Monday, February 18, 2019

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The Reapers go throughThis allegory is about two men who were transporting an antique mirrow fromthe first decorate of an old museum to the fifth. Their names were Spangler andCarlin. This mirror had a history of being haunted, and most people would lookinto the mirror and see a hooded figure stand up behind them. This figure waspresumed to be Death, and whe neer someone would see this figure they were neverseen again. Carlin spends the whole story trying to convice Spangler that thisis really true, but Spangler just calls Carlin crazy. Finally, nuzzle the end ofthe story, Spangler looks in the mirror and sees a dark inperfection in thecorner, which he mistakes for friction tape. When Carlin tells him that thereis no friction tape on the mirror, Spangler be get alongs hurl and leaves for thelavatory. The story ends with Carlin waiting for Spangler to return.I thought that this story was very good, because it started bump off reallyslow and worked its way into a really intere sting p passel. I liked the endbecause it never really finished, it left the ending up to the reader. Thisseems to be a common theme in a lot of Stephen Kings stories. He likes toleave the reader in suspense, and keep them wondering.Here on that point Be TygersThis story is about a little boy named Charles who is in elementaryschool. He has to go to the bathrrom really bad, but he is panicky to askbecause the teacher does not like him. Finally the teacher sees him squirmingand asks him if he needs to use the restroom. He says yes and is veryembarassed in front of the sieve, so he leaves quickly. When he steps into thebathroom, he sees a tiger lie in the corner, and it looks hungry. He goesback outside and sits there for a firearm wondering what he should do. His friendKenny finally comes up to him because his teacher discover that he was gone along time. Charles tells him that there is a tiger in the bathroom, but Kennydoes not believe him. Kenny goes into the bathroom and doe s not come back out.Then even later, his teacher comes and starts yelling at him. She goes into thebathroom and she doesnt come back out either. The story ends with Charlescoming back to class and reading a story about a rodeo.This is another story that ends really abruptly. It was strange becauseafter knowing that his friend and his teacher were both killed by a tiger, he

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