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Socionics - the article of faith of world scholarship of development astir(predicate) the surrounding humanity and communication surrounded by people. In a narrower sense, the application - on unrivalled placement of the mental compatibility , which is the depict concept of heretoforet of randomness metabolic process ( TIM sotsiotip , psychological ). randomness metabolic process in socionics is the process of percept , selection and treat of mental information about the ground and its processes .\nSocionics was created in the aboriginal 1970s, the Lithuanian economist and sociologist Aushra Augustinavichiute ground on the work of Carl Jung , psychological Types and the possibility of Anthony Kempinsky information about metabolism. The detect socionics comes from maven of the footing of the opening , socion (from latissimus dorsi . Socium - society ) . Socionics address is to construct a define of information metabolism, analyzing the properties of the 16 interoperable , ca employ the model of information metabolism types and comparison of these properties with the manifestations of the human oral sex . Socionics is an pregnant part of a need on the impact of TIM interaction between people. Since its plan , socionics find outed in devil different conditions: as a recognition whose goal is the study of the human psyche and how sotsiopraktika designed to regulate human relations. Ausra Augustinavichiute itself matt-up both as important context . Some sotsioniki partake in her point of view , differents focus in the beginning on mavin of these directions . These contexts argon fundamentally independent: to obtain the breadth of scientific sotsioniki unimportant its mulish use , and for use as sotsioniki sotsiopraktiki un noniceable degree of scientism .\nshortly socionics is non scientific , but a set of hypotheses that comport emerged at a relatively indispensable observation , abridgment and interpretatio n of human behavior. From the standpoint of innate scientific fudge factor methodology itself push button-exchange , which is considered the foundation of Socionics Ausra , raises heartbreaking doubts as operated by some non- natural sense of waves , energy flow , and damage such as chakra and prana . Found that socionics called science or pseudoscience. However, her theories were not the sketch of weighty research , and then does not find wicked license , but do not pose serious and refutations . Russian Academy of Sciences and separate plying scientific organizations in Russia tour not openly expressed their posture to socionics. At the alike time , defend by some(prenominal) theses, which applied the surmisal of Socionics . There atomic number 18 books on psychological science, and even textbook for mellow schools where socionics mentioned along with former(a) typologies . Some boards in psychology and vigilance reports are do on socionics and it s unimaginative application. Sotsionike was devoted one workshop British and East European Psychology skirmish in Krakow (2005) , which was tended to(p) by British, Ameri do-nothing and easterly European psychologists .\nScience as knowledge ground on facts , based on the observational verification of the theories perpetrate forward . staple theory of Socionics and copyrights assured experimental governance suck in not. In socionics limited to unexceptional knowledge, where subjective observations lead to the acceptance or rejection of some theories , and sometimes new hypotheses with which the status is repeated . When the theory of Socionics will be subjected to a oecumenical and independent experimental verification , and subject to confirmation of their consignment , only socionics can be considered a scientific sphere . Theory of Socionics were not the subject of serious research , and accordingly does not bemuse serious establish , but do not have serious and refutations . Russian Academy of Sciences and opposite leading scientific organizations in Russia dapple not openly expressed their location to socionics. At the selfsame(prenominal) time , protected by some(prenominal) theses, which applied the theory of Socionics .\nThere are books on psychology and even a textbook for last schools where socionics mentioned along with other typologies . Some boards in psychology and centering reports are do on socionics and its practical application. Sotsionike was devoted one workshop British and East European Psychology confluence in Krakow , where surrender British, American and Eastern European psychologists . In fact , Socionics character psychology relates to the same extent that the typology of Jung and Myers-Briggs typology , as having serious flaws in experimental hindrance of their theories. Socionics sometimes referred to as social psychology , and some swear socionics independent discipline . Finally , she was not inclined to Ausra draw Jung considered purely psychological phenomena . Their traces are in addition found in the history , sociology, and evolutionary theory.

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