Thursday, August 8, 2019

Informatics in Dental Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Informatics in Dental Education - Essay Example Yet actual applications and studies in this area are a relatively recent phenomenon. In the world of speed, accuracy and compaction, none would make a dentist's best secretary than the computing systems that virtually rule all areas of life. The benefits that computer and information technology can provide to the field of dentistry may as well set it apart from all the dentistry that has been carried out as a separate era. IT and dentistry have just started to converge, and it is only a matter of time before the full extent of the union will be known. What is heartening to know is the awareness dentists have about the role of computers in their dental setup, and other work places such as educational institutes, and conferences etc.With more and more advancement in the teaching methods around the world, it is not surprising that computers and IT are being utilized as teaching aids to dentistry. These softwares have been given many names, including Computer Aided Instruction or CAI, Computer Assisted Learning or CAL, instructional soft ware, and Computer Based Training or CBT. (Schleyer & Johnson, Nov. 2003) The functions of these soft wares are of two types. While the course management tools are aimed to help teachers maintain their schedules and different aspects of teaching and curriculum methodology, the other use is ways to increase a student's access to the educational material apart from the traditional paper book concept. The use of such materials in dentistry teaching has given many positive feedback comments, as the teach er or instructor is able to choose from a variety of ways to teach a subject. With the help of pictures and presentations and clips, the teacher is able to convey the concepts in a show tell way. The hard wares and the soft wares are mostly integrated in the teaching program. All that remains is for the teachers to be well versed in the using of such tools. (Schleyer & Johnson, Nov. 2003) There are very few researchers who are involved in studying ht effects of digital dentistry, IT and CBT in the overall scene of dental education. Of these the works of Johnson and Schleyer are perhaps the most contributory. These two gentlemen have helped in clearing many of the issues of digital dentistry, while inviting us to understand the different complexities that may be caused by such devices. Awareness of IT and distance education has led to many conclusions. For example, the World Health Organization maintains that students and their cultural differences and requirements should be the prime focus of providing dental education. This can only be achieved by sharing different aspects of curriculum designing and outlining. By providing and sharing this information, it will be easier for students to access different educational pursuits across the world with ease. The use of intra and extra net is another contributory factor that can be implemented within the learning methods and systems. (Yip, 1999) I.T and integration of computer technology will help in building careers and technology skills, increase the information assimilation skills, will expand learning opportunities for those who may not access such directly, help in increasing the level

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