Sunday, February 17, 2019

Beowulf Prepares for Battle Once Again :: Epic of Beowulf Essays

Beowulf Prepares for Battle Once AgainThe scratch in which Beowulf gets ready for another monster begins with Hrothgar informing him of Aescheres death. The murder has been committed by Grendels mother who comes to vindicate her sons death. This is the proper thing for her to do in this society. Revenge was of great importance in Pagan society. It was the norm to avenge a murder, especially if no wergild was paid. Hrothgar offers Beowulf additional wealth if he gutter beget and cancel out the female monster. This arrangement Hrothgar makes with Beowulf, for a second time, is referred to as comitatus. Beowulf tells Hrothgar not to worry, that Aescheres killer will be found. He reminds Hrothgar that time moldiness not be wasted on sorrow when revenge essential be taken immediately. He promises Hrothgar that the woman will not be lost. Beowulf will seek her out at the bottom of the lake, where her home is located, and kill her. This promise that Beowulf makes is called a boast. Hrothgar thanks God that Beowulf has said this because his friends murder must be avenged and the murderer stopped before she kills again. Hrothgar and his thanes gather and go with Beowulf to search for the womans home. They know it is in a pussy not furthest from the hall. By following the monsters tracks through a narrow, difficult path, they soon find the lake. The Danes are then horrified to see Aescheres head on the sea-cliff higher up the water. Through all this action, the horn that continually plays the war song is mentioned. The pool is described as hot and bloody in the passage. This may be a reference to the Christian element of hell. The lake may allude to hell, not only because of the bloody appearance of the water, but also because of the grotesque serpents swim in it. Serpents have been associated with evil in Christianity. In the Biblical theme of Adam and Eve, Eve was tempted by an evil serpent. The snakes in the lake are in all probability there to enhance t he atmosphere of evil in the region. A tierce reason why the home of the monsters may be likened to hell has to do with who Grendel is. Hell, in Christianity, is a place where people who have sinned must go to suffer. Grendel is a descendant of Cain, who committed fratricide, (killing of ones own brother or a brother-slayer), probably the most horrible act one could be vicious of, especially in this warrior society.

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