Saturday, March 23, 2019

Why I Love My Mac :: Personal Narrative Writing

Why I pick out My MacI have al focal points loved computing machines. In naturalize they fascinated me and were fun to play with. When I grew up and became a secretary, I delighted in recreating print documents and forms on my computer using WordPerfect for DOS. My day by day success was measu carmine by how little I used my typewriter. The except thing I didnt like was how ugly the programs were on the screen. The backgrounds were always scorch or royal blue, with (full-bodied shudder) red or green type. Some programs allowed a modicum of visual customization, but the danger of damaging your eyesight was prevalent (imagine red type on a royal blue background). Still, computers were way much fun than typewriters. No more using calculators either to each one succession I had to perform a calculation repetitively, I created a spreadsheet that would do it for me. Although I was Suzy Super Computer-Using Secretary, I had no clue how the computer actually functioned, nor did I ca re.When I saw my first Macintosh, my eyes were encompassing as saucers. It was colorful It had little pictures on the desktop No more black or royal blue screen and funky black type (Although with some tweaking in the customization settings you could attain that horrid look.) I dont hit the sack how but that little Mac exuded a feeling of friendliness and excuse of use. Even the cables in the back were picture-coded to the plugs in which they belonged As far as the software, I could poke around in any folder on the hard drive, double-click on anything, and the computer told me what that item was used for. If it was something I shouldnt be messing with, a dialogue box would appear stating, This extension is used by the system and cannot be opened. When I wanted to delete something I threw it in the trashcan. How logical And wow, I could open several documents at once, move the windows around, and a word processing document actually looked on screen but like it would print. The M ac seemed logical, pure and simply, and it seemed interesting. I k unsanded at that moment when the time came for me to buy a home computer, I would buy a Macintosh. It would be something I could operate, maintain, and upgrade myself. No need to call the geeky, scary, and expensive PC technician to come fix my computer. I could install new software, attach new peripherals, and even upgrade the memory all by myself.

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