Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Identifying stakeholders and Interest Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Identifying stakeholders and Interest - Article Example Therefore, because of their contributions towards educational provisions in the district, parents will be involved in the formulation of this policy. It will directly affect them because it concerns the safety of their children. Meaning, their input will be required (May, S. & S. Aikman, 2003). Before making any final decision, the parents will have to be consulted, if they approve the new policy, it will be enforced. They know what is good for their children hence, they can not be overlooked. The police department will have to be incorporated as a party to this policy. Their contributions are important. As professional law enforcers, they have a wider knowledge on how the issue of pupil security can be tackled. Hence, it implies that they must be consulted anything is done. Meaning, their suggestions will be taken into account and given a lot of considerations. If they object to it, necessary amendments will be made in order to refine it and make it be up to the required standard. As community elected leaders, the politicians will have to be considered as part of the stakeholders. Both the local civic leaders, senators and the congressmen will have to be consulted. As opinion leaders, the politicians will be included because they are representatives and can speak on behalf of the larger community (Bruce S., 2007). In this regard, they will be urged to participate in the drafting of this new policy since it will have to affect them. As people’s representatives, it is their responsibility to support educational provisions in their areas of jurisdiction. However, everyone knows that such a goal can not be accomplished if there is no safety both within and out of schools. Before making such a new policy, the school management boards will have to be consulted. As school managers, they have a lot of say on whatever activity that happens in schools. They must be involved in the formulation of this new policy because it will affect the success of their schools. They

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