Friday, October 18, 2019

Gays should have the same rights as married couples Assignment

Gays should have the same rights as married couples - Assignment Example In America, gay rights have become a central battle in their culture because of the growing acceptance of homosexual relationships that has led to direct threat to dominant Christian norms regarding sex and sexuality. Many people accept marriage as being a union between heterosexuals and this begs the question to define sexes. There are those who define marriage as a religious rite, hence legalizing gay marriage will constitute sacrilege of some level and state intrusion to religious matter. It is untrue to state, and undemonstratable that gay marriage is harmful; on the contrary, gay marriage may benefit us in several ways. Arguments for and against Gay Marriage Marriage between two people who love each other is essential in providing physical and psychological benefits. Research was carried out and it found out that preventing gay couples from marrying might result in psychological problems. When these couples get married, they get access to social support that is essential in faci litating and strengthening heterosexual marriages with the help of psychological and psychical benefits that are associated with that support. Alternatively, gay unions accelerate assimilation of gay couples to a mainstream of heterosexual cultures, which can seize to exist if the gap resent between the experience witnessed between gay and heterosexual is reduced. There are varieties of means that has been used to suppress people who are against same sex marriage (Corvino and Gallagher, 2012). Marriage is therefore, summarized as a means of adopting heterosexual form of family while giving up gay families as well as gay cultures. Majority of gay couples insist the absence of a thing known as traditional marriage, and with the prevalence of both modern and ancient family examples that were nuclear, polygamous, community child rearing, concubines, mistresses, prostitution, etc. are among the unnatural evolutionary thoughts. In comparison, most marriages currently are threatened by hig h rates of divorce. Research carried out in 2008 suggested that 40% to 50% of marriages end up in divorce while 40.6% of babies currently born are born by single mothers; therefore, gay marriage should be banned to prevent weakening of marriage institution. The constitution, by trying to reinforce both equality and liberty to its citizens has given protection to gay couples. This was evident in 1974 when the case of Cleveland vs LaFleur where the verdict given by the court was to declared marriage as personal choice of a person. Vaughn Walker who was a US District Judge wrote on 4 August 2010 that Prop.8 in the state of California that bans gay marriage was not constitutional under the Due process Clause. Another argument against gay marriage is that it leads to slippery floor that will end up giving people polygamous, bestial, among other relationships that are not traditionally recognized an opportunity to marry one another. Glen Lavy, a senior counsel wrote on the 28th day of May 2008 about polygamy movement posing to take advantage of the success of homosexual relations to springboard de-institutionalization of marriage. Another reason gay couples demand their rights to have marital benefits similar to heterosexual couples is that by denying them the right to marry stigmatizes the gay families as being inferior as well as the act of discriminating these type of family as acceptable. Supreme Court

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