Monday, May 13, 2019

Write a detailed report on a song using key musical terms Essay

Write a detailed report on a song using nominate musical terms - Essay ExampleThe first verse and the corresponding chorus is sung by Paisley and it mainly focuses on the male traits whilst the second verse and corresponding chorus is sung by Krauss, which mainly talks about the female counterpart.The song commences with elucidating the underlying way in regard to the promise of unbowed love was washed away by the womans infidelity because the man went away to fight for his country. The man, however, does not substantially forget about her and, therefore, turns to alcoholism to try and wash the memories away to no avail. The middle of the song intelligibly relates with the start as it shows the regret the woman felt because of what she did. She blames herself and turns to alcoholism too. The last part of the song thereby summarizes the middle and the beginning when the woman finally kills herself.The meter or the twist of lines in the verse is the kindred in the chorus and the two main verses. The verses have five lines while the chorus is composed of octonary lines. The prevailinglyrics of the song atomic number 18 described as additive going by the increased number of lines from five in the verses to eight in the chorus.The instruments used in the song included the light go that keeps the beat and the guitar that sets up the subscriber line. There is also the use of Dobro that entails a brand of acoustic guitar and commonly by the singers on their lap with raised bridge and metal resonator cone.The voice of both Brad and Krauss are quite appealing and they sing in a manner that brings out the melodious nature of the guitars used. The melody of the song first comes across as sad, but close analysis brings out the melody as not happy, but more of a bittersweet sound that is relevant to the lyrics of the song. However, the song can be described as predominantly of one melodic voice (homophony) as there are no simultaneous lines of independent melody. T he melody also invokes a sense of heaviness or solemnity imputable to the Aeolian

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