Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dead Peasant Insurance Policies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dead Peasant amends Policies - Essay ExampleSubscribing to a telephoner-owned insurance policy so as to work for them ties the individual to the union in the instance they wanted to move.The peasant policies encourage companies to avoid safety measures in the firm as they know any demise of the employee can turn out to be profitable to them. This is disrespectful to an employee considering large number should never be treated as a means to an end as supposed by Kant. If he commented on the situation, he would ask for their ban.Dead peasant policies are beneficial to the bereaved family if the play along did not decide to use the cash instead of giving to the family. As has been the case with many corporations, well-nigh companies take advantage of the fact that very few people know that the policies do exist and that the employees family needs to be given the premiums. Also, companies that have insured the individual often decide to write polish off the premiums denying the f amily money that actually belongs to them. In other words, these policies are very profitable, but at the same clock time unjust. If the company does use the money instead of granting it to the employees family, then the money does not serve its purpose. manifestly put, the policies are unjust.Companies idea to have insurance policies for the employees is very beneficial in the working of the firm. The twist comes in when they hide these policies such that people do not know they exist. If an employee has been insured and premiums paid, the money that is given to the company by an insurance company if the patient dies is a lot. Some employees have used this as a loophole to fleece people of their money since they do not inform the family of the dead employee that there is no money owed to them.

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