Saturday, October 19, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Plan - Essay Example 95% of ingredients are ordered on the basis of sources to make a product. This means that company has high reliance on farmers for the cultivation of organic ingredients. Perfect potion is not involved in animal testing. Its production department measures safety of both animals as well as humans, even the minerals used in products is exempted from petroleum and silicones products. Perfect portion does not deal with products which are subjected to dyes, coloring agents, paraffin or fragrances However, considering the present condition of the company, its manufacturing cost is increasing rapidly, 20% of the cost is allocated to raw material and if there is any minute error it will be an addition to the cost. To control this it requires an integrated management system. 1.2 Background In accordance with the corporate service manager of perfect portion, this company was established by one man, having one outlet, limited products and manufacturing of these products was done in a garage. It was a very small business. As this business began to grow more stores were opened, wide product varieties, large network and also resulted in many problems. It is a common thinking that as a business grows more problems exists as compared to that of small business. Though company had huge business but it wasn’t managed accordingly. ... Some of these forces affecting the present situation of the company are described below: Micro forces Intermediaries Intermediaries play a key role in controlling the internal and external environment of the company. All depends on the process and management carried out by top level executives. Perfect potion gets organic coconut oil from the island of pacific communities. This not only helps the island communities but also encourages local entrepreneurship. These are the intermediaries from which company sources most of its organic products to make a final thing for clients. They play a key role in its success. So in order to deal with this situation companies involved in producing such products should try to purchase their own lands to reduce the high cost of organic ingredients. Customer markets It is very essential to identify the changes in customer markets, their trends keep on fluctuating in the industry. People get more attracted to new things introduced by various competitor s. Therefore, it is essential for the company to have a wide network of retail services to cater a large market. Perfect potion has a wide network of retailing around 800 products. It has catered a large part of customer market. Though company always has a threat of better product and technology to be introduced in the market by other competitors, in this case it will increase cost of the company. In order to tackle with this situation company should be more innovative and should increase its market coverage in other regions, to overcome the uncertainty of changes in consumer market. The organization Organization can be a driving force in relation to the environment both internal and

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