spores , bacteria, viruses.\n2. morbific\nPathogens.

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